Information Economics and Policy 1999 - Abstracts

Information Economics and Policy 1999
Access pricing with unregulated downstream competition.Library and information scienceSappington, David E.M., Lewis, Tracy R.
A matter of connections: OECD telecommunications sector productivity and the role of cellular technology diffusion.Library and information scienceMajumdar, Sumit K., Jha, Raghbendra
An econometric analysis of the demand for access to mobile telephone networks.Library and information scienceAhn, Hyungtaik, Lee, Myeong-Ho
Demand for international telephone services between US and Africa.(Statistical Data Included)Library and information scienceGyimah-Brempong, Kwabena, Karikari, John A.
Demand for telephone usage in India.Library and information scienceDas, Pinaki, Srinivasan, P.V.
Light-handed regulation of access in Australia: negotiation with arbitration.Library and information scienceKing, Stephen P., Maddock, Rodney
Optimal bundling strategy for digital information goods: network delivery of articles and subscriptions.Library and information scienceChuang, John Chung-I, Sirbu, Marvin A.
Partial compatibility with network externalities and double purchase.Library and information scienceDe Palma, Andre, Leruth, Luc, Regibeau, Pierre
Price ceilings and firm-specific quantity restrictions in posted-offer markets.(Statistical Data Included)Library and information scienceKujal, Praveen
Productivity growth and regulation in U.S. local telephony.Library and information scienceResende, Marcelo
Regulatory policies toward local exchange companies under emerging competition: guardrails or speed bumps on the information highway?Library and information scienceKaserman, David L., Mayo, John W.
Subscriber churn in the Australian ISP market.(Internet service providers)Library and information scienceMadden, Gary, Savage, Scott J., Coble-Neal, Grant
Telecommunications liberalization: The state of the US debate, two views.Library and information scienceAllen, David
The frontier of international technology networks: sourcing abroad the most highly tacit capabilities.Library and information scienceSantangelo, Grazia D., Cantwell, John
The role of service quality and capital technology in telecommunication regulation.Library and information scienceNorsworthy, J.R., Tsai, Diana H.
The technology of library service provision: a cost function analysis of public library systems in the United Kingdom.Library and information scienceHammond, Christopher J.
The Telecommunications Act at three years: an economic evaluation of its implementation by the Federal Communications Commission.(Statistical Data Included)Library and information scienceKahn, Alfred E., Weisman, Dennis L., Tardiff, Timothy J.
Universal service: does competition help or hurt?(effects of the introduction of competition in the telecommunications markets)Library and information scienceBarros, Pedro P., Seabra, M. Carmo
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