International Social Work 2007 - Abstracts

International Social Work 2007
A comparison between Japanese and British research papers in key academic journals.Sociology and social workBuchanan, Ann, Akiyama, Keiji
Analyses of postgraduate social work dissertations in Taiwan: implications for social work research and education.Sociology and social workShek, Daniel T.L., Juan Hua Lee, Tam, Suet Yan
Assessing the service needs of seniors: Bermuda's service providers.Sociology and social workChernesky, Roslyn H., Gutheil, Irene A.
Building community following displacement due to armed conflict: A case study.Sociology and social workFrederico, Margarita M, Picton, Clifford J., Muncy, Steven, Ongsiapco, Luis Ma, Santos, Celia, Hernandez, Vladimir
Community organizing for post-disaster social development: Locating social work.(Case study)Sociology and social workPyles, Loretta
Comparing the policy response to violence against women in the USA and South Korea.Sociology and social workPostmus, Judy L., Hahn, Sur Ah
Contradictions in the ideologies of helping: Examples from Zimbabwe and Moldova.Sociology and social workMoldovan, Vadim, Moyo, Otrude
Culture, social relationships and self-perceptions of Pentecostal women.Sociology and social workTangenberg, Katy
Democratic language and neo-liberal practice: The problem with civil society.Sociology and social workFerguson, Iain, Lavalette, Michael
Developing social work in Vietnam.Sociology and social workHugman, Richard, Nguyen Thin Thai Lan, Nguyen Thuy Hong
Disability in Turkey: suggestions for overcoming current problems.Sociology and social workTufan, Ismail, Yaman, Hakan
Emerging practices of social work in the Dominican Republic: the protection of women's and children's safety.Sociology and social workParada, Henry, Moffatt, Ken, Duval, Marisela
Enhancement of community preparedness for natural disasters: The role of social work in building social capital for sustainable disaster relief and management.Sociology and social workMathbor, Golam M.
Experience from capacity-building courses for social workers in Iraq.Sociology and social workLind, Wencke Armodt
Factors that influence workfare program participants: focusing on South Korea's self-sufficiency program.Sociology and social workKim, Tae Kuen, Zurlo, Karen A.
Gendered dimensions of 2004 tsunami and a potential social work response in post-disaster situations.Sociology and social workRees, Susan, Pittaway, Eileen, Bartolomei, Linda
Global inequality, power and the unipolar world: implications for social work.Sociology and social workMidgley, James
Guatemala's current and future globalization: Social work's continuing education role.Sociology and social workVillereal, Gary L.
Human rights in Chile: The triumph of the human spirit over tragedy.Sociology and social workDominelli, Lena
Institutionalized child abuse: the use of child soldiers.Sociology and social workRoby, Jini L., Kimmel, Carrie E.
In the third space: A case study of Canadian students in a social work practicum in India.Sociology and social workBarlow, Constance A.
Learning the lessons of Bam: The role of social capital.(Bam, Iran, Earthquake, 2003)Sociology and social workAghabakhshi, Habib, Gregor, Claire
Linking critical reflection and qualitative research on an African social work master's programme.Sociology and social workAskeland, Gurid Aga, Bradley, Greta
Man-made disaster and development: The case of Iraq.(Case study)Sociology and social workHarding, Scott
Missed opportunities: Conservative discourses in the draft National Family Policy of South Africa.Sociology and social workHochfeld, Tessa
Obstacles and facilitative factors affecting community organizing on disability issues: Case study of Lebanon.Sociology and social workWehbi, Samantha
Pathways to health and mental-health service utilization among older Mexicans.Sociology and social workRogers, Anissa T., Gallegos, Joseph S.
