Information Economics and Policy 1998 - Abstracts

Information Economics and Policy 1998
A bargaining model of retransmission consent and must-carry rule.Library and information scienceChae, Suchan
A communication perspective on the international information and knowledge system.Library and information scienceEngelbrecht, Hans-Jurgen
Broadcasting versus narrowcasting.Library and information scienceChae, Suchan, Flores, Daniel
CEE telecommunications investment and economic growth.(Central and Eastern Europe)Library and information scienceMadden, Gary, Savage, Scott J.
Common carriers' entry into multimedia services.Library and information scienceColombo, Massimo G., Garrone, Paola
Competition to international satellite communications services.Library and information scienceHouthakker, Hendrik S., Pfeifenberger, Johannes P.
Cross-border rent shifting in international telecommunications.Library and information scienceGalbi, Douglas A.
Demand for telephone lines and universal service in Spain.Library and information sciencePerez-Amaral, Teodosio, Rodriguez-Andres, Antonio
Econometric modelling of Spanish very long distance international calling.Library and information sciencePerez-Amaral, Teodosio, Garin-Munoz, Teresa
Economic, statistical, and linguistic factors affecting success on the test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL).Library and information scienceSnow, Marcellus S.
Economies of scope in the U.S. telecommunications industry.Library and information scienceMajumdar, Sumit K., Banker, Rajiv D., Chang, Hsi-Hui
Evaluating the effects of new telephone tariffs on residential users' demand and welfare. A model for Italy.Library and information scienceColombino, Ugo
Evolutionary cognitive economics.Library and information sciencePaquet, Gilles
Information, coordination and macroeconomics.Library and information scienceEarl, Peter E.
Information economics research: points of departure.Library and information scienceLamberton, Donald M.
Information, flexibility, and value added.Library and information scienceBabcock, Bruce A., Hennessy, David A.
Market structure in mobile telecoms: qualified indirect access and the receiver pays principle.Library and information scienceDoyle, Chris, Smith, Jennifer C.
Media and multimedia: the challenge for policy and economic analysis.Library and information scienceWildman, Steven S.
Optimal product strategies in the presence of network externalities.Library and information sciencePrasad, Ashutosh, Haruvy, Ernan
Pricing and efficiency of a circulation industry: the case of newspapers.Library and information scienceChaudhri, Vivek
Programming in a competitive broadcasting market: entry, welfare and regulation.Library and information scienceDoyle, Chris
Quality considerations in auctions for television franchises.Library and information scienceFraja, Gianni De, Cabizza, Mariella M.
Raising rivals' costs: the entry of an upstream monopolist into downstream markets.Library and information scienceSibley, David S., Weisman, Dennis L.
Restructuring and competition in international telecommunications: the case of INTELSAT.Library and information scienceEinhorn, Michael A.
The economics of local loop architecture for multimedia services.Library and information sciencePupillo, Lorenzo, Conte, Andrea
The embodiment hypothesis revisited: evidence from the U.S. local exchange carriers.Library and information scienceSung, Nakil
The results of competition between integrated-services telecommunications carriers.Library and information sciencePeha, Jon M., Tewari, Saurabh
Two-part access pricing and imperfect competition.Library and information scienceValletti, Tommaso
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