Climatic Change 1996 - Abstracts

Climatic Change 1996
Application of patch models to examine regional sensitivity to climate change.Earth sciencesLauenroth, W.K.
A review of forest patch models and their application to global change research.Earth sciencesSmith, T.M., Shugart, H.H.
Climatic change and deep geologic disposal of radioactive waste.(Editorial)Earth sciencesSwift, Peter N.
Correspondence. (reply to R.D. Brunner, Climatic Change, v. 32, p. 121, 1996; and P.N. Edwards, Climatic Change, v. 32, p. 149, 1996)Earth sciencesShackley, Simon
Could we/should we engineer the earth's climate?Earth sciencesMarland, Gregg
Enhancing climatic-change information sharing.Earth sciencesHenderson-Sellers, A.
Global comprehensive models in politics and policymaking.Earth sciencesEdwards, Paul N.
High-frequency climatic variability and crop yields.Earth sciencesWilks, Daniel S., Riha, Susan J.
Historical ENSO teleconnections in the eastern hemisphere: comparison with latest El Nino series of Quinn. (El Nino-Southern Oscillation; Quinn, W.H.)Earth sciencesWhetton, Peter, Allan, Robert, Rutherfurd, Ian
Integrated assessment: a growing child on its way to maturity.Earth sciencesVan Asselt, Marjolein
Late 20th century climatic change over the northern hemisphere and its consequences for numerical weather prediction.Earth sciencesKuemmel, Bernd
Stockholm, Rio and beyond: lessons from two decades of international environmental politics.Earth sciencesBreitmeier, Helmut
The CO2 fertilization factor and the 'missing' carbon sink.Earth sciencesKeller, Arturo A.
The course of U.S. responses to global change: Can't we do better?Earth sciencesFleagle, Robert
The Holocene paleohydrology and climatic history of the northern Great Sandy Desert - Fitzroy Trough: with special reference to the history of the northwest Australian monsoon - does the evidence really indicate no change in climate? (response to K.H. Wyrwoll, J. Hopwood and N.L. McKenzie, Climatic Change, vol. 22, p. 47)Earth sciencesSemeniuk, V.
The Holocene paleohydrology and climatic history of the northern Great Sandy Desert - Fitzroy Trough: with special reference to the northwest Australian monsoon. (response to V. Semeniuk in this issue, p. 121)Earth sciencesWyrwoll, Karl-Heinz, Hopwood, Jennifer, McKenzie, N.L.
The impact of climate change on agriculture.Earth sciencesMendelsohn, Robert, Helms, Susan, Neumann, Jim
Three dilemmas in the integrated assessment of climate change.Earth sciencesParson, Edward A.
Three-dimensional chemistry in the greenhouse.Earth sciencesWebbles, Donald J.
Uncertainties in global climate change estimates.Earth sciencesPate-Cornell, Elisabeth
When is it appropriate to combine expert judgments? (methods for future forecast of climatic change)(Editorial)Earth sciencesKeith, David W.
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