Journal of Developing Areas 1992 - Abstracts

Journal of Developing Areas 1992
An econometric analysis of money demand in Ghana.Regional focus/area studiesKallon, Kelfala M.
Bank nationalization, financial savings, and economic development - a case study of India.Regional focus/area studiesKetkar, Kusum W., Ketkar, Suhas L.
Beyond conventional wisdom: USAID projects, interorganizational linkages, and institutional reform in Peru.Regional focus/area studiesSchmidt, Gregory D.
Land rights and agricultural development in West Africa: a case study of two Chinese projects.Regional focus/area studiesBrautigam, Deborah
Modeling and estimation of export equations within a multisectoral model: the Indian case.Regional focus/area studiesMukerjee, Swati
Nonprimary exports of African LDCs: have trade preferences helped?Regional focus/area studiesTruett, Lila J., Truett, Dale B.
Priorities for urban labor market research in Anglophone Africa.Regional focus/area studiesHouse, William J.
Sectoral inflation in Yugoslavia.Regional focus/area studiesGapinski, James H.
Structural adjustment and rural development: inferences from a Belizean village.Regional focus/area studiesMoberg, Mark
Tourism and export-led growth: the case of Cyprus, 1976-1988.Regional focus/area studiesKammas, Michael, Salehi-Esfahani, Haideh
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