European Management Journal 2005 - Abstracts

European Management Journal 2005
Aim high: Gerry Johnson on the ESRCEs initiative for UK management an Interview.(Advanced Institute of Management)(Economic and Social Research Council)(Interview)Business, internationalJohnson, Gerry, Maclean, Donald
Alliance capability: a comparison of the alliance strength of European and American companies.Business, internationalMan, Ard-Peiter De
An integrated methodology for putting the balanced scorecard into action.Business, internationalSoderquist, Klas Eric, Papalexandris, Alexandros, Ioannou, George, Prastacos, Gregory
An interview with Karlene Roberts.(professor, University of California, Berkley)(Interview)Business, internationalBourrier, Mathilde
A perspective on UK supermarket pressures on the supply chain.Business, international 
Barriers of information management.Business, internationalEvgeniou, Theodoros, Cartwright, Phillip five technology forces revolutionize worldwide wagering.Business, internationalPitt, Leyland, Davies, Mark, Shapiro, Daniel, Watson, Richard
Branding: a new performance discourse for HR?(human resource)Business, internationalBeaumont, Phillip, Martin, Graeme, Doig, Rosalind, Pate, Judy
Building a European portrait of corporate social responsibility reporting.Business, internationalPerrani, Francesco
Configuration and co-ordination of value activities in German multinational corporations.Business, internationalHoltbrugge, Dirk
Corporate social responsibility in the coffee sector: the dynamics of MNC responses and code development.(multinational corporations)Business, internationalKolk, Ans
Corporate social responsiveness: exploring the dynamics of "bad episodes".Business, internationalValand, Terje, Heide, Morten
Crossing threshold periods in the retail life cycle: insights from Wal-Mart International.(Wal-Mart Stores Inc.)Business, internationalPalmer, Mark
Differential impact of cultural elements in financial performance.(research on the influence of six cultural factors)Business, internationalFlamholtz, Eric, Kannan-Narasimhan, Rangapriya
Differentiated and individualized personnel management: Diversity management in Belgium.Business, internationalBogaert, Sandy, Vloeberghs, Daniel
Diffusion of mobile terminals in China.Business, internationalSangwan, Sunanda, Pau, Louis-Francois
Embracing and exploiting industry turbulence: the strategic transformation of Aer Lingus.(Aer Lingus Group PLC)Business, internationalHarrington, Denis G., Lawton, Thomas C., Rajwani, Tazeeb
Entrepreneurship and innovation in the UK betting industry: the rise of person-to-person betting.Business, internationalLaffey, Des
ERP marketing and Italian SME's.(enterprise resource planning, small and medium-sized enterprises)Business, internationalPace, Stefano, Morabito, Vicenzo, Previtali, Pietro
Escape the red queen effect in competitive strategy: sense - testing business models.Business, internationalVoelpel, Sven, Leibold, Marius, Tekie, Eden, Von Krogh, Georg
External provision of knowledge management information services: the case of the concrete and cement industries.Business, internationalSmyth, Hedley, Longbottom, Radhika
Factors in adopting multi-access technologies in online consumer auction markets in Finland.Business, internationalHeck, Eric Van, Vesa, Jarkko
Fostering market knowledge use in innovation: the role of internal brokers.Business, internationalCillo, Paola
From application outsourcing to infrastructure management: extending the offshore outsourcing service portfolio.Business, internationalBeulen, Erik, Fenema, Paul Van, Currie, Wendy
Gaining competitive advantage in a carbon constrained world: strategies for European business.Business, internationalWilliamson, Peter, Schultz, Karl
How to support knowledge creation in new product development: An investigation of knowledge management methods.Business, internationalHoegl, Martin, Schulze, Anja
Implications of short-term international assignments.Business, internationalTahvanainen, Marja, Worm, Verner, Welch, Denice
Integrating strategic groups and the resource based perspective: Understanding the competitive process.Business, internationalLeask, Graham, Parnell, John A.
