Armada International 1999 - Abstracts

Armada International 1999
Aerial delivery systems.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Aerial delivery systems.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
AFVs can do it!Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Aiming for light, lean and mean.Military and naval scienceEzell, Virginia H.
Airlift news.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
ASTi.Military and naval science 
Barco Vector splits.Military and naval science 
Bridges for the new world disorder.Military and naval scienceRipley, Tim
Bunker Busting and Anti-armour.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.; Ezell, Virginia
Casting light on target.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Close-in anti-tank defence.Military and naval scienceSaw, David
Dominating the terrestrial info-war.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Equipment for Special Operations at sea.Military and naval sciencePreston, Antony
Forward digitised soldiers.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
`Give me shelter!'.Military and naval scienceKeggler, Johnny
High-tech "eyes" for flying spies.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
High tech on the high seas.Military and naval sciencePreston, Antony
'Houston, we have a problem!'.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.; Richardson, Doug
How smart they can get? Cockpit displays a la Litton.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Land navigation: GPS for one and all.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Military airfield support vehicles.Military and naval scienceWalters, Brian
Movng fast on earth.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.; Gourley, Scott R.
Naval helicopters - the continuing evolution.Military and naval scienceSaw, David
NBC safeguards.Military and naval scienceRipley, Tim
Predators with a mind of their own.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Riot control equipment.Military and naval scienceRipley, Tim
Sams for the distant kill.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Scout vehicles - a bewildering choice!Military and naval scienceWalters, Brian
Serendipity Globemaster III.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
`Sinners in suits' were the DSEi visitors.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Ray; Richardson, Doug
Slow take-off to lighting strike.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Special gear to Go.Military and naval scienceRipley, Tim
Spectre V for the newgeneration.Military and naval science 
Swiss stability.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H
Switching from rotor to wing.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Technology insertion, the art of upgrading.Military and naval scienceBurley, John; Biass, E.H.
Technology in simulation.Military and naval science 
Telling friend from foe.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Terminally effective!Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy; Biass, Eric H.
The complex combat aircraft market.Military and naval scienceSaw, David
The eyes of the night.Military and naval scienceWitt, Mike
The fragile silent service market.Military and naval sciencePreston, Antony
The last chance for air defence.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Ro
The sly abyss terminators.Military and naval sciencePreston, Antony
Training aircraft - time for a new approach?Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Turrets for tomorrow's fighting vehicle.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Vetronics.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.; Richardson, Doug
When really big is needed.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Who Communicates Wins.Military and naval scienceWitt, Mike
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