Journal of Developing Areas 2006 - Abstracts

Journal of Developing Areas 2006
An empirical investigation of budget and trade deficits: the case of Nigeria.Regional focus/area studiesOnafowora, Olungbenga A., Owoye, Oluwole
Are children and parents substitutes or complements in the family labor supply decision in Bangladesh?Regional focus/area studiesAmin, Shahina, Quayes, Shakil, Rives, Janet M.
Black market premium and income distribution.Regional focus/area studiesOskooee, Mohsen Bahmani, Goswami, Gour Gobina, Mebrattu, Solomon
Determinants of the funding volatility of Indonesian banks: a dynamic model.Regional focus/area studiesObben, James, Nugroho, Agus Eko
Does foreign direct investment enhance private capital formation in Latin America? A pooled analysis for the 1981-2000 period.Regional focus/area studiesRamirez, Miguel
Does ownership affect the efficiency of African banks?Regional focus/area studiesParker, David, Figueira, Catarina, Nellis, Joseph
Economic incentives for fostering Jamaican children.Regional focus/area studiesPaul, Chris, Gibbison, Godfrey
Export performance of Bangladesh's fisheries sector.Regional focus/area studiesHossain, Md. Belayet
Growth and employment empirics of Bangladesh.Regional focus/area studiesRahman, Matiur, Mustafa, Muhammad, Islam, Anisul, Guru-Gharana, Kishor Kumar
Health status, diseases, and economic development: a cross country analysis.Regional focus/area studiesQureshi, Halima A., Mohyuddin, Hasina A.
Human capital and growth empirics.Regional focus/area studiesKumar, Chandra Shekhar
International inflationary episodes: a survival analysis.Regional focus/area studiesAbderrezak, Ali
Is there an environmental kuzents curve for the risk of biodiversity loss?(cross-country relationship between per capita income and biodiversity )Regional focus/area studiesBerrens, Robert P., Mozumdar, Pallab, Bohra, Alok K.
Land title, tenure security, investment and farm output: evidence from Guatemala.Regional focus/area studiesSchweigert, Thomas E.
Openness, economic reforms, and poverty: globalization in developing countries.Regional focus/area studiesSantarelli, Enrico, Figini, Paolo
Public health behavior & heterogeneity in aid-recipient economic.(distribution of health aid in developing countries)Regional focus/area studiesMavortas, George, Ouattara, Bazoumana
Racing to the bottom for FDI? The changing role of labor costs and infrastructure.(foreign direct investments)Regional focus/area studiesMiles, William, Amaro, Andrea
Regional divergence in India during the era of liberalization: a sectoral decomposition.Regional focus/area studiesKar, Sabyasachi, Sakthivel, S
Technical efficiency in the rural financial sector: evidence from Mexico.Regional focus/area studiesPaxton, Julia
The changing role of technological factors in explaining efficiency in Indian firms.Regional focus/area studiesRay, Saon
The effects of foreign direct investment and imports on economic growth: a comparative analysis of Thailand and the Philippines (1970-1998).Regional focus/area studiesDamooei, Jamshid, Tavakoli, Akbar
Unemployment duration in poor developing economies: evidence from urban Ethiopia.Regional focus/area studiesDendir, Seife
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