Knowledge sharing in an emerging network of practice: the role of a knowledge portal.Business, internationalHeck, Eric Van, Baalen, Peter Van, Bloemhof-Ruwaard, Jacqueline
Lessons from the untold success story: outsourcing engineering and facilities management.Business, internationalBurdon, Steve, Bhalla, Ajay
Management and governance in Dutch SMEs.(small and medium-sized enterprises)Business, internationalGils, Anita Van
Managerial ownership and firm performance in listed Danish firms: in search of the missing link.Business, internationalRose, Caspar
Managing new business ventures.Business, internationalBuchel, Bettna
Managing supply networks: organizational roles in network management.Business, internationalHarland, Christine, Knight, Louise
Managing the risk of customer integration.Business, internationalGassmann, Oliver, Enkel, Ellen, Kausch, Christoph
Monti and market dynamics: the strategy of a national car importer.(Mario Monti, European Competition Commissioner )Business, internationalKoolen, Simon, Taminiau, Yvette, Faber, Coen
Obtaining R&D joint venture co-operation under prisoners' dilemma incentives: logic and experiment.Business, internationalArend, Richard
Overcoming the service paradox in manufacturing companies.(study on extending service business for earning financial benefits )Business, internationalGebauer, Heiko, Fleisch, Elgar, Friedli, Thomas
Ownership and board structures in Irish plcs.Business, internationalKelly, Paul, Donnelly, Ray
Planning, control, and adaptation: a case study.Business, internationalGauthereau, Vincent, Hollnagel, Erik
Post - acquisition management: a phases approach for cross - border M&As.(mergers and acquisitions)Business, internationalYoung, Stephen, Quah, Penelope
Private sector consortia working for a public sector client - factors that build successful relationships: lessons from the UK.Business, internationalShaw, David, Jost, Gregor, Dawson, Mark
Quo Vadis, Automotive industry? A vision of possible industry transformations.Business, internationalLoch, Christoph H., Seidel, Markus, Chahil, Satjiv
Rejuvenating customer management: how to make knowledge for, from and about customers work.Business, internationalDous, Malte, Salomann, Harald, Kolbe, Lutz, Brenner, Walter
Repeated failures in the management of high risk technologies.(research findings)Business, internationalHeimann, Larry
Responsible leadership and corporate responsibility: metrics for sustainable performance.Business, internationalSzekely, Francisco, Knirsch, Marinna
Retail internalization: from formats to implants.Business, internationalMcAuley, Andrew, Sparks, Leigh, Burt, Steve, Davies, Keri
Selection in strategic alliance activity: effects in firm performance in the computing industry.Business, internationalAmit, Raphael, Arend, Richard J.
Sharing sensitive information supply relationships: the flaws in one-way open-book negotiation and the need for transparency.(trade secrets)Business, internationalLamming, Richard, Caldwell, Nigel, Harrison, Deborah, Phillips, Wendy
Skills brokerage: a new model for business start-ups in the networked economy.Business, internationalLi, Feng, Papagiannidis, Savvas
Supply chain collaboration: making sense of the strategy continuum.Business, internationalHolweg, Matthias, Disney, Stephen, Holmstrom, Jan, Smaros, Johanna
The board and the next technology breakthrough.Business, internationalWood, Robert Chapman, Bjelland, Osvald M.
The business case for corporate sustainability: literature review and research options.Business, internationalSteger, Ulrich, Salzamann, Oliver, Ionescu-Somers, Aileen
The contribution of organizational design to safety.Business, internationalBourrier, Mathilde
The field of strategy: in search of a walking stick.Business, internationalThomas, Howard, Hafsi, Taieb
The headquarters - subsidiaries trench: tracing perception gaps within the multi-national corporation.Business, internationalAmbos, Bjorn, Chini, Tina, Wehle, Katrin
The influence of national culture on the adoption status of innovations: an empirical study of firms across Europe.Business, internationalWaarts, Eric, Everdingen, Yvonne Van
The limits of lean management thinking: multiple retailers and food and farming supply chains.Business, internationalCox, Andrew, Chicksand, Dan
Theoretical models of the antecedents and consequences of organizational, workgroup, and professional Esprit de corps.Business, internationalBoyt, Thomas, Lusch, Robert, Mejza, Michael
The role of environmental initiatives in encouraging companies to engage in environmental reporting.Business, internationalWoodhead, Anne, Dixon, Robert, Mousa, Gehan A.
Using the Internet to enhance global strategy.(influencing globalization)Business, internationalYip, George, Dempster, Anna
Visioning the pathway: a leadership process model.Business, internationalKakabadse, Nada, Kakabadse, Andrew, Lee-Davies, Linda
Why incumbents struggle to extract value from new strategic options: case of the European airline industry.Business, internationalVlaar, Paul, De Vries, Paul, Willenborg, Mattijs
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