Modern Age 1997 - Abstracts

Modern Age 1997
Albert Schweitzer and the transcendence of history.Political sciencePeddle, Francis K.
Aspects of tragedy, ancient and modern. (tragedy in ancient literature)Political sciencePanichas, Geroge A.
Beyond the Enlightenment.(benefits and limitations of the 18th century Enlightenment thought)Political scienceRusher, William A.
Beyond the pale.(insights into time, eternity and identity from Irish culture)Political scienceWalsh, Patrick J.
Christianity, modern liberalism, and J. Gresham Machen.Political scienceHart, D.G.
Christian principles and public life.Political scienceBoxx, T. William
Christopher Dawson and the history we are not told.Political scienceHart, Jeffrey
Edmund Burke and the English Revolution.Political scienceHart, Jeffrey
Edmund Burke on manners. (18th-century Irish-born English politician and author)Political scienceCrowe, Ian
Edwin Arlington Robinson: Tilbury Town revisited. (poet)Political scienceDauner, Louise
Embracing modernity: the conservatism of Hayek and Polanyi.(compatibility of modernity with conservatism, Michael Polanyi and Friedrich Hayek)Political scienceLynch, Thomas E.
Eric Voegelin on the authority to lead.Political scienceHarter, Nathan
Eric Voegelin, philosopher of consciousness.(importance of the work of Eric Voegelin in understanding consciousness andits relation to history)Political scienceAllen, Wayne
For individual rights.Political scienceMachan, Tibor R.
Hannah Arendt: juridical critic of totalitarianism. (American author and political scientist)Political scienceHorowitz, Irving Louis
Hart Crane's mask: T.S. Eliot. (influence of an author on an American poet)Political scienceMcmahon, William E.
Jacob Burckhardt: tradition and the crisis of Western culture.Political scienceTonsor, Stephen J.
Joseph Conrad's 'The Secret Agent' as a moral tale.Political sciencePanichas, George A.
Multiculturalism, or culture's last stand?Political scienceAldridge, A. Owen
Panajotis Kondylis and obsoleteness of conservatism. (Heidelberg, Germany-based Greek scholar)Political scienceGottfried, Paul
Pavel Florensky: a postmodernist vision of Renaissance art?Political scienceShlapentokh, Dmitry
Religious versus humanist anthropology.Political scienceMolnar, Thomas
Robert Frost: The conversationalist as poet.Political scienceStanlis, Peter J.
Robert Nisbet and the modern state.Political sciencePerrin, Robert G.
The political sermons of Samuel Johnson. (18th-century English poet, dramatist and lexicographer)Political scienceSandlin, Andrew
Thoughts on autodidacticism.(benefits of studying alone)Political scienceOsborne, John W.
Ultra-royalism revisited: an annotated bibliography.Political scienceBeum, Robert
Vivas revisited.(examination of Eliseo Vivas' conservatism)Political scienceCurtler, Hugh Mercer
Zarathustra's clan. (Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy and its relation to Nazism)Political scienceRodden, John
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