GEC Journal of Technology - Abstracts

GEC Journal of Technology
A 500kA high-voltage vacuum switch.Telecommunications industryBower, S., Cook, K.G., Keyse, R.S., Jones, F.J., Jackson, A.R., Seddon, R.J.
A high-resolution miniature colour liquid crystal display.Telecommunications industryWorboys, M.R., Radcliffe, S., Griffith, M.s.
A new silver-free brazing process suitable for plasma-facing components in nuclear reactors.Telecommunications industryJacobson, D.M., Sangha, S.P.S.
An introduction to Shannon sampling and interpolation theory with generalizations to nonuniform sampling.Telecommunications industryMartin, R.J.
A Russian experimental high-power, short-pulse radar.Telecommunications industryWardrop, B.
Challenges for optical lithography in production at the sub-half-micron scale.Telecommunications industryMartin, B.
Design rules for fluxless soldering.Telecommunications industryJacobson, D.M., Sangha, S.P., Hopkins, J.
Electrochemical routes for engineering tool production.Telecommunications industryDickens, P., Bennett, G., Bocking, C., Dover, S., Arthur, A., Cobb, R.C.
Future synthetic aperture radar instrument design using instrument modelling software.Telecommunications industryBrown, M.A.
HF skywave radar systems modelling.Telecommunications industryParry, J.L., Wright, P.G.
High-density interconnect and packaging - How to design and implement for products.Telecommunications industryChandler, N.
High-performance quartz crystal oscillators.Telecommunications industryMcClemont, F.S.
IFMS - ESA's new, all-digital tracking, telemetry & command system.Telecommunications industryJames, N.
Implementation of an adaptive HF network.Telecommunications industryGriffith, O.T.
Infra-red materials activities at GEC-Marconi Infra-Red Limited: Part II - Epitaxial growth techniques.Telecommunications industryCapper, P., Maxey, C.D., O'Keefe, E.s.
Lead-free soldering: A progress report.Telecommunications industryJacobson, D.M., Harrison, M.R.
Low-cost flip-chip process for monolithic microwave integrated circuits and optical components.Telecommunications industryWatson, N., Humpston, G., Vincent, J.H.
Modelling and simulation of communication systems.Telecommunications industryAlston, I.D., Currie, J.C., Dearlove, C.M.
Monolithic active filters at microwave frequencies.Telecommunications industrySaul, P.H., Goody, S.B.
Multisensor data fusion.Telecommunications industryGrossmann, P.
Navigation systems integration.Telecommunications industryGordon, G.S.
Novel low expansion packages for electronics.Telecommunications industryJacobson, D.M., Sangha, S.P.S.
Optical-fibre strain sensing for structural health and load monitoring.Telecommunications industryGroves-Kirkby, C.J.
Power splitting and combining techniques on MMICS.Telecommunications industryMarsh, S.P.
Receiving array design for the over-the-horizon radar.Telecommunications industryPearce, T.H.
Reconstruction of multiband signals using irregular sampling.Telecommunications industryMartin, R.J., Castelow, D.a.
Safety critical software in nuclear power.Telecommunications industryWelbourne, D.
Shaped electronic substrates in low-temperature co-fired ceramics.Telecommunications industryLodge, K.J.
Silicon MCM-D technology for RF integration.Telecommunications industryArnold, R.G., Faulkner, C.C., Pedder, D.J.
Sizewell B vibration monitoring.Telecommunications industryPountney, S.J.
Spectral control of HF radar transmissions.Telecommunications industryParry, J.L., Wright, P.G., Topliss, R.J., Maclean, A.B., Wade, S.H.
Speech input control for networked virtual environments.Telecommunications industryStanger, V.J.
Submarine combat system integration.Telecommunications industryCoates, G.M.
System failure statistics: some asymptotic formulae.Telecommunications industryMartin, R.J.
The application of software radio techniques for airborne passenger telephony and future air traffic control communication systems.Telecommunications industryMatich, G.E., Lazare, F.J., Reynolds, C.D.
The production of large rapid prototype tools using layer manufacturing technology.Telecommunications industryJacobson, D.M., Sangha, S.P.S., Bocking, C., Dickens, P.M., Soar, R.
Ultra-broadband MMIC circuit design.Telecommunications industryLong, A.P.
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