International Journal of Market Research 2007 - Abstracts

International Journal of Market Research 2007
Assessing mobile-based online surveys: methodological considerations and pilot study in an advertising context.(Report)Business, internationalOkazaki, Shintaro
Conjoint respondents as adaptive decision makers.Business, internationalDenstadli, Jon Martin, Lines, Rune
Correspondence regarding ' The choice between a five-point and a ten-point scale in the framework of customer satisfaction research', by Pedro S. Coelho and Susana P. Esteves.Business, internationalRothman, James, Coelho, Pedro S., Esteves, Susana P.
Data integration methodologies in market research: an overview.Business, internationalBaker, Ken
Development of a research tool for elicitation of consumer response.(Report)Business, internationalLee, W.B., Zou, Tracy X.P.
Energy: igniting brands to drive enterprise value.Business, internationalGerzema, John, Lebar, Ed, Sussman, Michael, Gaikowski, Jason
Ethnography and market research.(Viewpoint)Business, internationalDesai, Philly
Ethnography within consumer reach - a critical case study of Consumer Film Festivals.(FORUM)Business, internationalMcMillan, Lorne, Ng, Brenda
Experimental analysis of consumer stimulation and motivational states in shopping experiences.Business, internationalGuido, Gianluigi, Capestro, Mauro, Peluso, Alessandro M.
Going underground: how ethnography helped the Tube tunnel to the heart of its brand.(FORUM)Business, internationalPring, Ian
How face influences consumption.(consumer spending)Business, internationalLi, Julie Juan, Su, Chenting
IJMR collaborative research award.(International journal of Market Research)Business, international 
Introduction to IJMR special issue on ethnography.(International Journal of Market Research)(how ethnography is defined)Business, internationalWhitehill, Caroline Hayter
Learning from giants.(market research)Business, internationalBerthon, Pierre, Nairn, Agnes, Money, Arthur
Market research data integration: coming to intersections from two directions.Business, internationalWalsh, Peter
Measuring the right things.(Viewpoint)(Viewpoint essay)Business, internationalBinet, Les, Field, Peter
Measuring the value of insight - it can and must be done.(customer insight)Business, internationalWills, Steve, Webb, Sally
Media proliferation and the demand for new forms of research.Business, internationalGritten, Adele
Online access panels and tracking research: the conditioning issue.(Report)Business, internationalNancarrow, Clive, Cartwright, Trixie
Participant photography in visual ethnography.(Report)Business, internationalBrace-Grovan, Jan
Polling, politics and the press.Business, internationalMattison, Deborah
Predicting purchase decisions with different conjoint analysis methods.Business, internationalBackhaus, Klaus, Wilken, Robert, Hillig, Thomas
Public information - now's the time to make it freely available.Business, internationalDugmore, Keith
Researching mere exposure effects to advertising.Business, internationalGrimes, Anthony, Kitchen, Philip J.
Response to 'client-driven change: the impact of changes in client needs on the research industry' (IJMR, 48, 4).Business, internationalLloyd, Rowland
Response to 'client-driven change: the impact of changes in client needs on the research industry'(IJMR, 48, 4).Business, internationalHardie, Bernice
Roots marketing: the marketing research opportunity.(national identity of products)Business, internationalNancarrow, Clive, Tinson, Julie, Webber, Richard
Say what you mean, mean what you say: an ethnographic approach to male and female conversations.(Report)Business, internationalCroft, Robin, Boddy, Clive, Pentucci, Corinne
Simple rating scale formats: exploring extreme response.(Report)Business, internationalAlbaum, Gerald, Rogers, Robert D., Roster, Catherine, Yu, Julie H.
Small business market research.(FORUM)(Report)Business, internationalHamlin, Robert P.
Teenagers' response to self- and other-directed anti-smoking messages: a cross-cultural study.Business, internationalReardon, James, Miller, Chip, Foubert, Bram, Vida, Irene
The choice between a five-point and a ten-point scale in the framework of customer satisfaction measurement.Business, internationalCoelho, Pedro S., Esteves, Susana P.
The commercial-academic divide: never the twain shall meet?Business, internationalKeegan, Sheila
The design and precision of data- fusion studies.Business, internationalSharot, Trevor
The ethical dilemmas and challenges of ethnographic research in electronic communities.(Report)Business, internationalHair, Neil, Clark, Moira
The implicit and explicit role of ad memory in ad persuasion: rethinking the hidden persuaders.Business, internationalGoode, Alastair
The live or digital interviewer: a comparison between CASI, CAPI and CATI with respect to differences in response behaviour.(computer assisted self interviewing, computer assisted personal interviewing, computer assisted telephone interviewing)Business, internationalBronner, Fred, Kuijlen, Ton
The polarization method for merging data files and analysing loyalty to product attributes, prices and brands in revealed preferences.Business, internationalLockshin, Larry, Jarvis, Wade, Reggie, Cam
The role of ethnocentrism and lifestyle in understanding purchasing intentions.Business, internationalKavak, Bahtisen, Gumusluoglu, Lale
The strength of British market research is British market researchers.Business, internationalCroft, Robin, Boddy, Clive R.
The usefulness of the basic question procedure for determining non-response bias in substantive variables.Business, internationalGoor, Henk Van, Goor, Annemiek Van
The web of insights.(uses of consumer generated media)Business, internationalPuri, Anjali
Total recall: transforming the possibilities of customer intelligence in an age of intelligent commerce.Business, internationalKelly, Sean
Understanding retail experiences - the case for ethnography.(Report)Business, internationalOppewal, Harmen, Beverland, Michael B., Healy, Michael J., Sands, Sean
Using the repertory grid to access the underlying realities in key account relationships.(Report)Business, internationalRyals, Lynette, Rogers, Beth
Valuing the visceral.(assessing consumer behavior)Business, internationalBell, Susan, Burdon, Suzanne, Gregory, Jane, Watts, Josephine
Welcome to the future.(trends of innovation during market research)(Viewpoint essay)Business, internationalSmith, Samantha
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