Legal Issues of Economic Integration - Abstracts

Legal Issues of Economic Integration
A 'margin of appreciation' in the internal market: Lessons from the European Court of Human Rights.(Law overview)LawSweeney, James A.
A retreat from Sager? Servicing or fine-tuning the application of Article 49 EC.(Sager)LawMeulman, Jochen, de Waele, Henri
Borderlines of Union citizenship.(K. Tas-Hagen and R.A. Tas v Raadskamer )LawYaneva, Tanya
Commonalities and differences between the transatlantic approaches towards WTO law.(World Trade Organization)LawKarayigit, Mustafa T.
Demand triggers offer.(international business amrket)Law 
Direct taxation under scrutiny: Case C-403/03, Egon Schempp v. Finanzamt Munchen [2005] ECR I-6421.LawLutostanska, Dorota
Five years of China's WTO membership: EU and US perspectives on China's compliance with transparency commitments and the transitional review mechanism.LawFarah, Paolo D.
Freedom of services and abolition of tax barriers.('Commission v. Belgium')(no CE marking on fire detection equipment)(Report)LawKirchev, Boyan
Freedom of speech and assembly versus trade and transit rights: roadblocks to EU and MERCOSUR integration.(European Union)(Treaty Establishing a Common Market, 1991, Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay-Uruguay)LawAppleton, Arthur E., Graf, Bernd U.
`How extravagant the fees of counselors at law sometimes appear': competition law and internal market constraints to fixed remuneration schemes.LawFrese, Michael J., Van Harten, Herman J.
Institutionalization of market access.Law 
In the footsteps of the ECJ: first decision of the permanent MERCOSUR-tribunal.(European Court of Justice)(Treaty Establishing a Common Market, 1991, Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay-Uruguay)(Report)LawPiscitello, Daneil Pavon, Schmidt, Jan Peter
Is there anything left outside the reach of European Court of Justice?LawKvesko, Inga
Joined cases C-154/04 and C-155/04, Alliance for National Health and Nutri-link v. Secretary of State for Health and the National Association of Health Stores Health Food Manufacturers Ltd. v. the Secretary of State for Health and the National Assembly for Wales, judgment of the European Court of Justice of 12 July 2005 not yet reported.LawVandamme, Thomas
Opening Pandora's Box: The Panel's findings in the EC-Biotech Products dispute.(Law overview)LawPrevost, Denise
Patient mobility and national health systems.(Yvonne Watts vs. Bedford Primary Care Trust and Secretary of State for Health)(Law overview)LawCousins, Mel
Regional integration: whither the Arab free trade area?LawMalkawi, Bashar H.
Reverse discrimination in purely internal situations: an incongruity in a Citizens' Europe.LawTryfonidue, Alina
Services regionalism in the WTO: China's trade agreements with Hong Kong and Macao in the light of Article V(6) GATS.(general agreement on trade in services)(World Trade Organization)LawEmch, Adrian
Shaping mutual recognition regimes in Asia: some lessons from the Japan-Singapore arrangement.LawNaiki, Yoshiko
Some reflections on economic policy.(Law overview)LawSmits, Rene
Taming the dragon: China's experience in the WTO dispute settlement system.(World Trade Organization)LawGao, Henry
The effect in national legal systems of the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of age as a general principle of community law: Case C-144/04, Werner Mangold v. Rudiger Helm [2005] ECR 1-9981.(Law overview)LawJans, Jan H.
The end of zeroing? Reflections following the WTO Appellate Body's latest missive.(World Trade Organization)(Report)LawVoon, Tania
The most-favored-nation principle in the EU.LawSorensen, Karsten Engsig
The Oracle/PeopleSoft case: unilateral effects, simulation models and econometrics in contemporary merger control.LawBudzinski, Oliver, Christiansen, Arndt
The regulation of consumer credit information systems: is the EU missing a chance?(Legislation)LawFerretti, Avv. Federico
The WTO AB Report on Mexico - Soft Drinks, and the limits of the WTO dispute settlement system: WTO, Report of the appellate body, 6 March 2006, Mexico - Tax Measures on Soft Drinks and Other Beverages, WT/DS308/AB/R WO.LawJimenez, Alberto Alvarez
The Yusuf and Kadi judgments: The scope of the EC competence in respect of restrictive measures.(European Union. European Commission)LawKarayigit, Mustafa T.
Towards a single market in retail financial services: Reflections on the role of ADR.LawAthanassiou, Phoebus, Mavrommati, Sandy
Towards pan-European hedge fund regulation? state of the debate.LawAthanassiou, Phoebus
Was Keck a half-baked solution after all?(fighting for consumer protection)(Law overview)LawTryfonidou, Alina
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