Current 2005 - Abstracts

Current 2005
Analyzing crime: An economist's view.EducationDonohue, John J.
Behind the headlines: The reporter's job.EducationHancock, Lynnell
Community colleges: The need for more support.EducationBoggs, George R.
Demand for energy: The future of hydrogen.EducationGresser, Julian, Cusumano, James A.
Evolution: New Developments.EducationArnold, Michael L., Larson, Edward J.
Executive order.EducationMertens, Richard
Foreign affairs strategy: Bush's second term.EducationGaddis, John Lewis
Fox hunt.(Robert Conquest's book)EducationMcClay, Wilfred M.
Global communitarianism: An alternative route.EducationKampelman, Max M.
Global democracy: Four unanticipated trends.EducationEberstadt, Nicholas
Good? bad? or none of the above?(character education in public schools)EducationDamon, William
How to think about the Crusades.EducationJohnson, Daniel
In defense of history.(Ancient Greeks and the Renaissance humanists )EducationKagan, Donald
International education: A needed curriculum.EducationKagan, Sharon Lynn, Stewart, Vivien
Islam's other extremism: The role of Islamic Law.EducationMarshall, Paul
Knowing history.EducationMcCullough, David
Life tenure on the Supreme Court: Time for a change?EducationMcGuire, Kevin T.
Literacy in America: Now a political concern.EducationDavenport, David, Jones, Jeffrey M.
Lunch at school: Not always a good thing.EducationHaskins, Ron
New technologies: Shaping the future.EducationCetron, Marvin J., Davies, Owen
Obesity surgery: A risky miracle?EducationLisagor, Megan
Old age: Redefining retirement.EducationDychtwald, Ken
On independence square.(Ukraine's presidential runoff )EducationKaratnycky, Adrian
Paying for retirement: Social security today.EducationBartlett, Bruce
Piracy and terrorism: The threat to the world's oil.EducationLuft, Gal, Korin, Anne
Poor, sexy Berlin.EducationCopeland, David
Restless Europeans.(European anti-Americanism )EducationLuccarelli, Mark
Sleeping Beauty.(restoring the idea of beauty in art in her book Sleeping Beauty)EducationFendrich, Laurie
Teacher burnout: How to keep teachers.(teachers leaving the profession )EducationGranziano, Claudia
Teaching against idiocy.(characterizes an individual as selfish, self-centered)EducationParker, Walter C.
Textbook publishing: Little choice.EducationSewall, Gilbert T.
The court and racial discrimination: The O'Connor plan.EducationSchorr, Lisbeth B.
The doctrine of preemption.EducationWill, George F.
The future of education: Four scenarios.EducationSanborn, Robert, Santos, Adolfo, Montgomery, Alexandra L., Caruthers, James T.
The left in opposition: Challenging the conservative ascendancy.EducationMattson, Kevin
The liberal's understanding of freedom: A reconsideration.(George W. Bush)EducationGalston, William A.
The need for a military draft: Protecting superpower status.EducationCarter, Phillip, Glastris, Paul
The news media and Iraq: The clash of civilizations.EducationSeib, Philip
The quest for happiness.EducationMcMahon, Darrin M.
The real engine of blue America.EducationMalanga, Steven
Two kinds of education: Science and the humanities.EducationCrawford, Matthew B.
Veterans hospitals: A model for reforming health care.EducationLongman, Phillip
War and just war: A traditional distinction.EducationJohnson, James Turner
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