International Journal of Humanities and Peace - Abstracts

International Journal of Humanities and Peace
Ancient wisdom and modern science.Political scienceHarrison, Hugh
An essay: liberating the future from the past?/liberating the past from the future?Political scienceSiegmund, Mark
An examination of the arguments for the comprehensive reform of global governance.Political scienceRossi, Stacey Elin
An instrument panel for Spaceship Earth.Political scienceBlain, Bob
A potential for human understanding and peace.Political scienceGunter, Larry B.
A street in Stuttgart is named after Mahatma Gandhi after his birthday in October, 1997.Political scienceMehta, Manik
Breaking the cycle of protracted violence in South Africa: excerpts and ruminations from an interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.Political sciencePolkinghorn, Brian
Collective bargaining for the professoriate: what the law says.Political scienceMalamud, Deborah C.
Curriculum theory and time, space and knowledge: thoughts about science and peace.Political scienceHaggerson, Nelson L., Garman, Noreen B.
Dance fuses ancient India, modern West.Political scienceDatta, Jyotirmoy
Democraticizing global governance.Political scienceLerche, Charles O.
Development in people and organizations is the key to business success.Political scienceSofo, Francesco
Divorce lawyer's opinion.Political scienceSeaborne, Ellen
Ecological design: peace with the environment.Political scienceMahmoudi, Kooros M.
Education for the twenty-first century: keynote address.Political scienceSing, Karan
Epilepsy is within realm of primary care; diagnosis includes testing as well as history and physical examination.Political scienceFrei, Rosemary
Humanities and creative horizons.Political scienceMerchant, Vasant V.
Immigration law: changes sought in rules that hurt legal aliens.Political scienceKaye, Allen E.
Linking electricity for peace: a compelling global strategy.Political scienceMeisen, Peter
Literacy and women's health.Political scienceCurtis, Lynn
Manifesto of non-violence: Tolstoy, Gandhi & responsibility of intellectuals.(Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas K. Gandhi)Political scienceBartolf, Christian
Measuring peace movement impact.Political scienceBreyman, Steve
Millennium.Political scienceTehranian, Majid
Mysticism and peace: an East-West perspective.Political scienceSrinivasan, T.M.
Navajo-U.S. treaty of 1868 stirs the soul.Political scienceOrtiz, David
Path-breaking heart doctor with noble soul.(pediatric cardiologist K. M. Cherian)Political scienceMishra, Ravish
Pediatrics: circumcision - an ethical-religious-legal issue?Political scienceFidler, Eric
Perspectives on a demobilization center in Merka, Somalia.Political scienceAdam, Nasri H.
Rethinking trauma healing as part of post-conflict reconstruction strategies: the value of local practices.Political scienceMillard, Ananda S., Leslie, Helen
Sociology and peace at the millennium.Political scienceHardert, Ron, Amling, Jeff
State of the arts: dance passions.Political scienceRosenwald, Peter J.
Stroke rescue: can cells injected into the brain reverse paralysis?(Review)Political scienceFackelman, Kathleen
Technologies of the sacred, part 2.Political scienceGrof, Stanislav
The digital economy and peace.Political scienceMalik, Pravir
The meaning of peace in the Bhagavad Gita and the New Testament.Political scienceLuyster, Robert
The mystery of marriage of science-art, technology-humanities, philosophy, religion-spirituality.Political scienceMerchant, Vasant V.
The spirit of clay - in and out.Political scienceBrooks, Markell
Top-quality, yet low-cost cardiac care at MMM.(Madras Medical Mission)Political scienceMishra, Ravish
What is peace and conflict education?Political scienceSummy, Ralph
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