Journal of Health Economics 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 2005
Abnormal returns and the regulation of nonprofit hospital sales and conversions.(acquisition of non-profit hospitals by investor owned chains, state regulations on mergers)Health care industryLeone, Andrew J., Horn, Van Lawrence R., Wedig, Gerald J.
A median voter model of health insurance with ex post moral hazard.Health care industryLundin, Douglas, Jacob, Johanna
A nonparametric elicitation of the equity-efficiency trade-off in the cost-utility analysis.Health care industryBleichrodt, Han, Doctor, Jason, Stolk, Elly
A semi - separable utility function for health profiles.(research findings)Health care industryGuerrero, Ana M., Herrero, Carmen
Assesing the macroeconomic impact of a healthcare problem: The application computable general equilibrium analysis to antimicrobial resistance.Health care industrySmith, Richard D., Yago, Milton, Millar, Michael, Coast, Jo
A theory of health investment under competing mortality risks.Health care industryFwu-Ranq Chang
Axioms for health care resource allocation.(individual preferences by quality adjusted life years)(social welfare function depending only on quality adjusted life years)Health care industryOsterdal, Lars Peter
Benefits transfer of willingness to pay estimates and functions for health-risk reductions: a cross-country study.Health care industryBateman, Ian J., Brouwer, Roy
Can family care giving substitute for nursing home care?Health care industryCharles, Kerwin Kofi, Sevak, Purvi
Cigarette tax avoidance and evasion.Health care industryStehr, Mark
Classic or new monopsony? Searching for evidence in nursing labor markets.Health care industryHirsch, Barry T., Schumacher, Edward J.
Comparing the welfare effects of public and private health care subsidies in the United Kingdom.Health care industryParry, Ian W.H.
Detecting Medicare abuse.(influence of law enforcement)Health care industryMcClellan, Mark, Becker, David, Kessler, Daniel
Discussion - extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.(pharmaceutical research costs, data and sampling)Health care industryLight, Donald W., Warburton, Rebecca N.
Does prevention save costs? Considering deferral of the expensive last year of life.Health care industryGandjour, Afschin, Lauterbach, Karl Wilhelm
Does provider variation matter to health plans?(higher quality of treatment dependent on health insurance)Health care industryDomino, Marisa Elena, Huskamp, Haiden
Do new prescription drugs pay for themselves? The case of second generation antipsychotics.(research findings)Health care industryDuggan, Mark
Family coverage expansions: impact on insurance coverage and health care utilization of parents.Health care industryBusch, Susan H., Duchovny, Noelia
Generalized modeling approaches to risk adjustment of skewed outcomes data.Health care industryManning, Willard G., Mullahy, John, Basu, Anirban
Graduated driver licensing and teen traffic fatalities.Health care industryGrabowski, David C., Dee, Thomas S., Morrisey, Michael A.
Health care expenditure and GDP: are they broken stationary?(gross domestic product)Health care industryCarrion-i-Silvestre, Josep Lluis
Health insurance coverage and the macroeconomy.Health care industrySimon, Kosali I., Cawley, John
Health priorities and public preferences: the relative importance of past health experience and future health prospects.Health care industryDolan, Paul, Tsuchiya, Aki
Healthy living in hard times.Health care industryRuhm, Christopher J.
Hospital price regulation and expenditure cap policy.(research findings)Health care industryMougeot, Michel, Naegelen, Florence
How do nonprofit hospitals manage earnings?Health care industryLeone, Andrew J., Horn, R. Lawrence Van
Implicit versus explicit ranking: on inferring ordinal preferences for health care programmes based on differences in willingness-to-pay.Health care industryOlsen, Jan Abel, Donaldson, Cam, Shackley, Phil
Information asymmetry, insurance, and the decision to hospitalize.(equilibrium strategies adopted for deciding upon a insurance provider)Health care industryBlomqvist, Ake, Leger, Pierre Thomas
International differences in the impact of doctors on health: a multilevel analysis of OECD countries.(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)Health care industryJia Wang, Or, Zeynep, Jamison, Dean
Is prenatal care really ineffective? Or, is the 'devil' in the distribution?Health care industryConway, Karen Smith, Deb, Partha
Life expectancy and the value of early detection.Health care industryHoward, David H.