Peer relationships: a comparison of homeless youth in the USA and South Korea.Sociology and social workThompson, Sanna J., Kim, Jihye, McManus, Holly, Flynn, Patrick, Kim, Hyangcho
Pilot-testing the Vietnamese parental attitude scale: Three major factors.(Vietnamese Parental Attitude Scale)Sociology and social workCheung, Monit, Nguyen, MyHang Sabrina
Practising history: memory and contemporary professional practice.Sociology and social workLorenz, Walter
Quo vadis?: Trends in South African child welfare policies.Sociology and social workSchmid, Jeanette
Responding to the war with Iraq among social work faculty in USA, UK and Australia.Sociology and social workDavis, Cindy, Cummings, Sherry, MacMaster, Samuel, Thompkins, Albert
Shared heritage and differing values in child welfare services in Scotland and North Carolina.Sociology and social workSmith, Mark, Beerman, Daniel R.
Should social workers be mandated reporters of child maltreatment? An international legal perspective.(Law overview)Sociology and social workPollack, Daniel
Social and economic justice, human rights and peace: the challenge for social work in Canada and the USA.Sociology and social workLundy, Colleen, van Wormer, Katherine
Social capital as a strategy to overcome poverty in Latin America: An overview.Sociology and social workSaracostti, Mahia
Social participation and psychological distress among immigrants from the former Soviet Union: A comparative study in Israel and Germany.Sociology and social workSlonim-Nevo, Vered, Mirsky, Julia, Nauck, Bernhard, Horowitz, Tamar
Social workers and the United Nations: Effective advocacy strategies.Sociology and social workPollack, Daniel
Social workers, disasters and international law.Sociology and social workPollack, Daniel
Social work in Latin America: History, challenges and renewal.Sociology and social workParada, Henry
Social work in Pakistan: preliminary insights.Sociology and social workGraham, John R., Al-Krenawi, Alean, Zaidi, Sara
Social work in the UK and the global labor market: Recruitment, practice and ethical considerations.Sociology and social workWelbourne, Penelope, Harrison, Gai, Ford, Deirdre
Social work practice with transnational Latino populations.Sociology and social workFurman, Rick, Negi, Nalini Junko
Social work responses to earthquake disasters: A social work intervention in Bam, Iran.Sociology and social workJavadian, Reza
Social work students' and practitioners' views on the need for training Caribbean social workers in disaster management.Sociology and social workRock, Letnie F., Corbin, Charles A.
Some reflections on social worker's perspectives on mental health services in two cities - Sydney, Australia and Budapest, Hungary.Sociology and social workWeber, Zita, Bugarszki, Zsolt
Support for staff working in disaster situations: A social work perspective.Sociology and social workCronin, Michael S., Ryan, Diane M., Brier, Dottie
Survival strategies of street children in Ghana: A qualitative study.Sociology and social workSeipel, Michael M.O., Orme, Julie
Tensions and dilemmas of social work education in China.Sociology and social workKam-shing Yip
The competence of Hong Kong social work students in working with victims of the 2004 tsunami disaster.(Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami, 2004)Sociology and social workChau-kiu Cheung, Kwong-leung Tang
The quest for western social work knowledge: literature in the USA and practice in China.(Case study)Sociology and social workMiu-Chung Yan, Ming-Sum Tsui
The unipolar world and inequality in social work: a response to James Midgley, 'Global inequality, power and the unipolar world: Implications for social work'.Sociology and social workAkimoto, Tatsuru
Trends in international social work research.Sociology and social workTripodi, Tony, Sun Young Jung
Universalism and cultural relativism in social work ethics.Sociology and social workHealy, Lynne M.
Using principles of community participatory research: Groundwork for a collaboration in Brazil.Sociology and social workPinto, Rogerio M., Schmidt, Clency N.T., Rodriguez, Paulo S.O., Solano, Renata
Utilizing a social work perspective to enhance sustainable development efforts in Loreto, Mexico.(Case study)Sociology and social workCarrilio, Terry E.
Walking between worlds: an exploration of the interface between indigenous and first-world industrialized culture.Sociology and social workMarais, Lorraine, Marais, Lizelle C.
What is the extent and nature of quantitative research in British social work?Sociology and social workStrang, John, McCambridge, Jim, Waissbein, Clara, Forrester, Donald
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