Biological Reviews 2000 - Abstracts

Biological Reviews 2000
A critical reappraisal of the fossil record of the bilaterian phyla.Biological sciencesBudd, Graham E., Jensen, Soren
Adaptive explanation in socio-ecology: Lessons from the Equidae.Biological sciencesLinklater, Wayne L.
Amphibian respiration and olfaction and their relationships: From Robert Townson (1794) to the present.Biological sciencesBarker Jorgensen, C.
Conodont affinity and chordate phylogeny.Biological sciencesDonoghue, Philip C.J., Forey, Peter L., Aldridge, Richard J.
Flight adaptations in Paleozoic palaeoptera.(Insecta)Biological sciencesWootton, Robin J., Kukalova-Peck, Jarmila
Genes and plant cell walls: A difficult relationship.Biological sciencesWojtaszek, Prezemyslaw
Individual feeding specialisation in shorebirds: population consequences and conservation implications.Biological sciencesDurell, Sarah E.A. Le V. Dit
Origin and evolution of primate social organization: A reconstruction.Biological sciencesMuller, Alexandra E., Thalmann, Urs
Plant invasions - the role of mutualisms.Biological sciencesRichardson, David M., Allsopp, Nicky, D'Antonio, Carla M., Milton, Suzanne J., Rejmanek, Marcel
Stems, nodes, crown clades, and rank-free lists: is Linnaeus dead?(phylogeny)Biological sciencesBenton, Michael J.
The behavioural ecology of mixed-species troops of callitrichine primates.Biological sciencesHeymann, Eckhard W., Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M.
The evolution of fitness in life-history theory.Biological sciencesBrommer, Jon E.
The functional significance of silk decorations of orb-web spiders: a critical review of the empirical evidence.Biological sciencesHerberstein, M.E., Craig, C.L., Coddington, J.A., Elgar, M.A.
The social organization of fish shoals: a test of the predictive power of laboratory experiments for the field.Biological sciencesButlin, Roger K., Krause, Jens, Peuhkuri, Nina, Pritchard, Victoria L.
Thyroid hormones and their effects: a new perspective.Biological sciencesHulbert, A.J.
Toxic action/toxicity.Biological sciencesHathway, D.E.
Trophic-dynamic considerations in relating species diversity to ecosystem resilience.Biological sciencesJohnson, Kris H.
Why do females mate multiply? A review of the genetic benefits.Biological sciencesJennions, Michael D., Petrie, Marion
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