Organizational Behavior & Human Performance - Abstracts

Organizational Behavior & Human Performance
Affirmative Action, Negative Reaction? Some Moderating Conditions.InsuranceHeilman, M., Herlihy, J.
Approximate Measurement in a Multiattribute Utility Context.InsuranceBarnes, V., Beach, L.R.
Cognitive Processes in Judging Cumulative Risk over Different Periods of Time.InsuranceSvenson, O.
Effects of Unions on Job Satisfaction. The Role of Work-Related Values and Perceived Rewards.InsuranceBerger, C.J., Olson, C.A., Boudreau, J.W.
Escalation of Commitment in Individual and Group Decision Making.InsuranceBazerman, M., Giuliano, T., Appelman, A.
Factors Appearing Late in Practice.InsuranceJones, M., Dunlap, W., Bilodeau, I.
Feedback as an Individual Resource: Personal Strategies of Creating Information.InsuranceAshford, S.J., Cummings, L.L.
Group versus Individual Decision Making: An Investigation of Performance Measures, Decision Strategies, and Process Losses/Gains.InsuranceMiner, F.C.Jr.
Individual Differences in Response to Unfavorable Group Feedback.InsuranceVarca, P.E., Levy, J.C.
Information as a Deterrent Against Sex Discrimination: The Effects of Applicant Sex and Information Type on Preliminary Employment Decisions.InsuranceHeilman, M.
Job Stress and Job Performance Controversy: An Empirical Assessment.InsuranceJamal, M.
Reducing the Influence of Irrelevant Information on Experienced Decision Makers.InsuranceGaeth, G., Shanteau, J.
Sources of Environmental Structuring and Participant Responses.InsuranceDunham, R., Pierce, J., Cummings, L.
Subjective Evaluation and Allocation of Resources in Routine Decision Making.InsuranceGingrich, G., Soli, S.
Task Effects on Decision Quality in Traveling Salesperson Problems.InsuranceMcIntyre, S.H., Ryans, A.B.
The Accuracy of Leadership Ratings: A Cognitive Categorization Perspective.InsurancePhillips, J.S.
The Effects of Sex of the Leader and Sex of the Subordinate on the Use of Organizational Control Policy.InsuranceDobbins, G.H., Pence, E.C., Orban, J.A., Sgro, J.A.
The Influence of Own and Other Outcome on Satisfaction and Choice of Task Difficulty.InsuranceThomas, E.A., Ward, W.E.
The Performance Feedback Process: A Preliminary Model.InsuranceLarson, J.R.Jr.
The Role of Modeling Processes in the 'Knee Deep in the Big Muddy' Phenomenon.InsuranceBrockner, J., Nathanson, S., Friend, A., Harbeck, J., Samuelson, C., Houser, R., Bazerman, M.H., Rubin, J.Z.
The Role of Task Properties in Determining the Relative Effectiveness of Multiattribute Weighting Techniques.InsuranceAdelman, L., Sticha, P., Donnell, M.
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