Shape 1992 Liz Brody - Abstracts

Shape 1992 Liz Brody
3 faces of AIDS: portraits of women infected by their lovers. (includes related articles on self-esteem and on exercise and AIDS)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
A swinging vacation: flying high over the tropics at Club Med's circus school.Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Beat the body-image rap; how to start liking the way you look.Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Bella Cinderella: Cindy Crawford makes a fitness fairy tale come true. (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Beyond the "perfect 10": portraits in celebration of the female body - beautiful, brawny and bristling with action.Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
City Jam: a slammin' way to hop your hips off. (includes information and workout schedule)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody, Christophe Toledo
Fit trek 2020: look into our crystal ball for the workout of the future.Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Gorgeous glutes: 8 exercises to sculpt your buns. (includes workout schedule) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody, Karen Voight
Great American salads. (includes recipes and related information on greens, vegetable nutrition, salad ingredients and on an organic farm)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Liz Brody, Gayle Shockey Hoxter
Knock 'em out boxing workout. (includes related information on exercises, equipment and workout schedule) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody, Bruce Gordon, Klaus Price
Made in the blade: skate your way to fitness. (includes related workout schedule, program and skating technique information)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Microwave magic: 12 lowfat meals in minutes. (adapted from 'Microwave Lite: One-Dish Meals Under 350 Calories')(includes recipes and tips on using microwave ovens)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody, Gayle Shockley Hoxter
On the horizon: by the year 2020, we won't be talking about "burn," "sculpting," "toning" or "10." Here's what we see taking shape on the fitness horizon.Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Pilates, a quiet storm: fitness formula for the future. (includes related workout schedule) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Presents with presence: fitness pros offer their picks of the best gifts for mind, body and spirit.Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Rockin' Rachel: supermodel Hunter settles down with Rod and baby Renee.Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Scale scams: Shape rates the top 5 weight loss centers. (includes related lifestyle quiz, information on the weight-loss industry and on creating your own weight-loss program) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody, John Foreyt
S is for stress; a working woman's handbook. (includes related stress questionnaire and tips on coping with stress ) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
So, what's your story? (personal mythology)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
The Energizer: this dance mix will blow you away!Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
The royal workout. (includes related information on Princess Diana's dance workout) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody, Carolan Brown
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