GEC Journal of Research - Abstracts

GEC Journal of Research
Advances in microwave optoelectronics.BusinessHall, D.D., Wale, M.J., Edge, C., Parsons, N.J.
All-silica integrated optical components.BusinessAllen, J.J., Shipley, S.P., Ong, T.M., Nourshargh, N.
An integrated high temperature superconductor microwave system/cryocooler demonstrator.BusinessGreed, R.B., Hedges, S.J.
An introduction to chaotic signal processing.BusinessKearney, M.J., Stark, J.
An Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) image of a Boeing 747, measured at F-band. (research report)Business 
Applying technology to manufacturing cost reduction.BusinessCarter, P.A.
A real-time computer for active control.BusinessDarbyshire, E.P., Kerry, C.J.
A structured approach to the analysis and design of a train driving simulator.BusinessFines-Smith, K.A.
Bessel beams: their generation and application.BusinessLaycock, L.C., Webster, S.C
Coherent multichannel communications for high capacity reconfigurable networks.BusinessBatchellor, C.R., Debney, B.T., Thorley, A.M.
Damage-free ultrasonically-assisted cleaning of printed circuit assemblies.BusinessBurton, P., Richards, B.P., Footner, P.K.
Data for software systems important to safety. (software used in nuclear power plants)BusinessWelbourne, D., Bester N.P.
Depressing the melting point of solders and brazes by eutectic alloying.BusinessHumpston, G., Jacobson, D.M.
Developing and improving the new product process at Marconi Instruments.BusinessBrown, H.T., Evely, M.R.
Digital down-conversion.BusinessDarcy, M.J.
Discussion on the use of optical amplifiers in IM-DD receivers.BusinessGhiggino, P.
Early development of ATM in access networks: a node architecture which supports evolution.BusinessCalierno, M., Cohen, J.L., Cullen, A.M., Dellacasa, S., Ghiggino, P.
Economic, efficient and effective; competitive today and tomorrow.BusinessTaylor, H.A.
Electron-beam resist technology for GaAs microwave device fabrication.BusinessBramble, D.R., Bennett, R.H.
Erbium-doped fibre amplifiers.BusinessTam, H.Y.
Experience of software measurement programmes and application of the ami method within GEC.BusinessHollom, J.H., Pulford, K.J.
Experiences using formal methods within the TMST project. (Trans Manche Super Train, Channel Tunnel Train)BusinessRees, C.
Extending the performance limits of CCD image sensors.BusinessBurt, D.J.
Ferroelectric thin films for integrated sensor and memory devices.BusinessPatel, A., Obhi, J.S.
From projects to products in rail electronics.BusinessBroadbent, S.
GEC-Marconi Materials Technology Ltd., Caswell - an overview. (Company Profile)BusinessGibbons, G.
High-current conductors using high-temperature superconductors.BusinessJacobson, D.M., Harrison, M.R., Hall, S.R., Dineen, C.
Improvements in gas turbine manufacturing at EGT.BusinessGee, H.D.
Infra-red imaging using quantum well photodetectors.BusinessAndrews, S.R.
Infra-red materials activities at GEC-Marconi Infra-Red Limited: Part 1 - bulk growth techniques.BusinessCapper, P., Gosney, J., Harris, J.E., O'Keefe, E., Maxey, C.D.
Magnetostriction in surface crystallized metallic glasses.BusinessVincent, J.H., Thomas, A.P., Gibbs, M.R.J.
Manufacturing a new range of axial flow fans.BusinessWenden, P.
Miniature display technologies for integrated helmet systems.BusinessWorboys, M.R., White, G., Mitchell, K., Mosley, A.
Model-based approaches to signal analysis.BusinessMartin, R.J.
Monte-Carlo simulation of stochastic flow.BusinessGrossmann, P.
Nanocrystalline materials for soft magnetic applications.BusinessVincent, J.H., Sangha, S.P.S.
Non-display applications of liquid crystal devices.BusinessWiltshire, M.C.K.
Olfactory sensor array systems: the electronic nose.BusinessByfield, M.P., May, I.P.
Optical interconnect technologies for high performance electronic processor systems.BusinessGoodwin, M.J.
Optoelectronic integrated circuits.BusinessWilliams, P.J., Carter, A.C.
PROMETHEUS. (completion of European road transport programme)Business 
Reconstruction of sonar images using computerized tomography.BusinessPidsley, P.H., Davies, G.L.
Research news: thermal imaging equipment for firefighters.Business 
Restructuring the manufacturing process of modern warships.BusinessWalker, A., McCluskey, J.
Safety critical software for defence systems: requirements of Interim Defence Standard 00-55.BusinessRees, C., Oddy, G.
Shear strength of diffusion soldered joints.BusinessSangha, S.P.S, Humpston, G.
Sigma Delta IF A-D converters for digital radios.BusinessThurston, A.M.
Silicon optohybrids for advanced optoelectronic multi-chip modules.BusinessBlackie, G.N., Croston, I.R.
Software estimating and metrics: a pragmatic approach.BusinessRutherford, J.
Software metrication - an aid to software project management.BusinessHarvey, D.A.
Sub-half-micron contact holes by I-line lithography using attenuated phase shift reticles.BusinessMartin, B.
Techbriefs: news-sheets from the GEC Research Centres. (Bibliography)Business 
The building blocks of manufacturing excellence.BusinessNew, C.C.
The development of a conical frequency selective radome.BusinessWahid, M.
The effect of salts on steels and protective coatings.BusinessAllan, S.J., May, R., Taylor, M.F., Walters J.
The engineering research centre at Whetstone. (GEC ALSTHOM's engineering research operations and technological support)BusinessOtter, N.R.
The imaging of oil slicks by synthetic-aperture radar.BusinessMacklin, J.T.
The physics and device applications of epitaxially grown Si and si1-xGex heterostructures.BusinessKearney, M.J.
Three-dimensional patterning technology for the fabrication of complex micro-components.BusinessPurdy, D.R., Hipwood, L.G.
Towards safe and reliable software for Eurostar. (Eurostar train)BusinessRiley, P.
TQM - why and how it was implemented at Gilbarco. (total quality management)BusinessSnowberger, M.W.
Transparent networks for multi-format optical communications.BusinessSt. Ville, L.J., Young, T.P.
Why do software projects fail? (causes of failure discussed)BusinessWilliams, B.R.
World class manufacturing through people.BusinessWalsh, S.
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