European Management Journal 1997 - Abstracts

European Management Journal 1997
A comparative analysis of decision making procedures in the catalog sales industry.(traditional mailing and inventory decision making vs analytical methodology)Business, internationalMondschein, Susana, Bitran, Gabriel
Adaption to change: vertical and horizontal integration in the drug industry.Business, internationalKarrer-Rueddi, Erna
Assessing an organization with the quality model. (recommendations for organization assessments)Business, internationalCouwenberg, Corneille, Dallas, George, Hardjono, Teun, Koster, Marc, Meines, Jan, Sonsbeeck, Joost Van, Vermaas, Matthijs
A twin-track networking approach to project marketing.Business, internationalCova, Bernard, Hoskins, Steven
A view about 'vision.'Business, internationalThornberry, Neal
Being flexible and accommodating diversity: the challenge for multinational management.Business, internationalWelch, Denice, Welch, Lawrence
Benchmarking the learning capability of organizations.Business, internationalGoh, Swee, Richards, Gregory
Building and deploying profitable growth strategies based on the waterfall of customer value added.Business, internationalLaitamaki, Jukka, Kordupleski, Raymond
Building strategy on technological resources and commercial proactiveness: the Gemplus Case. (Gemplus Group, smart card suppliers)Business, internationalJolly, Dominique, Humbert, Marc, Therin, Francois
Business use of the Internet: strategic decision or another bandwagon?Business, internationalMcBride, Neil
Concepts and technologies for virtual organizing: the Gerling journey.(analysis of German insurance organisation Girling Group's business reorganisation for next millennium)Business, internationalJelassi, Tawfik, Loebbecke, Claudia
Co-operation in a niche market: the case of Fiat and PSA in multi purpose vehicles.Business, internationalJolly, Dominique
Corporate restructuring: a symptom of poor governance or a solution to past managerial mistakes?Business, internationalSingh, Harbir, Markides, Constantinos
Cross-cultural groups at work.Business, internationalBerg, David, Smith, Kenwyn
Delivering differentiation: building winning enterprises.Business, internationalEdwards, John
Demergers and the Hanson experience. Part one: the prelude. (Hanson PLC)Business, internationalStonham, Paul
Demergers and the Hanson experience.(part two, demerger tactics)Business, internationalStonham, Paul
Designing mature Internet business strategies: the ICDT model.(information, communication, distribution or transaction)Business, internationalAngehrn, Albert
Develop knowledge activists!Business, internationalNonaka, Ikujiro, Von Krogh, Georg, Ichijo, Kazuo
Eco-efficiency, asset recovery and remanufacturing.Business, internationalFerrer, Geraldo, Ayres, Robert, Van Leynseele, Tania
Economic value added: a primer for European managers.(calculating managers' bonuses)Business, internationalYoung, David
French banks and European strategy.Business, internationalMarois, Bernard
Global strategies of US and Scandinavian R&D-intensive small- and medium-sized companies.Business, internationalKaragozoglu, Necmi, Lindell, Martin
In search of a European model of strategic management. (survey of middle management in France and Germany)Business, internationalLubatkin, Michael, Floyd, Steven
Investing in Poland and the Czech Republic: the experience so far.Business, internationalWebb, David, Knight, K.G.(Ben)
Is the Internet changing the dominant logic of marketing?Business, internationalBrannback, Malin
Language: The forgotten factor in multinational management.Business, internationalWelch, Denice, Marschan, Rebecca, Welch, Lawrence
Leveraging emerging technologies in management education: research and experiences. (virtual interactive business environment)Business, internationalAngehrn, Albert, Nabeth, Thierry
Maintaining service quality under pressure from investors: a systems dynamics model as a hands-on learning tool.Business, internationalVan Ackere, Ann, Warren, Kim, Larsen, Erik
Managing the tug-of-war between supply and demand in the service industries.Business, internationalMondschein, Susana, Bitran, Gabriel
Mapping the landscape of organizational learning.Business, internationalRomme, Georges, Dillen, Ron
National brands versus private labels: an empirical study of competition, advertising and collusion.Business, internationalParker, Philip, Kim, Namwoon
