Criminal Justice Review - Abstracts

Criminal Justice Review
An ethnostatistical comparison of the forms and levels of woman battering in urban and rurual areas of Kentucky.(Statistical Data Included)LawWebsdale, Neil, Johnson, Byron
Civil culture and criminal justice in the United States.LawFerdinand, Theodore
Community Policing and the Work Routines of Street-Level Officers.LawSmith, Brad W., Novak, Kenneth J., Frank, James
Criminal justice and the future of civil liberties.LawZalman, Marvin
Criminal justice decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States: 1997 term.LawMaddex, James L., Jr.
Developing local police and federal law enforcement partnerships: G.R.E.A.T. as a case study of policy implementation.(Gang Resistance Education and Training program)LawMaupin, James R., Winfree, L. Thomas, Lynskey, Dana Peterson
Federal child abuse and child neglect policy in the United States since 1974: a review and critique.LawErickson, Patricia E.
Fraud by home health care workers and the criminal justice response.LawPayne, Brian K.; Gray, Charles
Immigrants, Culture, and American Courts: A Typology of Legal Strategies and issues in cases involving Vietnamese and Hmong Litigants.LawBeger, Randall R., Hein, Jeremy
It's all in the Record: Assessing Self-Control Theory with an Offender Sample.(Statistical Data Included)LawDeLisi, Matt
Metropolitan development and policing: the elephant in the living room.LawKlofas, John M.
Penal politics at the threshold of the twenty-first century.LawShichor, David
Present and presenting: an exploratory analysis of panel attendance and participation at the 1997 annual meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.LawSmykla, John Ortiz, Austin, Thomas L., Hale, Donna C., Firey, Carla
Presidential rhetoric on crime and public opinion.(Statistical Data Included)LawOliver, Willard M.
Representing the accused: professional values and professional choices of small-town lawyers.(Statistical Data Included)LawWorden, Alissa Pollitz
RICO's "troubled...transition": organized crime, strategic institutional factors, and implementation delay, 1971-1981.(Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization)LawCalder, James D.
Seeking the truth: an alternative to Conservative and Liberal thinking in criminology.LawWhitehead, John T., Braswell, Michael C.
Stalking: a review of the literature and direction for the future.LawMelton, Heather C.
The future of probation: reintroducing the spiritual dimension into correctional practice.LawWhitehead, John T., Braswell, Michael C.
The gender gap in fear of crime, 1973-1994: a methodological approach.(Statistical Data Included)LawHaynie, Dana L.
The impact of the "new penology" on ISP.(intensive supervised probation)(Statistical Data Included)LawBayens, Gerald J., Manske, Michael W., Smykla, John Ortiz
The influence of organizational climate on detention officers' readiness to use force in a county jail.LawGriffin, Marie L.
The perception of gangs as a problem in nonmetropolitan areas.LawWeisheit, Ralph A.; Wells, L. Edward
The public health approach to illict drugs.LawKlofas, John M., Weisheit, Ralph A.
The United States Supreme Court and the Fourth Amendment: evolution from Warren to post-Warren perspectives.(Warrn Court)LawCall, Jack E.
The use of the justice system prior to intimate partner femicide.LawMcFarlane, Judith; Campbell, Jacquelyn C.; Watson, Kathy
Waiting to be caught: the devolution of health for women newly released from jail.LawMaeve, M. Katherine
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