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Home Economics Research Journal
Acquisition of female apparel in Oklahoma's Indian Territory, 1850-1910. (includes bibliography)Home and gardenRichards, Lynne
Adopting new technology: the case of electrical plugs and receptacles.Home and gardenMeeks, Carol B., Sweaney, Anne L., Swagler, Roger M.
A predictive model for the marketing of home economics.Home and gardenCallahan, Kathryn A.
Assessment of cognitive style to examine student's use of hypermedia within historic costume. (hypermedia as an educational tool)Home and gardenFrey, Diane, Simonson, Michael
Behaviors to reduce dietary fat and related factors in the over-45 population. (research among adults in Northwestern States)Home and gardenArmstrong, Jill E., Gilliam, Jan, Stem, Donald Jr.
Clothing and attributions concerning sexual harassment.Home and gardenJohnson, Kim K.P., Workman, Jane E.
Consumer profiles for fiber, clay, and wood crafts.Home and gardenLittrell, Mary Ann, Reilly, Rae, Stout, JaneAnn
Credit, saving and insurance practices influencing satisfaction with preparation for financial emergencies among rural households.Home and gardenSumarwan, Ujang, Hira, Tahira K.
Critical characteristics of fabric quality.Home and gardenGriffin, Mary L., O'Neal, Gwendolyn S.
Dermatological and other health problems attributed by consumers to contact with laundry products. (includes bibliography)Home and gardenDallas, Merry Jo, Wilson, Patricia A., Burns, Leslie D., Miller, Janet, Markee, Nancy, Harger, Barbara
Effect of motion and headwear on particle contamination in clean environments.Home and gardenBrandt, Brenda
Evaluating EFNEP audience change through attrition patterns. (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program)Home and gardenArmstrong, Jill E., Butkus, Sue
Export competition in the man-made fiber industry. (research on exporting regions of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)Home and gardenDardis, Rachel, Prem, Roohi
Extent and nature of sexual harassment in the fashion retail workplace.Home and gardenWorkman, Jane E.
Family developmental trajectories: family timing and parent-child relations in young adulthood.Home and gardenFischer, Judith L., Crawford, Duane W.
Farm wives' business and household decision involvement in times of economicstress.Home and gardenDanes, Sharon M., Rettig, Kathryn D.
Interior design research: a human ecosystem model.Home and gardenGuerin, Denise A.
Optimum internal temperature established by sensory evaluation for fish prepared in conventional and microwave ovens.Home and gardenJohansson, Lisbeth, Ruderus, Hakan
Personal determinants of the first postretirement move.Home and gardenJunk, Virginia W., Anderson, Carol A.
Profiles of success: Mexican textile handcraft entrepreneurs and their businesses.Home and gardenPopelka, Cheryl A., Fanslow, Alyce M., Littrell, Mary A.
Quantitative analysis of fashion change: a critical review.Home and gardenLowe, Elizabeth D.
Readability of recommended nutrition sources. (readability testing of publications on food and nutrition)Home and gardenSwanson, Ruthann B., Birklid, Cathy A.
The effect of three status characteristics on ratings of an elderly male andan elderly female: social variables.Home and gardenJohnson, Kim K.P., Workman, Jane E.
The extension/research link: current issues and future directions for Home Economics. (includes bibliography)Home and gardenNickols, Sharon Y., Froke, Barbara K.
Thesis and dissertations completed in Home Economics: 1991. (includes list of doctoral dissertations and master's theses)Home and gardenMiKyoung Ha, Weber, Margaret J.
Welfare use: implications for teen mothers' education.Home and gardenGong-Soog Hong, Wellen, Pat D.
What do pregnant adolescents believe about nutrition during pregnancy? (includes bibliography)Home and gardenCarruth, Betty Ruth, Skinner, J.D.
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