Current 1995 - Abstracts

Current 1995
America today: malaise and resiliency. (weakening of political parties in the US)EducationLipset, Seymour Martin
Am I my brother's keeper? Reflections on compassion and justice.EducationKass, Leon R.
Back to the womb? Isolationism's renewed threat.EducationSchlesinger, Arthur M., Jr.
Bowling alone: America's declining social capital.EducationPutnam, Robert D.
Canadian disintegration: American integration?EducationBlack, Conrad
Class, not race: toward a new affirmative action.EducationKahlenberg, Richard
Congress after 1994: political tides and institutional change.EducationDavidson, Roger H.
Continental divide.EducationRichburg, Keith B.
Delusions of impartiality: the United Nations and intervention.EducationBetts, Richard K.
Edward Bellamy and the politics of meaning.EducationMcClay, Wilfred M.
False assumption? Democratization and war.EducationMansfield, Edward D., Snyder, Jack
From ancient Greece to modern America: why Western history matters.EducationKagan, Donald
From Stalinism to multiculturalism: political correctness and American academe.EducationDrucker, Peter F.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki: the atomic bombings reconsidered.EducationBernstein, Barton J.
Incredible news: tabloids meet news. (tabloid news sensationalism)EducationGamson, Joshua
In praise of 'Huckleberry Finn.'EducationMorrow, Lance
Inside out: toward a post-Cold War foreign policy.EducationSteel, Ronald
Making Americans: immigration and tolerance.EducationBennett, William J.
Missions, structures and weapons: what to do about national defense?EducationCohen, Eliot A.
Money and education: making America's schools work.EducationHanushek, Eric A.
Moral credibility and crime: why people obey law.EducationRobinson, Paul H.
On responsibility and punishment: social dysfunction and psychology.EducationStaddon, John
Outcome-based education: why educational outcomes do matter.EducationManno, Bruno V.
Pardon me, but is this Armageddon?EducationRukeyser, William S.
Power and human rights: a post-Cold War dilemma.EducationTonelson, Alan
Qualifications, please: immigration policy in a post-industrial economy.EducationChiswick, Barry R.
Reclaiming the vision: what should we do after affirmative action?EducationHorner, Constance
Reluctant strategic realignment: the American military after the Cold War.EducationSteinbruner, John D.
Repression or reform? Human rights in China?EducationSeymour, James D.
Rising powers: weapons proliferation and new great powers.EducationRoberts, Brad
Russia's future: a tired anarchy.EducationFairbanks, Charles H.
Ten theses: thoughts on communitarianism. (inderstanding community)EducationSelznick, Philip
The Bible or psychoanalysis: religion's challenge to psychology.EducationAndrews, Lewis M.
The clash in Western society: toward a new world order.EducationKurth, James
The elections of 1994: liberalism's third crisis.EducationBrinkley, Alan
The end of communism in Asia: what next?EducationScalapino, Robert A.
The end of unionism: a reappraisal.EducationTroy, Leo
The great American job hunt.EducationOsterman, Paul
The jury on trial: another controversial case.EducationZobel, Hiller B.
The National Endowment for the Arts: liberator or warden?EducationVeith, Gene Edward
The new cold war histories.EducationRose, Gideon
The new pessimism: wasn't the Cold War better? (mood change in the US)EducationMaynes, Charles William
The new school war: outcome-based education.EducationSchrag, Peter
The republic of letters.EducationEllis, Joseph J.
The squandered century.EducationGenovese, Eugene D.
Toward a new world order: the United States and Europe. (US foreign policy)EducationKissinger, Henry A.
Towards a new peace: forgiveness as politics.EducationGlynn, Patrick
Triumphs amidst disaster: Clinton's foreign policy success.EducationHarries, Owen
Understanding society: realism and romanticism in sociology.EducationWolfe, Alan
What to do with G. Gordon Liddy: is violent speech a right?EducationSunstein, Cass R.
When benefits are problems: Germany's social contract woes.EducationShlaes, Amity
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