European Environmental Law Review - Abstracts

European Environmental Law Review
Advanced informed agreement and biosafety - the elaboration, functioning and implications of AIA in the Cartagena Protocol.(Advanced Informed Agreement)LawLanglet, David
A governance perspective on the choice between "cap and trade" and "credit and trade" for an emissions trading regime.LawPeeters, Marjan, Weishaar, Stefan, Larragan, Javier de Cendra de
An evaluation of the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme in practice.LawKelly, Gerard H.
Article 228(2) EC and the enforcement of EC environmental law: A case of environmental justice delayed and denied? An analysis of recent legal developments.(European Commission)(Law overview)LawHedemann-Robinson, Martin
Belgium: (1 January - 31 December 2006).(European Union issues federal laws on agri-environment)Law 
Breathing life into the Carbon market: legal frameworks of emissions trading in Europe.LawAnttonen, Karoliina, Mehling, Michael, Upston-Hooper, Karl
Case round-up: Atmospheric pollution.Law 
Climate change and securing electric supply.(Investment Protection Law)LawBoute, Anatole
Climate change: The final countdown.LawWells, Alan
Comitology under greater scrutiny.(Law overview)LawPocklington, David
Concurrence of jurisdiction between the ECJ and other international courts and tribunals.(European Court of Justice)LawLavraos, Nikolaos
Contaminated land: The impact of two UK landmark cases.(R (formerly Transco Plc) v Environment Agency)(Circular Facilities Ltd v Sevenoaks District Council)(environmental protection cases)LawCrowhurst, Georgina, Davidson, Simone
Ecotaxes and the European Union.LawEngle, Eric
Environemental reinforcement in European water law, reflections on its significance in spain.LawAlvarez Carreno, Santiago M.
Environmental crime and the police in Europe: A panorama and possible paths for future action.LawComte, Francoise
Environmental criminal law in the first pillar: a positive development for environmental protection in the European Union?LawPereira, Ricardo
Implementation of reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol in Switzerland.LawLiniger, Hans U.
Including aviation into the European Union's Emissions trading scheme.LawSchwarze, Gisbert
Influence of the Aarhus Convention on access to justice in environmental matters in Estonia.LawVeinla, Hannes, Relve, Kaarel
International comparisons of energy use and the environment: Does it make sense to call on wind power?LawZedalis, Rex J., Langenkamp, Dobie R.
Legal transposition and implementation frameworks for Lithuanian approximation of EU Environmental Law.LawMakuch, Zen, MacDonald, Karen
Product ban versus strict regulation: The case of trichloroethylene use in Sweden and Germany.LawPlepys, Andrius, Mont, Oksana, Heblich, Stephan
Reducing the judicial deficit in multilevel environmental regulation: The example of plant protection products.(Law overview)LawKeessen, Andrea
Regulating nanotechnology in the European Union.LawCalster, Geert van
RoHS WEEE - The new European Directives: Do they work and why (or why not)? Current application and development in EU and USA.(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)(Legislation)LawHristev, Iliyana
Seeds of distrust: The co-existence of genetically modified and conventional or organic crops in Greece.LawBalias, Giorgos
Sewage as waste: implications for the U.K. water industry of the ECJ's ruling on the application of the Waste Framework Directive to sewage.(Case overview)LawLee, Robert, Crowhurst, Georgina, Davidson, Simone
Tackling eutrophication: The implications of a precautionary approach.LawJack, Brian
The environmental liability directive: A UK perspective.(Report)LawCrowhurst, Georgina
The equator principles: The voluntary approach to environmentally sustainable finance.LawRichardson, Benjamin J.
The EU Directive on Port Reception Facilities: A case study in the development of an EU environmental directive.LawCarpenter, Angela
The Groundwater Daughter Directive: A UK perspective.LawCrowhurst, Georgina
The implementation of the WEEE directive in the UK: a critical analysis.(waste electrical and electronic equipment)LawCrowhurst, Georgina, Watson, Eluned
The international regulation of genetically modified organisms: uncertainty, fragmentation and precautions.LawBevilacqua, Dario
The MOX Plant judgment of the ECJ: How exclusive is the jurisdiction of the ECJ?(European Court of Justice)(Ireland v. United Kingdom No. 10 (Int'l Trib. Law Sea Dec. 3, 2001))LawLavranos, Nikolaos
The significance of the proposed changes to the waste framework directive.(Legislation)LawPocklington, David
The tree-lines road to EU accession - The approximation of environmental law in Lithunia.(European Union)LawMakuch, Zen, MacDonald, Karen
The World Trade Organization Panel Report on Brazil Tyres - advanced waste management theory entering the organization?Lawvan Calster, Geert
Towards good environmental governance in Europe.LawHeldeweg, Michiel A.
UK's environmental watchdog brought to heel.(Ian Cook vs. Environment Agency and May Gurney Ltd )(environmental crime case)(Case overview)LawCrowhurst, Georgina, Murphy, Jasmine
Waste recovery: Salvaging some meaning from waste definitions?LawLee, Robert, Crowhurst, Georgina
Waste shipments: Green List Controls.(Transfrontier Shipment of Waste Regulations 2007 )LawCrowhurst, Georgina, Davidson, Simone
What is in a name? Regulation of electrical and electronic products.LawMcLoughlin, Aaron
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