Long Range Planning 1992 - Abstracts

Long Range Planning 1992
ABB: model merger for the new Europe. (Asea Brown Boveri Inc.)EconomicsKennedy, Carol
A challenging marketplace for venture capital.EconomicsMurray, Gordon C.
Achieving increased production efficiency - a systems approach.EconomicsBarker, Robert C.
Achieving total quality through intelligence. (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsFuld, Leonard M.
Achieving world class performance step by step. (integration of two tire companies, Bridgestone and Firestone) (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsKerr, Larry J.
Brief case: managing inputs. (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsCarmichael, Jane
Brief case: why do companies over-diversify?EconomicsCampbell, Andrew
Building an innovative organization. (Interview)EconomicsOsborne, Richard L.
Building a transnational organization for BP Oil. (British Petroleum Company PLC. BP Oil U.K.) (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsSiddall, Peter, Wiiley, Keith, Tavares, Jorge
Building successful strategic alliances.EconomicsBronn, Peggy Simcic, Lorange, Peter, Roos, Johan
Building transnational alliances to create competetive advantage. (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change.)EconomicsGugler, Philippe
Commercializing the New Zealand Post Office.EconomicsFogelberg, Graeme
Concurrent product development for fast-track corporations.EconomicsGehani, R. Ray
Contingency planning for emergencies.EconomicsDickson, J.K.
Corporate raiders don't cut investment in R&D. (research and development)EconomicsWelch, Jonathan B., Bolster, Paul
Corporate strategy and the environment.EconomicsHutchinson, Colin
Creating a corporate vision.EconomicsEl-Namaki, M.S.S.
Creating customer value by streamlining business processes. (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsVantrappen, Herman
De-layering myths and mezzanine management.EconomicsEccles, Tony
Disintermediation - redefining the role of corporate headquarters. (Brief Case)EconomicsAlexander, Marcus
Does top management add value to investment decisions?EconomicsBrown, D., Marsh, P., Barton, H., Cound, J., Willey, K.
EIS - a guide for executives. (executive information systems)EconomicsShoebridge, Anthony, Matthews, Robin
Employee involvement programmes improve corporate performance.EconomicsLeana, Carrie R., Murrell, Audrey J., Ahlbrandt, Roger S.
Environmental protection at Tokyo Electric Power Company. (Tokyo Electric Power Company Inc.)EconomicsAmano, Hiromasa
Environmental scanning for social services.EconomicsRussell, Sharon, Prince, Michael J.
From subsidizer to regulator - the changing role of Korean government.EconomicsDong-sung Cho
Global mobility - the concept. (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsClarke, Christopher J., Brennan, Kieron
Good and bad divestment: the stock market verdict.EconomicsMarkides, Constantinos C., Berg, Norman A.
IBM AS/400 new product launch process ensures satisfaction. (International Business Machines Corp: computer system) (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsTang, Victor, Collar, Emilio
Implementing a marketing action a programme for AIB Group. (Allied Irish Banks Group)EconomicsBourke, Kevin J.
Lobbying for effective environmental assessment.EconomicsSheate, W.R.
Making JIT work at NCR Japan. (just-in-time production system)(NCR Japan Ltd)EconomicsTanabe, Masaru
Managing joint ventures in Russia: can the problems be solved?EconomicsCattaneo, Eleanora
Managing strategic change - strategy, culture and action. (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsJohnson, Gerry
Mintzberg on The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning. (author Henry Mintzberg) (Interview)Economics 
Norsk Hydro's environmental report. (Norsk Hydro A/S)EconomicsDuff, Charles
Organized manufacturing for superior market performance.EconomicsMeredith, Jack R., McTavish, Ron
Rank Xerox - management revolution. (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsWalker, Rob
Realizing the power of strategic vision. (includes related articles)EconomicsWilson, Ian William
Retailers squeeze electric appliance manufacturers.EconomicsAsch, David, Wolfe, Brian S.
Scenarios for energy: sustainable world vs global mercantilism.EconomicsKahane, Adam
Social responsibility: what leading companies do. (survey on social responsibility in UK companies)EconomicsVyakarnam, Shailendra
Strategic planning for Canon; the crisis and the new vision. (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsNakahara, Toshio, Isono, Yutaka
Strategic planning for pollution reduction.EconomicsBhat, Vasanthakumar N.
Strategic planning in a US federal agency.EconomicsBaker, F. Edward Jr.,
Strategic planning in the ASEAN region. (Assoc of Southeast Asian Nations)EconomicsGrinyer, Peter H., McKiernan, Peter, Check-Teck, Foo
Strategic vision or strategic con?: rhetoric or reality? (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsCoulson-Thomas, Colin
Successful entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.EconomicsWai-sum Siu, Martin, Robert G.
Successful recycling through value-chain collaboration.EconomicsWhelan, R.C., Roy, R.
The environment: an entrepreneurial approach.EconomicsEinsmann, Harald
The twin challenges to Austrian banking: the environment and the East.EconomicsHaiss, Peter R.
Using management development for competitive advantage.EconomicsBarham, Kevin, Osbaldeston, Michael
Using strategic planning to drive strategic change. (Managing Strategic and Organizational Change)EconomicsGrundy, Tony, King, Dave
Water privatization: the dangers and the benefits.EconomicsMeredith, Sandra
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