Biological Reviews 2004 - Abstracts

Biological Reviews 2004
Aging in vertebrates, and the effect of caloric restriction: a mitochondrial free radical production-DNA damage mechanism?.Biological sciencesBarja, Gustavo
Calcium sensing and cell signaling processes in the local regulation of osteoclastic bone resorption.Biological sciencesZaidi, Mone, Moonga, Baljit S., Huang, Christopher L.-H.
Cannabinoid pharmacology in the cardiovascular system: potential protective mechanisms through lipid signaling.Biological sciencesHiley, C. Robin, Ford, William R.
Cellulose microfibril angle in the cell wall of wood fibers.Biological sciencesBarnett, J.R., Bonham, Victoria A.
Comparison of molecular mechanisms mediating cell contact phenomena in model developmental systems: An exploration of universality.Biological sciencesBowers-Morrow, Vivienne M., Willams, Keith L., Ali, Sinan O.
Consumer-food systems: why type I functional responses are exclusive to filter feeders.Biological sciencesTollrian, Ralph, Jexchke, Jonathan M., Kopp, Michael
Cophylogeny of the Ficus microcosm.Biological sciencesJackson, Andrew P.
Developmental mechanism and evolutionary origin of vertebrate left/right asymmetries.Biological sciencesCooke, Jonathan
Diversity and classification of mycorrhizal associations.Biological sciencesBrundrett, Mark
Enigmas of mammalian gamete form and function.Biological sciencesBedford, J. Michael
Female post-reproductive lifespan: A general mammalian trait.Biological sciencesCohen, Alan A.
Flower visitors and pollination in the Oriental (Indomalayan) Region.Biological sciencesCorlett, Richard T.
How the sperm lost its tail: The evolution of aflagellate sperm.Biological sciencesMorrow, Edward H.
Human retroviruses in leukemia and AIDS: Reflections on their discovery, biology and epidemiology.Biological sciencesKarpas, Abraham
Individual color patches as multicomponent signals.Biological sciencesGrether, Gregory F., Nersissian, Karen, Kolluru, Gita R.
Male-female conflict and genitalia: failure to confirm predictions in insects and spiders.Biological sciencesEberhard, William G.
Metabolic rate depression animals: transcriptional and translational controls.Biological sciencesStorey, Kenneth B., Storey, Janet M.c
Metabolic responses to low temperature in fish muscle.Biological sciencesGuderley, Helga
Monogamy in marine fishes.Biological sciencesCote, I.M., Whiteman, E.A.
Novelties of conception in insectivorous mammals (Lipotyphla), particularly shrews.Biological sciencesBedford, J. Michael, Mock, Orin B., Goodman, Steven M.
'O sibling, where art thou?' - a review of avian sibling recognition with respect to the mammalian literature.Biological sciencesWaas, Joseph R., Nakagawa, Shinichi
Parallel processing in an identified neural circuit: the Aplysia californica gill-withdrawal response model system.Biological sciencesLeonard, Janet L., Edstrom, John P.
Pathogen survival in the external environment and the evolution of virulence.Biological sciencesEwald, Paul W., Walther, Bruno A.
Plant allometry: is there a grand unifying theory?.Biological sciencesNiklas, Karl J.
Sexually transmitted diseases of insect: Distribution, evolution, ecology and host behavior.Biological sciencesWebberley, K. Mary, Knell, Robert J.
Social influences on mammalian circadian rhythms: Animal and human studies.Biological sciencesMistlberger, Ralph E., Skene, Debra J.
The brain's calendar: neural mechanisms of seasonal timing.Biological sciencesHofman, Michel A.
The evolution, maintenance and adaptive function of genetic color polymorphism in birds.Biological sciencesRoulin, Alexandre
The evolution of arthropod limbs.Biological sciencesBoxshall, Geoff A.
The evolution of learning.Biological sciencesMoore, Bruce R.
The granin family of uniquely acidic proteins of the diffuse neuroendocrine system: Comparative and functional aspects.Biological sciencesHelle, Karen B.
The sperm, a neuron with a tail: 'neuronal' receptors in mammalian sperm.Biological sciencesMeizel, Stanley
Vegetation dynamics-simulating responses to climatic change.Biological sciencesWood, F. I., Lomas, M. R.
Vision in the deep sea.(searching for food)Biological sciencesWarrant, Eric J., Locket, N. Adam
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