Ballet Review 2004 - Abstracts

Ballet Review 2004
A conversation with Amanda McKerrow.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingCargill, Mary
A conversation with Antonio Granjero.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingMason, Francis
A conversation with Benjamin Millepied.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingLanglois, Michael
A conversation with Brigitte Lefevre.(Paris Opera Ballet)(Interview)Arts, visual and performingJacobson, Daniel
A Conversation with Claire-Marie Osta.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingJacobson, Daniel
A conversation with Deborah Zail.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingTracey, Robert
Alexandrova in Paris.(Maria Alexandrova)Arts, visual and performingDaniels, Don
All in the trimmings.Arts, visual and performingNewfeld, James
A magic not our own.Arts, visual and performingDaniels, Don
Americans in Moscow.Arts, visual and performingShadrina, Natalia
Ashton and Balanchine in Hartford.(George Balanchine )(Frederick Ashton)Arts, visual and performingZafran, Eric M.
Ashton at the Center.(Sir Frederick Ashton)(Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts)Arts, visual and performingHunt, Marilyn
Berlin.Arts, visual and performingWilkins, Berlin
Boston.(Swan Lake)Arts, visual and performingCash, Debra
Cooking with Balanchine 3: In Waltz Time.Arts, visual and performingAroldingen, Karin Von
Cooking with Balanchine: three from the sea and two celebrations.Arts, visual and performingvon Aroldigen, Karin
Copenhagen.(Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2)(Serenade)(Octet)Arts, visual and performingNg, Kevin
Denishawn Dances.(Denishawn Dances On!)Arts, visual and performingPalfy, Barbara
Diaghilev's last letter.Arts, visual and performingIvanov, Vladislav
Esprit de Corps.Arts, visual and performing 
His dark materials: Balanchine in Paris.Arts, visual and performingDaniels, Don
Igor Stravinsky and Ida Rubinstein.Arts, visual and performingGarafola, Lynn
In Balanchine's company.(George Balanchine)Arts, visual and performingFischer, Barbara Milberg
Kansas City.(Kansas City Ballet )Arts, visual and performingWest, Martha Ullman
London.Arts, visual and performingBarnes, Thea Nerissa
London Report.Arts, visual and performingCrisp, Clement
Martha Graham redux.(Martha Graham Dance Company)Arts, visual and performingHelpern, Alice
Massine.(Leonide Massine)Arts, visual and performingWindreich, Leland
Music on disc.Arts, visual and performingDorris, George
New Jersey.Arts, visual and performingPalfy, Barbara
New York.Arts, visual and performingVauhan, David
New York.Arts, visual and performingAlovert, Nina
New York.(Alwin Nikolais)Arts, visual and performingGitelman, Claudia
New York.(Margot Fonteyn)(In memoriam)Arts, visual and performingGuest, Ivor
New York.(Sonatine)Arts, visual and performingLobenthal, Joel
Next wave dance.(Brooklyn Academy of Music)Arts, visual and performingGenter, Sandra
Paris.(Paris Opera Ballet)Arts, visual and performingWitchel, Leigh
Peter Schabel on Jerome Robbins.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingQuilter, Deborah
Portland.Arts, visual and performingWest, Martha Ullman
Remembering P.W. Manchester.(In memoriam)Arts, visual and performingLight, Janet
Robert Schumann's "Davidbundlertanze".Arts, visual and performingBoriskin, Michael
Rotterdam.Arts, visual and performingMahbouda, Ali
Season XX.Arts, visual and performingDriver, Senta
Sergei Diaghilev: Gesture and destiny.Arts, visual and performingLaskin, Alexander
St. Petersburg.Arts, visual and performingRosanova, Olga
St. Petersburg.(Kirov Ballet Company)Arts, visual and performingLobenthal, Joel
Terpsichore's secret.(George Balanchine)(Work overview)Arts, visual and performingBrookoff, Matthew
The boys of SAB.Arts, visual and performingClark, Ina Sorens
The Hague.Arts, visual and performingWitchel, Leigh
Toronto.Arts, visual and performingWitchel, Leigh
Visions and challenges in Copenhagen.(Royal Danish Ballet)Arts, visual and performingHardy, Camille
Washington, D.C.Arts, visual and performingJackson, George
Washington, D.C.(John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts)Arts, visual and performingJackson, George
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