ADWEEK Midwest Edition - Abstracts

ADWEEK Midwest Edition
2 Exits Seen In Thrifty Review.Business, generalFest, Glen
A cooperative venture. (bringing Chrysler Corp.'s advertising agencies together)Business, generalGazdik, Tanya
ADIDAS AMERICAN STYLE.Business, generalVoight, Joan
AM WAY'S MYSTERY PITCH.Business, generalMcMains, Andrew
Arnold seeks drivers for VW.(Arnold Fortuna Lawner and Cabot, Volkswagon)Business, generalWarner, Judy
A TIP OF THE HAT TO LEINENKUGEL.Business, generalJensen, Trevor
AUDI A6.Business, generalDOLLIVER, MARK
Barkley.Business, generalHume, Scott
BOLLA WINES.Business, generalDolliver, Mark
Bozell Gets Certified.Business, generalGazdik, Tanya
Bozell 'Gets Close' In Avrett Deal.Business, generalSloane, Hank^Lucas Kim
Burnett Backs Retail Chain's Repositioning.Business, generalHume, Scott
Burnett tops Addys; MSSB leads finalist field at Chicago show. (Chicago Addys show, McConnaughy Stein Schmidt Brown, Leo Burnett Company Inc.)Business, generalJensen, Trevor
Bye, Bye Banner? Schwab Strategy Disses Clicks.Business, generalWarner, Bernhard
Carmiehael Lynch Opens Up Bolla Wines' Image.Business, generalBaar, Aaron
Comcast Puts Creative in Review.Business, generalMcMains, Andrew, Kim, Hank
Cracknell to Exit APL in London.Business, generalLucas, Sloane
DaimlerChrysler Media Set.Business, generalIrwin, Tanya
DMB&B Takes Ogilvy Pair.Business, generalLucas, Sloane
Dodge gets a bigger pool. (Chrysler Corp. increases advertising budget for 1997 models of cars, trucks, minivans)Business, generalGazdik, Tanya
EYES ON THE PRIZE.Business, generalOsterman, Jim
FCB Assigned New Pizza Line.Business, generalHume, Scott
Ferguson Joins Y&R.Business, generalMcMains, Andrew
FIX-A-FLAT.Business, generalDolliver, Mark
Ford Changes Its Fees.Business, generalGazdik, Tanya
Ford Signs Magazine Deals.Business, generalGazdik, Tanya
Fruitful Loop: Online Ad Firms Offer New Products.Business, generalMand, Adrienne
Gap Gives Think Online Tasks.Business, generalKelly, Jane Irene
habit forming.Business, generalORISINI, PATRICK
Hormel Tries the Other White Meat.Business, generalBaar, Aaron
Humor Softens Dr Pepper Sell.Business, generalTheresa, Andrew^Howard McMains
Integration Wins Sony for Y&R.Business, generalTobi, Andrew^Ellkin McMains
Investors Go Global.Business, general 
Iron-Out Inc.Business, generalHume, Scott
IXL Forms iXL-Chicago.Business, general 
Joe Boxer Breaks First Campaign.Business, generalEbenkamp, Becky
Jordan Forms League of His Own.Business, generalKrajewski, Steve
Katsin Loeb Advertising.Business, general 
Kaufman Narrows to 3 Finalists W.B. Doner, Martin/Williams JoinIncumbent.Business, generalHume, Scott
Korbel Ready to Party.Business, generalBaar, Aaron
Leagas, Adidas Pit Bryant vs. Nike.Business, generalVoight, Joan
Leap Deal With Y&R Stalled.Business, generalHank, Trevor^Kim Jensen
Lee Jeans' Pan-European Account Fits Fallon's Plans for London Office.Business, generalBaar, Aaron
Lost in cyberspace: Ogilvy & Mather Interactive tries to regroup.Business, generalRich, Laura
Medicus Wins Nolvadex Task.Business, generalLucas, Sloane
Minding the store in the age of cyber-marketing.(importance of basic promotion marketing)(Column)Business, generalHawn, Greg
MITSUBISHI GALANT.Business, generalDolliver, Mark
Navistar Raises Its Voice.Business, generalBaar, Aaron
NEWS HOUNDS.Business, generalDini, Justin
NEWS WE CAN'T USE.Business, generalJensen, Trevor
Paulette Stout.Business, generalMundy, Alicia
Phar-Mor Backs New Stores.Business, generalGazdik, Tanya
Prozac Getting a New Prescription.Business, generalHume, Scott
Razorfish.Business, general 
RICH IN FIBER.Business, generalLippert, Barbara
SCARE TACTICS.Business, generalJensenns, Trevor
Seagram Kicks Off Media Review.Business, generalMerrill, Cristina
Shops React to 4A's Client Poll.Business, generalLucas, Sloane, Kelly, Jane Irene
Snap.Business, general 
SPEED MERCHANTS.Business, generalMcMains, Andrew
Sprint Yellow Pages.Business, generalBaar, Aaron
TALES OF THE CITY.Business, generalMcCarthy, Michael
There Are Worse Things Than Honest-to-Nature Fat.(a survey result on attitudes toward processed foods)Business, generalDOLLIVER, Mark
WARGAMES VIDEO GAME.Business, generalDolliver, Mark
Waylon Ad Gets HMO Coalition Ad Account.Business, generalJensen, Trevor, general 
You Go East, ng man.Business, generalPruitt, Gary, GREMILLION, JEFF
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