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Australian Economic Review
An economic analysis of Australian damage remedies for misleading prospectuses: Trade Practices Act versus Corporations Law.EconomicsPitchford, Rohan
An Economic Analysis of Australian Damage Remedies for Misleading Prospectuses: Trade Practices Act versus Corporations Law.EconomicsPitchford, Rohan
An Economic and Policy Analysis of Australian Export Concession Schemes.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsMorris, Alan, Feaver, Donald, Cole, William
An Evaluation of Alternative Methods of Forecasting Australian Inflation.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsAlles, Lakshman, Horton, Dean
Are consumption taxes regressive?EconomicsCreedy, John
A Review of the Asian Crisis: Causes, Consequences and Policy Responses.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsCabalu, Helen
Australasian Monetary Policy: A Comparative Perspective.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsBean, Charles
Australia at the Crossroads: Radical Free Market or Progressive Liberalism? Key Issues and Conclusions.EconomicsArgy, Fred
Australian and International Survey Data for Multivariate Analysis: The IsssA.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsKelley, Jonathan, Evans, M. D. R.
Australian immigration in a 'dot com' world.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsRuddock, Philip
Can Unemployment Be Reduced without Violating the Inflation Target?(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsMcDonald, Ian M.
Comments on the final report of the Reference Group on welfare reform.EconomicsMcClelland, Alison
Dating changes in monetary policy in Australia.(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsDungey, Mardi, Hayward, Ben
Discounts for degrees: external benefits and university fees.(Policy Forum: Funding of Higher Education in Australia)EconomicsSiegfried, John J., Round, David K.
Disparities in Australian regional incomes: are they widening or narrowing?EconomicsCashin, Paul, Strappazzon, Loris
Disparities in Australian Regional Incomes: Are They Widening or Narrowing?EconomicsCashin, Paul, Strappazzon, Loris
Economic Policy and the Third Way.EconomicsLatham, Mark
Equal Pay Thirty Years On: The Policy and Practice.EconomicsPocock, Barbara
Exchange Rates and Capital Controls.EconomicsCrosby, Mark
Exchange Rates and Fundamentals in the Short and Long Runs.EconomicsHusted, Steven
Fiscal Policy in Australia and Southeast Asia: An Overview.EconomicsMcDonald, Ian M.
Fiscal policy in Australia and Southeast Asia: an overview.(Fiscal Policy in Australia and Southeast Asia)EconomicsMcDonald, Ian M.
Fiscal policy in Southeast Asia.EconomicsDowling, Malcolm
Fiscal Policy in Southeast Asia.EconomicsDowling, Malcolm
Funding Australian universities.(Policy Forum: Funding of Higher Education in Australia)EconomicsWilliams, Ross
Further Reasons for Maintaining Low Inflation.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsMakin, Tony
Hedge Funds and Currency Crises.EconomicsLim, G. C.
Higher education in Australia and Britain: what lessons?(Policy Forum: Funding of Higher Education in Australia)EconomicsBarr, Nicholas
Higher education: some key issues.(Policy Forum: Funding of Higher Education in Australia)EconomicsJohnson, David
Immigration and the Australian Macroeconomy: Perspective and Prospective.EconomicsWithers, Glenn, Junankar, P.N. (Raja), Pope, David
Improving Incentives: Changing the Interface of Tax and Social Security.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsKeating, Michael, Lambert, Simon
Incentives to Work: Replacement Ratios and the Cost of Job Loss among Indigenous Australians.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsDaly, Anne, Hunter, Boyd
Inflation, unemployment and the NAIRU in Australia. (non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment)EconomicsCrosby, Mark, Olekalns, Nilss
In Search of the Fourth Way: A Commentary on the Books by Fred Argy and Mark Latham.EconomicsLewis, C.S.
In Search of the Third Way.EconomicsNahan, Mike
Intergenerational Redistribution and Fiscal Policy.EconomicsAblett, John
Intergenerational redistribution and fiscal policy.(Fiscal Policy in Australia and Southeast Asia)EconomicsAblett, John
International Financial Arrangements: Architecture and Plumbing.EconomicsCrockett, Andrew
Introduction to policy forum on welfare reform.EconomicsJohnson, David
Introduction to the Policy Forum on the Inflation Target.EconomicsJohnson, David
Labour Market Adjustment: Evidence on Interstate Labour Mobility.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsDebelle, Guy, Vickery, James
Labour Market Consequences of a Comparable Worth Policy.EconomicsWill, Lou
Labour Market Institutions and the Gender Pay Ratio.EconomicsGregory, Bob
Lessons from the market place for health and human services.EconomicsKeating, Michael
Macroeconomic Forecasting at the Melbourne Institute.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsSummers, Peter M.
