International Social Work 1996 - Abstracts

International Social Work 1996
An electronic social work knowledge base: a strategy for global information sharing.Sociology and social workPatterson, David A.
An evolving event: changes in coping strategies.Sociology and social workOsmo, Rujla, Elraz, Yehudit
Clinical practice: treating the non-voluntary client.Sociology and social workSlonim-Nevo, Vered
Economic and social development in Hong Kong and Southern China: implications for social work.(Special Issue: Social Work and Economic Development)Sociology and social workHui, Samuel, Ngan, Raymond
Foster parents for persons with mental retardation in Israel: motivation, role perception and their view of the foster person.Sociology and social workRimmerman, Arie, Duvdevany, Ilana
International activity in undergraduate social work education in the United States.Sociology and social workJohnson, H. Wayne
'International Social Work': reflections on the Journal and its future.Sociology and social workLawrence, John
Introducing a biopsychosocial approach in an oncology institute: a case study.Sociology and social workGilbar, Ora
Involving social work in economic development.(Special Issue: Social Work and Economic Development)Sociology and social workMidgley, James
Micro-enterprise as an approach for promoting economic development in social work: lessons from the Self-Employment Investment Demonstration.(Special Issue: Social Work and Economic Development)Sociology and social workRaheim, Salome
Partnerships in international social development: evolution in practice and concept.Sociology and social workCampfens, Hubert
Personal ethics in social work with older people.Sociology and social workBissell, Gavin
Political activity in social work: a theoretical model of motivation.Sociology and social workWolk, James L.
Poverty and the environment: an international perspective for social work.Sociology and social workRogge, Mary E., Darkwa, Osie K.
Preparing for sudden death or organ donation: an ethical dilemma in social work.Sociology and social workLandau, Ruth
Professionalization in social work: the challenge of diversity.Sociology and social workHugman, Richard
Revival of social work education in China.Sociology and social workNgan-Pun Ngai
Social work and economic development in Papua New Guinea.(Special Issue: Social Work and Economic Development)Sociology and social workMacPherson, Stewart
Social work and traditional healing rituals among the Bedouin of the Negev, Israel.Sociology and social workGraham, John R., Krenawi, Alean al-
Social work or working for change? Action for grassroots sustainable development in Amazonia.(Special Issue: Social Work and Economic Development)Sociology and social workHowell, Anthony
The care of AIDS patients in rural Zambia: a case study in the North Western Province.Sociology and social workBrooks, Elizabeth E.
The challenge of economic development in an African developing country: social work in Zimbabwe.(Special Issue: Social Work and Economic Development)Sociology and social workMupedziswa, Rodreck
'The company of neighbours': building social support through the use of ethnography.Sociology and social workBanks, C. Kenneth, Wideman, Gail
The decline of the North American model of social work education.Sociology and social workGuzzetta, Charles
The determinants of social security in developing countries: a comparative analysis.Sociology and social workTang, Kwong-leung
The nature of social services in Hong Kong.Sociology and social workYu, Sam W.K.
The qualitative approach to social work: an epistemological basis.Sociology and social workHalmi, Aleksandar
Toward a new definition of refugee economic integration.Sociology and social workPotocky, Miriam
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