New directions for an organised health care system in Germany: the concept of managed care.Business, internationalMuller, Michael, Uedelhofen, Klaus
Outcomes of international telecommunications acquisitions: analysis of four cases with implications for acquisitions theory.Business, internationalMitchell, Will, Capron, Laurence
Outsourcing in the automotive industry: From JIT to Modlar Consortia.Business, internationalCollins, Robert, Bechler, Kimberly, Pires, Silvio
Partnering with Russia's new entrepreneurs: software Tsarina Olga Kirova. (Sterling Russia President Olga Kirova)(Company Profile)(Interview)Business, internationalMcCarthy, Daniel, Puffer, Shelia, Naumov, Alexander
Pattern analysis of data for control system diagnosis.(testing and improving company accounting methods with technology)Business, internationalHowell, Sydney, Lehocky, Milan
Patterns in the evolution on product competition.Business, internationalChristensen, Clayton
Powering product innovation.Business, internationalHardy, Cynthia, Dougherty, Deborah
Protecting the core competencies of a company: intangible asset security.Business, internationalHarvey, Michael, Lusch, Robert
Reinventing strategic management: new theory and practice for competence-based competition.Business, internationalSanchez, Ron, Heene, Aime
Shifting organizational paradigms: transitional management.Business, internationalHarvey, Michael, Buckley, Michael, Tersine, Richard
Shifting the strategic management paradigm.Business, internationalCamillus, John
So you want to integrate Europe: how do you manage the process?Business, internationalWilliamson, Peter, Verdin, Paul, De Koning, Alice
Stakeholder capitalism and the value chain.Business, internationalLiedtka, Jeanne, Freeman, Edward
Strategic learning with scenarios. (multiple scenario analysis)Business, internationalBlood, Robert, Postma, Theo
Strategic perspectives on European cross-border acquisitions: a view from top European executives.Business, internationalAngwin, Duncan, Savill, Brett
Strategic planning in a regulated trade bloc: the pharmaceutical industry in the European Union.Business, internationalDacin, Peter, Chaudhry, Peggy
Strategy and organisation: challenges for European MNCs in Asia.Business, internationalSchutte, Hellmut
The development of a best practice model for change management.Business, internationalClarke, Angela, Garside, John
The dualism of Greek firms and management: present state and future implications.Business, internationalMakridakis, Spyros, Caloghirou, Yannis, Papagiannakis, Lefteris, Trivellas, Panagiotis
The EU marketing environment: pharmaceuticals and Japanese strategy.(European Union)Business, internationalDibb, Sally, Simkin, Lyndon, Russell, Yvonne
The Individualized Corporation: an interview with Sumantra Ghoshal. (author)(Interview)Business, internationalStonham, Paul
The international mobility of French managers.Business, internationalOsborn, Don
The mating dance: a case study of local partnering processes in developing countries.Business, internationalSmith, Anne, Reney, Marie-Claude
The nature and extent of corporate restructuring within Europe's single market: Cutting through the hype.Business, internationalWilliamson, Peter, Bleackley, Mark
The secret of new growth in old German 'Mittelstand' companies.(analysis of small, successful, German companies)Business, internationalMuzyka, Daniel, Breuninger, Hans, Rossell, Gerda
The strategic development of manufacturing: market analysis for investment priorities. (criticism of market analysis methods)Business, internationalHill, Terry, Westbrook, Roy
The theory of the flagship firm.Business, internationalRugman, Alan, D'Cruz, Joseph
The transfer of culturally-grounded management techniques: the case of business reengineering in Germany.(includes case studies)Business, internationalPeppard, Joe, Fitzgerald, Daniel
The versatile organisation: achieving centuries of sustainable growth.Business, internationalTurner, Rodney
Universal banking: a shareholder value perspective.Business, internationalWalter, Ingo
What is the optimum amount of organisational slack? A study of the relationship between slack and innovation in multinational firms.Business, internationalGulati, Ranjay, Nohria, Nitin
Who is the Chinese consumer?: segmentation in the People's Republic of China.(BAT Chair of Marketing Bernd Schmitt's speech on Chinese consumer)Business, internationalSchmitt, Bernd
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