Harvard Law Review 2003 - Abstracts

Harvard Law Review 2003
ADEA - reverse discrimination suits - Sixth Circuit permits reverse age discrimination suit to proceed.(Age Discrimination in Employment Act)(Case Note)Law 
After Sandoval: judicial challenges and administrative possiblities in Title VI enforcement.(Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964)Law 
Badwill.(the ability of companies to change trademarks that have negative associations, i.e. badwill)Law 
California Labor Code section 2855 and recordig artists' contracts.Law 
Civil procedure - choice of law - Ninth Circuit uses international law to decide applicable substantive law under Alien Tort Claims Act.(Case Note)Law 
Civil procedure - class actions - Seventh Circuit reverses lower court's approval of class action settlement, citing evidence of collusion.(Case Note)Law 
Civil procedure - class actions - Third Circuit holds that the filing of a class action tolls the statute of limitations for a subsequent class action when the initial denial of class certification is unrelated to the appropriateness of the underlying claims for class treatment.(Case Note)Law 
Civil procedure - forum non conveniens - Fifth Circuit holds Mexico to be an adequate alternative forum despite its $2500 cap on damages for a child's death.(Case Note)Law 
Civil procedure - personal jurisdiction - D.C. Circuit holds that a foreign state is not a "person" under the due process clause.(Case Note)Law 
Constitutional law - Fourth Amendment - separation of powers - Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review holds that prosecutors may spy on American agents of foreign powers without a warrant.(Case Note)Law 
Constitutional law - sustantive due process - Fifth Circuit rejects s. 1983 "state-created danger" claim of plaintiff shot by an undercover informant using a gun on "loan" from a city police officer.(Case Note)Law 
Constitutional law - voting rights - Native Hawaiians - Nineth Circuit invalidates Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee requirement.(Case Note)Law 
Contract law - covenants not to compete - Pennsylvania Supreme Court holds that covenants not to compete are not assignable by default and are not enforceable to protect financial interests alone.(Case Note)Law 
Copyright law - Congress responds to Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel's webcasting rates.Law 
Criminal law - racial exclusion in jury pool composition - Supreme Court of Indiana holds that computerized jury selection system did not comply with jury selection statute.(Case Note)Law 
Developments in the law - the law of marriage and family.Law 
Dynasty trusts and the rule against perpetuities.Law 
Education - English immersion - Colorado voters reject an English immersion ballot initiative.Law 
Employment law - discrimination - Ninth Circuit finds for employee in a mixed-motive case without "direct evidence" of discrimination.(Case Note)Law 
Employment law - Title VII - sex discrimination - Ninth Circuit extends Title VII protection to employee alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation.(Case Note)Law 
Estopping the madness at the PTO: improveing patnet administration through prosecution history estoppel.(Patent and Trademark Office)Law 
Examining senate procedures through narrative.Law 
Extending public law norms through privatization.(Symposium: Public Values in an Era of Privatization)LawFreeman, Jody
Federal courts - prisoner litigation - Eleventh Circuit holds that a s. 1983 action for DNA access is not the equivalent of a habeas corpus petition.(Case Note)Law 
Government by proxy: a faithful overview.(Symposium: Public Values in an Era of Privatization)(response to article by Martha Minow in this issue, p.1229)LawDiIulio, John J., Jr.
Implementing Atkins.(preventing the execution of the mentally retarded)Law 
Indefinite detention of immigrant parolees: an unconstitutinal condition?Law 
Inmate litigation.LawSchlanger, Margo
International law as an interpretive force in federal Indian law.Law 
Local government law - affordable housing - refining municipal obligations under Mount Laurel, the New Jersey Supreme Court hints at a new conception of regional responsibility.(New Jersey)(Case Note)Law 
No bad puns: a different approach to the problem of personal jurisdiction and the Internet.Law 
Privatization and accountability.(Symposium: Public Values in an Era of Privatization)LawTrebilcock, Michael J., Iacobucci, Edward M.
Privatization of federal Indian schools: a legal uncertainty.(Symposium: Public Values in an Era of Privatization)Law 
Public accountability and faith-based organizations: a problem best avoided.(Symposium: Public Values in an Era of Privatization)(response to article by Martha Minow in this issue, p.1229)LawSaperstein, David
Public and private partnerships: accounting for the new religion.(Symposium: Public Values in an Era of Privatization)LawMinow, Martha
Reclaiming home rule.LawBarron, David J.
Reliable evaluation of expert testimony.Law 
Remember Endo?LawGudridge, Patrick O.
Shame, stigma, and crime: evaluating the efficacy of shaming sanctions in criminal law.Law 
Should the Supreme Court presume that Congress acts constitutionally? The role of the canon of avoidance and reliance on early legislative practice in constitutional interpretation.Law 
Switching priorities: elevating the status of tort claims in bankruptcy in pursuit of optimal deterrence.Law 
The absurdity doctrine.LawManning, John F.
The ass atop the castle: competing strategies for using campaign donations to influence lawmaking.Law 
The future of majority-minority districts in light of declining racially polarized voting.Law 
The good, the bad, and their corporate codes of ethics: Enron, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the problems with legislating good behavior.Law 
The new religion and the Constitution.(Symposium: Public Values in an Era of Privatization)(response to article by Martha Minow in this issue, p. 1229)LawSullivan, Kathleen M.
Too sovereign but not sovereign enough: are U.S. states beyond the reach of the law of nations?Law 
When hope falls short: HOPE VI, accountability and the privatization of public housing.(Symposium: Public Values in an Era of Privatization)Law 
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