Shape 1993 Carole Jacobs - Abstracts

Shape 1993 Carole Jacobs
A park for all reasons; Shape's camping out guide to national parks. (includes related camping tips and an article on selecting camping gear)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs
A tale of three deserts. (includes related information on survival tips in the desert)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Barbara C. Harris Bishop, Gina K. Thornburg
Board to oblivion: shreddin' on the great white way. (snowboarding)(includes related information on snowboarding equipment, areas, resorts and schools)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs
Breakfast roulette: is your cereal a bowl of health - or hype? (Shopping Smart)(includes related nutritional information) (Column)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Evelyn Tribole
By bike, kayak and foot; hot fun in the summertime.Women's issues/gender studiesSuzanne Schlosberg, Carole Jacobs, Roberta Grant
Cooking Chez Eddy style; healthful gourmet cuisine is not a contradiction in terms. (includes recipes and related cooking tips)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Antonio M. Gotto Jr.
Health-food hype. (Shopping Smart) (Column)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Evelyn Tribole
Lighten up: fat-slashing tips from top food and nutrition experts.Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs
On the trail of the wild woman. (includes excerpts from 'Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype' by Clarissa Pinkola Estes) (Interview)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs
Peak bagging: these ultra-fit adventurers collect mountaintops like some people collect stamps. (includes related information on hiking clubs)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs
Revamp your diet; say goodbye to the basic four and hello to the food pyramid. (Get Ready for Summer)(includes related information on the food pyramid) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs
Spa bound for adventure; brave new spas get wild.Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Judith Lazarus
Streamline your kitchen; lighten your larder and cook the lowfat way. (includes recipes and related information on the safe use of a deep-freeze)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Gayle Shockey Hoxter
The good, the bad and the inedible: Shape rates nonfat and lowfat products. (Evaluation)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Laurie Burrows Grad
The power of Pele; if a Hawaiian fire goddess can't ignite your fitness spirit, who can? (Spa Trends)(includes related highlights of the A New Age Restorative Approach Spa)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs
The ultimate glide: when it comes to fitness, cross-country skiing is believing. (includes related information on equipment and lodges)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs
Those amazing grains: the basics of good, lean eating. (Get Ready for Summer; Summer Shape-Up: Part 2)(includes recipes and related information on grains and the cooking of grains) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs
Wake up to breakfast; get up and go with six great lowfat quickies. (includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Evelyn Tribole
What's in a soup? Label info masks true content. (Shopping Smart)(includes related soup comparison chart) (Buyers Guide)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Evelyn Tribole
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