MIT Sloan Management Review 2008 - Abstracts

MIT Sloan Management Review 2008
Applying (and resisting) peer influence.(BEHAVIOR)(Report)Business, generalCialdini, Robert B., Griskevicius, Vladas, Goldstein, Noah J.
Being in the "out" crowd.(INTELLIGENCE)(KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT)(why some subsidiaries become isolated)Business, generalHayashi, Alden M.
Competing against low-cost countries.(INTELLIGENCE)(STRATEGY)Business, generalYu, Larry
Co-opetition without borders.(INTELLIGENCE)(INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY)Business, generalYu, Larry
Does corporate governance matter?(INTELLIGENCE)(GOVERNANCE)Business, generalYu, Larry
Don't confuse reputation with brand.(CONTRARIA)Business, generalEttenson, Richard, Knowles, Jonathan
Enabling bold visions.(LEADERSHIP)(Report)Business, generalConger, Jay A., Ready, Douglas A.
How companies become platform leaders.(STRATEGY)(Report)Business, generalCusumano, Michael A., Gawer, Annabelle
How to increase a company's risk taking.(INTELLIGENCE)(COMPENSATION STRATEGY)Business, generalHayashi, Alden M.
Implementing a learning plan to counter project uncertainty.(INNOVATION)(Cover story)(Report)Business, generalO'Connor, Gina Colarelli, Rice, Mark P., Pierantozzi, Ronald
Institutionalizing innovation.(INNOVATION)(Report)Business, generalAnthony, Scott D., Sinfield, Joseph V., Johnson, Mark W.
Supply risk in fragile contracts.(SUPPLY CHAIN)Business, generalHaksoz, Cagri, Kadam, Ashay
The benefits of city locations.(INTELLIGENCE)(INNOVATION)Business, generalYu, Larry
The six key dimensions of understanding media.(COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY)(Report)Business, generalJackson, Anne, Orlikowski, Wanda J., Yates, JoAnne
Using corporate social responsibility to win the war for talent.(HUMAN RESOURCES)(Report)Business, generalSen, Sankar, Korschun, Daniel, Bhattacharya, C.B.
What makes information workers productive.(INTELLIGENCE)(INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY/PRODUCTIVITY)Business, generalMangelsdorf, Martha E.
What strategy is not.(AGENDA)Business, generalSinger, John G.
What was obvious no longer is.(INTELLIGENCE)(INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY)Business, generalBarrett, William
When bad people rise to the top.(IN CONTEXT)(corporate chief executive officers' danger signals)Business, generalLeap, Terry
When supplier partnerships aren't.(OPERATIONS)Business, generalSlobodow, Brian, Abdullah, Omer, Babuschak, William C.
Why VIPs shouldn't get the best tech support.(very important persons)(INTELLIGENCE)(NEW DEVELOPMENTS, RESEARCH AND IDEAS IN MANAGEMENT)Business, generalHogan, Joe
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