Measuring poverty: an introduction.EconomicsCreedy, John
Measuring Poverty: An Introduction.EconomicsCreedy, John
Measuring the impact of child care subsidies on the incomes of mothers returning to work.EconomicsSchofield, Deborah, Polette, Josh
Measuring the Impact of Child Care Subsidies on the Incomes of Mothers Returning to Work.EconomicsSchofield, Deborah, Polette, Josh
Mergers in financial services: why the rush?(Merger Policy in Australia)EconomicsHarper, Ian R.
Microeconomic evaluations of Australian labour market programs.EconomicsFox, Elizabeth Vassall
Monitoring the Performance of Government Trading Enterprises.EconomicsStreet, John, Waters, W. G. II
Monopoly Power, Innovation and Economic Growth.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsRogers, Mark
Movements over time in the unemployment rate in Australia.(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsDixon, Robert, Thomson, James (American biologist)
Overcoming Anomalies in the Interaction of Tax and Social Security.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsIngles, David
Population issues and options: investing in people.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsWithers, Glenn
Population policy: introduction.EconomicsWithers, Glenn
Pricing and access under national competition policy: the case of the natural gas pipeline sector.EconomicsLawrey, Roger
Privatisation in Australia: Understanding the Incentives in Public and Private Firms.EconomicsKing, Stephen, Pitchford, Rohan
Property rights and the impact on resource allocation and welfare: a diagrammatic exposition.EconomicsNarayanan, Suresh
Reflections on social security and the welfare review.EconomicsSaunders, Peter
Reforming the Labour Market: An Assessment of the UK Policies of the Thatcher Era.EconomicsGregory, Mary
Regional capital stock data for Australia.EconomicsLevtchenkova, Sofia, Petchey, Jeffrey
Skills, location, population: bringing them together.EconomicsFerguson, Martin
Starting research.EconomicsCreedy, John
Taxing Super.(superannuation funds, or pension funds)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsPiggott, John, Doyle, Suzanne, Kingston, Geoffrey
Testing the Olson hypothesis within the Australian context.EconomicsMarks, Andrew, Sadeghi, Mehdi
The ABS Survey of Employment and Unemployment Patterns.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsLe, Anh T., Miller, Paul W.
The Business Longitudinal Survey.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsHawke, Anne
The case for welfare reform as proposed by the McClure Report.EconomicsDawkins, Pete
The competitive balance argument for mergers.(Merger Policy in Australia)EconomicsGans, Joshua S.
The Employment Consequences of Comparable Worth Policies.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsWooden, Mark
The Equal Pay Case--Thirty Years On.(wage discrimination against women)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsBorland, Jeff
The Literature on Capital Controls.Economicsde Brouwer, Gordon
The Macroeconomic Implications of Current Fiscal Policy.EconomicsOlekalns, Nilss
The macroeconomic implications of current fiscal policy.(Fiscal Policy in Australia and Southeast Asia)EconomicsOlekalns, Nilss
Theoretical Issues in Exchange Rate Determination.EconomicsCrosby, Mark, Voss, Graham
The Pricing and Management of Walking Tracks in Tasmania.EconomicsSibly, Hugh
The Scourge of Inflation? Unemployment and Orthodox Monetary Policy.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsBell, Stephen
The shape of an Australian population policy.(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsMcDonald, Peter
The social return to apprenticeship training.EconomicsNorris, Keith, Dockery, A.M., Stromback, Thorsten
The Social Return to Apprenticeship Training.EconomicsNorris, Keith, Stromback, Thorsten, Dockery, A. M.
The State of Play of Effective Marginal Tax Rates in Australia in 1997.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsBeer, Gillian
The 'vigorous and effective competitor' in Australian merger analysis.(Merger Policy in Australia)EconomicsJones, Ross
The West Report as national education policy making. (Australia's West Committee)(Policy Forum: Funding of Higher Education in Australia)EconomicsMarginson, Simon
Towards a Hard-Headed but Soft-Hearted Approach to Economic and Social Policy: Comments on the Books by Fred Argy and Mark Latham.EconomicsDawkins, Pete
Web-Based Resources for the Macroeconomist.EconomicsHenry, Olan T.
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