Journal of Nutrition Education 1993 - Abstracts

Journal of Nutrition Education 1993
A full day of nutrition education. (Gem No. 199)Food/cooking/nutritionMalyn, Jane Tarnoff
Children's nutrition workbook. (Gem No. 196)Food/cooking/nutritionJendrysik, Barbara L.
'Cook right for your health.' (cooking seminar)(includes recipes) (Gem No. 201)Food/cooking/nutritionMaggi, Annette M.
Development of a nutrition education curriculum for Head Start children.Food/cooking/nutritionByrd-Bredbenner, Carol, Marecic, Maryfrances Lewis, Bernstein, Joan
Dietary practices and nutrition beliefs through the adult life cycle.Food/cooking/nutritionMedeiros, Lydia C., Shipp, Rhonda, Taylor, David T.
Effects of maternal employment on family food consumption patterns and children's diets. (Report)Food/cooking/nutritionCrouter, Ann C., Johnson, Rachel K., Smiciklas-Wright, Helen
How to be really safe from food poisoning. (Gem No. 202)Food/cooking/nutritionHenze, Martha Graetzer, Woodburn, Margy J.
Hungry, homeless, and HIV: a study of homeless visitors to an outreach meal center for people with AIDS. (Report)Food/cooking/nutritionRascoe, Dale, Dalton, Sharon
Impacts of a multi-layered nutrition education program: teenagers teaching children. (Report)Food/cooking/nutritionAnliker, Jean Ann, Drake, Linda T., Pacholski, Joseph, Little, Wanda
Lettuce Learn. (nutrition education assembly) (Gem No. 198)Food/cooking/nutritionStandley, Judi, Henry, Holly, Sarason, Barbara R., Anthony, Connie Carpenter
Nutrition education issues for minority parents: a needs assessment. (Report)Food/cooking/nutritionPestano-Binghay, Erlinda, Reis, Janet, Walters, Mary
Survey of family physicians reveals a need to assess cholesterol education materials.Food/cooking/nutritionRyan, Cass, Steadman, Sharm
Targeting unnecessary dieting among children. (Gem No. 197)Food/cooking/nutritionTerry, Rhonda Dale
Teaching anthropometric and nutritional assessment. (Gem No. 200)Food/cooking/nutritionRasor-Greenhalgh, Sue A.
Using a critical incident technique to develop nutrition information materials for adults with low literacy skills.Food/cooking/nutritionBetts, Nancy M., Dirkx, John, Ruud, Jaime
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