Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2006 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2006
Byways in the imperial Chinese information order: The dissemination and commercial publication of state documents.Regional focus/area studiesDe Weerdt, Hilde
Donald H. Shively, 1921-2005.(Obituary)Regional focus/area studies 
Nijo v. Reizei: Land rights, litigation, and literary authority in medieval Japan.Regional focus/area studiesAtkins, Paul S.
Not written in stone: Ming readers of the Great Learning and the impact of forgery.Regional focus/area studiesRusk, Bruce
Pancavarsika assemblies in Liang Wudi's Buddhist Palace Chapel.Regional focus/area studiesChen, Jinhua
Remembering when: The uses of nostalgia in the poetry of Bai Juyi and Yuan Zhen.Regional focus/area studiesShields, Anna M.
Shuihu zhuan and the military subculture of the Northern Song, 960-1127.Regional focus/area studiesSmith, Paul Jakov
Tales retold: Narrative variation in a Tang story.(Li Zhao's Guoshi Bu)(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesAllen, Sarah M.
The Osaka Kannon Pilgrimage and Chikamatsu's: Love studies at Sonezki.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesBrownstein, Michael
The physician as philosopher of the Way: Zhu Zhenheng (1282-1358).Regional focus/area studiesFurth, Charlotte
The principles are many: Wang Tingxiang and intellectual transition in mid-Ming China.Regional focus/area studiesChang Woei Ong
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