Current 1997 - Abstracts

Current 1997
A changing world; an editor's observations.EducationMaynes, Charles William
Africa's new leaders: reasons for worry.EducationRichburg, Keith B.
America and the Middle East: a gap in foreign policy.EducationZunes, Stephen
America at the end of the century: problems on the horizon.EducationWolfowitz, Paul D.
American Buddhists: who are they?EducationNattier, Jan
American identity: the erosion of American national interests.EducationHuntington, Samuel P.
America's commercial interest: business and foreign policy.EducationGarten, Jeffrey E.
A paradigm shift: the future of retirement.EducationMorris, Betsy
A "rising China": determining great power status.EducationKim, Samuel S.
Battles over grammar.EducationHalpern, Mark
Brilliance and bulk in Latin American studies. (books on Latin American studies)EducationFalcoff, Mark
Careers and children: the ups and downs.EducationMorris, Betsy
Correcting misconceptions of democracy: reconsidering our policies.EducationCarothers, Thomas
Crime and child-rearing: what can public policy do?EducationRoth, Byron M.
Debating democracy: choosing American foreign policy.EducationKagan, Robert
Discipline and order in the classroom.EducationWright, Jeanne
Divorce's toll on children.EducationZinsmeister, Karl
Domestic and immigrant migrants: where do they go?EducationFrey, William H.
Domestic workers.EducationFrum, David
English as the official language: the problem of multiple cultures.EducationKing, Robert D.
Ethnic conflict: challenging the myths.EducationBowen, John R.
Expanding NATO: implications for America.EducationGarfinkle, Adam
Family belonging.EducationVlahos, Olivia
Fewer ups and downs: the changing business cycle.EducationWeber, Steven
Finding happiness: is it just avoiding pain?EducationDiener, Ed, Myers, David G.
For authors, a basic need. (Basic Books Inc.)EducationYardley, Jonathan
For the love of country. (government and civil society)EducationHimmelfarb, Gertrude
From school to work: making the transition.EducationSteinberg, Adria
Generation X; what are they like?EducationLoysk, Bob
George Washington's farewell address.EducationSpalding, Matthew
Honor and resentment. (debates over the issues of fairness and rights)EducationSandel, Michael J.
How to manage an X'er. (Generation X)EducationLosyk, Bob
Human rights: the new double standard.EducationNeier, Aryeh
It's always tax time.EducationOxford, Edward
Judges and public opinion.EducationWhite, Penny J.
Making good neighbors: democracy and the national interest.EducationTalbott, Strobe
Military intervention: is it justified?.EducationSolarz, Stephen J., O'Hanlon, Michael E.
Physician-assisted suicide: a look at the Netherlands. (Dutch acceptance of euthanasia)EducationHendin, Herbert
Political retrenchment; democracy without illusions.EducationCarothers, Thomas
Presidential power: it's less than we think.EducationRockman, Bert A.
Prophesying America's future.EducationHorowitz, Irving Louis
Religious nationalism: a global threat?EducationJuergensmeyer, Mark
Russian instability; heading for crisis?EducationShevtsova, Lilia, Bruckner, Scott A.
Russia's redefinition of security: a new ideology.EducationWohlforth, William
School vouchers, pro and con. (includes related article on why the use of vouchers to deregulate public education is poor public policy)EducationHanus, Jerome J., Cookson, Peter W., Jr.
Student course evaluations: what the numbers mean.EducationTrout, Paul A.
Sturdy towns; how to make them.EducationIrwin, Michael, Tolbert, Charles, Lyson, Thomas
That's the way it was. (journalism)EducationMindich, David
The coming conflict: China and America.EducationBersntein, Richard, Munro, Ross H.
The Coriolanus Syndrome. (teachers' behavior in class)EducationCampbell, David
The election polls.EducationLadd, Everett Carll
The future of Russia: will it be freedom or anarchy?EducationLieven, Anatol
The jury trial needs reform; changing the rules.EducationAlschuler, Albert W.
The modern western identity: its fit in world politics.EducationGress, David R.
The new individualism; a threat to community?EducationWolfson, Adam
The role of commercial diplomacy; human rights in Asia.EducationJones, Sidney
Those who can't. (teaching)EducationKirp, David L.
Toward cooperation with China: why our hardliners are wrong. (US military supremacy compared with China's military power)EducationRoss, Robert S.
Trends in how we die: changes in causes of death.EducationEdmondson, Brad
Two sides of Jefferson. (Thomas Jefferson's writings)EducationLerner, Max
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