Litigation and the value of tobacco companies.Health care industrySloan, Frank A., Trogdon, Justin G., Mathews, Carrie A.
Medical savings accounts in Singapore: how much is adequate?Health care industryChia, Ngee-Choon, Tsui, Albert K.C.
Multitasking and mixed systems for provider payment.(research findings)Health care industryEggleston, Karen
On the aggregation of health status measures.Health care industryHougaard, Jens Leth, Keiding, Hans
Physician reimbursement and technology adoption.Health care industrySelder, Astrid
Pricing health benefits: a cost-minimization approach.Health care industryMiller, Nolan H.
Productivity in pharmaceutical-biotechnology R&D: the role of experience and alliances.(research and development)Health care industryDanzon, Patricia M., Sean Nicholson, Pereira, Nuno Sousa
Purchasing health care services from providers with unknown altruism.(research findings)Health care industryJack, William
Reply - extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.(pharmaceutical research costs, data and sampling methods)Health care industryGrabowski, Henry G., DiMasi, Joseph A., Hansen, Ronald W.
Reply - setting the record straight on setting the record straight: response to the Light and Warburton rejoinder.(Donald W. Light, Rebecca N. Warburton)(pharmaceutical research costs and methods, data and sampling)Health care industryGrabowski, Henry G., DiMasi, Joseph A., Hansen, Ronald W.
Sensitivity to scale in contingent valuation: the importance of the budget constraint.Health care industrySmith, Richard D.
Setting the record straight in the reply by DiMasi, Hansen and Grabowski.(Joseph A. DiMasi, Ronald W. Hansen, Henry G. Grabowski)(pharmaceutical research costs, research methods analysis)Health care industryLight, Donald W., Warburton, Rebecca N.
Short - term effects of breast cancer on labor market attachment: results from a longitudinal study.Health care industryNeumark, David, Bradley, Cathy J., Bednarek, Heather L., Schnek, Maryjean
Smoking, health, risk, and perception.(a comparative analysis)Health care industryKverndokk, Snorre, Carbone, Jared C.
Social networks and health service utilization.Health care industryDeri, Catherine
State health insurance market reforms and access to insurance for high-risk employees.Health care industryDavidoff, Amy, Blumberg, Linda, Nichols, Len
Subsidies to employee health insurance premiums and the health insurance market.Health care industryGruber, Jonathan, Washington, Ebonya
The causal effect of income on health: evidence from German reunification.Health care industryFrijters, Paul, Shields, Michael A., Haisken-DeNew, John P.
The demand for dependant health insurance: How important is the cost of family coverage?Health care industryMonheit, Alan C, Vistnes, Jessica Primoff
The economics of vocation or ewhy is a badly paid nurse a good nurseE?Health care industryHeyes, Anthony
The effect of network arrangements on hospital pricing behavior.Health care industryBurgess, James F., Jr., Young, Gary J., Carey, Kathleen
The effect of premiums on the decision to participate in health insurance and other fringe benefits offered by the employer: evidence from a real - world experiment.Health care industryRoyalty, Anne Beeson, Hagens, John
The effect of the availability of charity care to the uninsured on the demand for private health insurance.Health care industryHerring, Bradley
The importance of peer effects, cigarette prices and tobacco control policies for youth smoking behavior.Health care industryPowell, Lisa M., Tauras, John A., Ross, Hana
The lasting impact of childhood health and circumstance.Health care industryPaxson, Christina, Case, Anne, Fertig, Angela
Third party purchasing of health services: Patient choice and agency.Health care industryChalkley, Martin, Khalil, Fahad
User charges and priority setting in health care: balancing equity and efficiency.Health care industrySmith, Peter C.
Working conditions, compensation and absteeism.(relationship between absence behavior of worker and work environment)Health care industryOse, Solveig Osborg
Youth alcohol use and risky sexual behavior: evidence from underage drunk driving laws.Health care industryCarpenter, Christopher
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