International Social Work 2005 - Abstracts

International Social Work 2005
A dynamic Asian response to globalization in cross-cultural social work.Sociology and social workKam-shing Yip
A global perspective on intellectual property rights: A social work view.(Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights )Sociology and social workManion, H. Kathleen
A historical review of the South African social welfare system and social work practitioners' views on its current status.Sociology and social workBrown, Marquessa, Neku, R.J.
A model for using videoconferencing technology to support international social work field practicum students.Sociology and social workPanos, Patrick T.
A reanalysis of the IASSW World Census 2000.(International Association of Schools of Social Work )Sociology and social workBarretta-Herman, Angeline
A sampling of international practice variations.Sociology and social workNorman, Judith, Hintze, Heather
A systematic review of stress among mental health social workers.Sociology and social workBurnard, Philip, Coyle, Dave, Edwards, Deborah, Hannigan, Ben, Fothergill, Anne
Awareness of social issues among Indian women construction workers.Sociology and social workMathew, Anna
Barriers to access: Social services and the Roma of Poland.Sociology and social workPuckett, Lisa Morrison
Beyond indigenization and reconceptualization: Towards a global, multidirectional model of technology transfer.Sociology and social workFerguson, Kristin M.
Changes and challenges: Preparing social work students for practicums in today's sub-Saharan African context.Sociology and social workHeron, Barbara
Child abuse in Chinese families in Canada: Implication for child protection practice.Sociology and social workSiu-ming Kwok, Tam, Dora M.Y.
Chinese concepts of mental health: Cultural implications for social work practice.Sociology and social workKam-shing Yip
Chinese culture, social work education and research.Sociology and social workKo Ling Chan, Cecilia L.W. Chan
Community development across borders: Avoiding dangerous practices in a globalizing world.Sociology and social workDominelli, Lena
Critical reflections on the emerging discourse of international social work.Sociology and social workHaug, Erika
Cross-cultural differences towards diversity issues in attitudes of graduating social work students in India and the United States.Sociology and social workFaul, Anna C., Kohli, Hermeet K.
Defining the role of the hospital social worker in Australia: Part 2. A qualitative approach.Sociology and social workDavis, Cindy, Baldry, Eileen, Milosevic, Biljana, Walsh, Anne
Effects of the 1999 earthquake on the completely blind living in and outside Marmara, Turkey.Sociology and social workKaratas, Kasim, Duyan, Veli
Empowering women in social work practice: A Hong Kong case.Sociology and social workLai-Ching Leung
Factors in the integration process of adolescent immigrants: The case of Ethiopian Jews in Israel.Sociology and social workRingel, Shoshana, Ronell, Natti, Getahune, Shimcha
Factors in the marital relationship in a changing society: A Taiwan case study.Sociology and social workApril Chiung-Tao Shen
Four models of international field placement.(student employment for social works)Sociology and social workPanos, Patrick T., Pettys, Gregory L., Cox, Shirley E., Oosthuysen, Kim
Functions of social work supervision in Hong Kong.Sociology and social workMing-sum Tsui
Guatemalan perceptions of adoption.Sociology and social workGibbons, Judith L., Wilson, Samantha L.
Health care in the social development context: Indigenous, participatory and empowering approaches.Sociology and social workJulia, Maria, Kondrat, Mary E.
Human rights and social work: A western imposition or empowerment to the people?Sociology and social workSkegg, Anne-Marie
Interventions for street children: An analysis of current best practices.Sociology and social workDyblz, Phillip
Job stress, perceived inequity and burnout among school social workers in Hong Kong.Sociology and social workTony S.K. Tam, Lilian P.K. Mong
Marital conflict and social support of Korean immigrants in the United States.Sociology and social workLee, Eunju
Medical social work in Malaysia: Issues in practice.Sociology and social workCrabtree, Sara Ashencaen
New internationalism: Social work's dilemmas, dreams and delusion.Sociology and social workMohan, Brij
Organizing across borders: Profit and quality in internationalized providers.Sociology and social workHolden, Chris
Promoting proactive services and an intersectoral approach on behalf of children: An important approach on behalf of children.Sociology and social workMatthias, Carmel R.
Reclaiming humanity for asylum-seekers: A social work response.Sociology and social workBriskman, Linda, Cemlyn, Sarah
Reverse mission: A model for international social work education and transformative intra-national practice.Sociology and social workAbram, Faye Y., Slosar, John A., Walls, Rose
Schools of social work and the nature of their foreign collaborations.Sociology and social workCornelius, Llewellyn J., Greif, Geoffrey L.
Social consequences of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.Sociology and social workSeipel, Michael M.O.
Social rights as human rights.(implementing the Internation Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR))Sociology and social workMishra, Ramesh
Social security and older people: An African perspective.Sociology and social workKaseke, Edwin
Social work intervention with migrant workers in South Korea: Micro and macro approaches.Sociology and social workSoochan Choi, Jae-Sung Choi
Supportive services for immigrant youths in Hong Kong: Strategies and outcomes.Sociology and social workWong, Dennis S.W., T. Wing Lo, Ma, Stephen K.
Task-centered groupwork: Reflections on practice.Sociology and social workT. Wing Lo
The evaluation of a social work program in a hospital-based family practice unit in Ontario, Canada.Sociology and social workDrummond, Neil, Crighton, Eric J., Creighton, Elizabeth
The influence of HIV concordance and discordance on marital life: A study from Mumbai, India.Sociology and social workD'Cruz, Premilla
The prevention of street life among young people in Sao Paulo, Brazil.Sociology and social workMoura, Sergio Luiz De
The psychosocial needs of adolescents affected by HIV/AIDS: A South African study.Sociology and social workStrydom, H., Raath, H.
The role of nonprofit organizations in the delivery of family services in 11 EU member and applicant states.(European Union)Sociology and social workAppleton, Louise
The role of social workers in disaster: The Jerusalem experience.Sociology and social workYanay, Uri, Benjamin, Sharon
The self-image of adolescents and its relationship to their perceptions of the future.Sociology and social workDekel, Rachel, Zeira, Anat
The spiritual dimension of person and environment: Perspectives from social work and traditional knowledge.Sociology and social workZapf, Michael Kim
Towards culturally competent practice in child and adolescent mental health.Sociology and social workWalker, Steven
Ukrainian women in the new economy.Sociology and social workRobinson, Margaret M., Yegidis, Bonnie, Toyt-Korshinska, Marianna, Havyryluk, Nadiya O., Westbrook, Tonya W.
Unraveling the rationale for a one-stop service under the family and child protection services units in Hong Kong.Sociology and social workY.C. Chan, Lam, Gladys L.T.
Utilization and accessibility of social services for Chinese.Sociology and social workMa, Ambrose, Chi, Iris
Violence in the social work workplace: The Canadian experience.Sociology and social workMacdonald, Grant, Sirotich, Frank
Western model, eastern context: Cultural adaptations of family interventions for patients which schizophrenia in China.Sociology and social workWinnie W. Kung
Women and children in the global sex trade: Toward more effective policy.Sociology and social workRoby, Jini L.
Work values and success in studying: Similarities and differences between social work students in Croatia and Slovenia .Sociology and social workKnezevic, Mladen, Ovsenik, Rok, Jerman, Janja
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