Journal of Health Economics 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 1998
Agency in health care. Examining patients' preferences for attributes of the doctor-patient relationship.Health care industryScott, Tony, Vick, Sandra
Alcohol use and wages: new results from the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse.Health care industryBray, Jeremy W., Zarkin, Gary A., French, Michael T., Mroz, Thomas
Alternative approaches to valuing intangible health losses: the evidence for multiple sclerosis.Health care industryChesson, Harrell W., Sloan, Frank A., Viscusi, W. Kip, Conover, Christopher J., Whetten-Goldstein, Kathryn
A model of the impact of reimbursement schemes on health plan choice.Health care industryNewhouse, Joseph P., Keeler, Emmett B., Carter, Grace
Comparative dynamic analysis of the full Grossman model.Health care industryRied, Walter
Contracting for health services when patient demand does not reflect quality.Health care industryChalkley, Martin, Malcomson, James M.
Cost-benefit analysis and mammographic screening: a travel cost approach.Health care industryClarke, Philip M.
Creaming, skimping and dumping: provider competition on the intensive and extensive margins.Health care industryEllis, Randall P.
Determinants of managed care penetration.Health care industryDranove, David, White, William D., Simon, Carol J.
Does increasing the beer tax reduce marijuana consumption?Health care industryPacula, Rosalie Liccardo
Do people shift their use of health services over time to take advantage of insurance?Health care industryMarquis, M. Susan, Long, Stephen H., Rodgers, Jack
Economies of scale in non-revenue producing cost centers: implications for hospital mergers.Health care industryDranove, David
Evidence on the determinants of Canadian provincial government health expenditures: 1965-1991.Health care industryMatteo, Livio Di, Matteo, Rosanna Di
Health care expenditure and GDP: panel data unit root test results.(gross domestic product)Health care industryKing, Alan, Hansen, Paul
Health care expenditures and GDP: panel data unit root test results.Health care industryMcCoskey, Suzanne K., Selden, Thomas M.
Incentives for cooperation in quality improvement among hospitals - the impact of the reimbursement system.Health care industryKesteloot, K., Voet, N.
Is there underinvestment in R and D about prevention?(research and development)Health care industryDranove, David
Medicaid managed care and infant health.Health care industryLevinson, Arik, Ullman, Frank
Much ado about two: reconsidering retransformation and the two-part model in health econometrics.Health care industryMullahy, John
On optimal length of life.(Editorial)Health care industryGrossman, Michael
Phobic disorder, psychotherapy, and risk-taking: an economic perspective.Health care industryYaniv, Gideon
Physician opportunity costs in physician practice cost functions.Health care industryPauly, Mark V., Escarce, Jose J.
Physician response to Medicare fee reductions: changes in the volume of coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgeries in the Medicare and private sectors.Health care industry 
Price regulation of pharmaceuticals in Canada.Health care industryWen, Quan, Anis, Aslam H.
QALYs versus HYEs-what's right and what's wrong. A review of the controversy.(quality-adjusted life years, healthy-years equivalent)Health care industryRied, Walter
Stochastic technology, production organization and costs.Health care industryChetty, V.K.
The demand for cocaine by young adults: a rational addiction approach.Health care industryGrossman, Michael, Chaloupka, Frank J.
The demand for health with uncertainty and insurance.Health care industryLiljas, Bengt
The effect of uncertainty on the demand for medical care, health capital and wealth.Health care industryUribe, Martin, Picone, Gabriel, Wilson, R. Mark
The effects of low-party and unemployment on psychological well-being: a logistic regression approach.Health care industryTheodossiou, I.
The effects of regulation and competition in the NHS internal market: the case of general practice fundholder prices.(UK National Health Service)Health care industryPropper, Carol, Wilson, Deborah, Soderlund, Neil
The labour market costs of community care.Health care industryCarmichael, Fiona, Charles, Sue
The logged dependent variable, heteroscedasticity, and the retransformation problem.Health care industryManning, Willard G.
The measurement of individual utility and social welfare.Health care industryDolan, Paul
Time spent on waiting lists for medical care: an insurance approach.Health care industryJohansson, Per-Olov, Johannesson, Magnus, Soderqvist, Tore
Why did the SSI-disabled program grow so much? Disentangling the effect of Medicaid.(Supplemental Security Income)Health care industryYelowitz, Aaron S.
Workplace performance effects from chronic depression and its treatment.Health care industryKeller, Martin B., Berndt, Ernst R., Rush, A. John, Russell, James, Finkelstein, Stan N., Keith, Alison, Greenberg, Paul E., Howland, Robert H.
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