Journal of Marriage and the Family 1993 - Abstracts

Journal of Marriage and the Family 1993
Another cautionary note on interpreting regression results in family research: a comment on Peterson and Gerson (1992). (Feedback)(Special Section)Family and marriageHawkins, Alan J., Olsen, Joseph A.
A social-structural explanation of men's and women's domestic responsibility: a reply to Hawkins and Olsen. (response to article by Alan A. Hawkins and Joseph A. Olsen in this issue, p. 505)Family and marriageGerson, Kathleen, Peterson, Richard R.
Continuity and change in middle class fatherhood, 1925-1939: the culture-conduct connection.Family and marriageLaRossa, Ralph, Reitzes, Donald C.
Effects of parental behavior on tobacco use by young male adolescents.Family and marriageLorenz, Frederick O., Conger, Rand D., Melby, Janet N., Conger, Katherine J.
Exploring the darkside of courtship: a test of a model of male premarital sexual aggressiveness.Family and marriageChristopher, F. Scott, Owens, Laura A., Stecker, Heidi L.
Family support to single and married African American mothers: the provision of financial, emotional, and child care assistance.Family and marriageTaylor, Robert Joseph, Chatters, Linda M., Jayakody, Rukmalie
Gender, family structure, and social support among parents.Family and marriageMarks, Nadine F., McLanahan, Sara S.
Male premarital aggression and gender identity among black and white newlywed couples.Family and marriageBoye-Beaman, Joni, Leonard, Kenneth E., Senchak, Marilyn
Marital happiness and household equity in later life.Family and marriageWard, Russell A.
Marital status and women's health: the effect of economic marital acquisitions.Family and marriageHahn, Beth A.
Mate availability and family structure among African Americans in U.S. metropolitan areas.Family and marriageFossett, Mark A., Kiecolt, K. Jill
Parenting practices of single mothers: mediators of negative contextual factors.Family and marriageBank, Lew, Forgatch, Marion S., Patterson, Gerald R., Fetrow, Rebecca A.
Partner choice in marriages and cohabitations.Family and marriageSchoen, Robert, Weinick, Robin M.
Predicting marital quality with narrative assessments of marital experience.Family and marriageVeroff, Joseph, Sutherland, Lynne, Chadiha, Letha A., Ortega, Robert M.
Preference or necessity? Changing work roles of black and white women, 1973-1990.Family and marriageHerring, Cedric, Wilson-Sadberry, Karen Rose
Premarital cohabitation and marital instability: a test of the unconventionality hypothesis.Family and marriageDeMaris, Alfred, MacDonald, William
Race differences in attitudinal and motivational factors in the decision to marry.Family and marriageBulcroft, Richard A., Bulcroft, Kris A.
Racial and ethnic differences in the desire to marry.Family and marriageSouth, Scott J.
Stress, support, and antisocial behavior trait as determinants of emotional well-being and parenting practices among single mothers.Family and marriageConger, Rand D., Simons, Ronald L., Beaman, Jay, Wei Chao
The family and peer relations of black adolescents.Family and marriageDeMaris, Alfred, Cernkovich, Stephen A., Giordano, Peggy C.
The social status of elderly women and men within the Filipino family.Family and marriageWilliams, Lindy, Domingo, Lita J.
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