Psychological Science 1996 - Abstracts

Psychological Science 1996
Accuracy and distortion in memory for high school grades.Psychology and mental healthBahrick, Harry P., Hall, Lynda K., Berger, Stephanie A.
A comment on " The Comprehensive System for the Rorschach: a critical examination."(response to article by James M. Wood, M. Teresa Nezworski and William J. Stejskal in this issue, p. 3)Psychology and mental healthExner, John E., Jr.
Acting as intuitive scientists: contingency judgments are made while controlling for alternative potential causes.Psychology and mental healthSpellman, Barbara A.
American psychology just before Piaget.(symposium on the birth centennial of Jean Piaget)Psychology and mental healthKessen, William
Attitudes toward the use of animals in psychological research and education: results from a national survey of psychology majors.Psychology and mental healthPlous, S.
Automatic stereotyping.(gender stereotyping, psychology)Psychology and mental healthBanaji, Mahzarin R., Hardin, Curtis D.
Averageness, exaggeration, and facial attractiveness.Psychology and mental healthRhodes, Gillian, Tremewan, Tanya
Biological significance as a determinant of cue competition.Psychology and mental healthMatute, Helena, Denniston, James C., Miller, Ralph R.
Causality, quality, and creativity: a reply to Repp.(response to article by Bruno H. Repp in this issue, p. 121)Psychology and mental healthWeisberg, Robert W.
Cerebral asymmetry and cognitive development in children: a magnetic resonance imaging study.Psychology and mental healthBreier, Joshua I., Leonard, Christiana M., Lombardino, Linda J., Mercado, Laurie R., Browd, Samuel R., Agee, O. Frank
Chimpanzees: joint visual attention.Psychology and mental healthPovinelli, Daniel J., Eddy, Timothy J.
Cognitive suppression during saccadic eye movements.Psychology and mental healthIrwin, David E., Carlson-Radvansky, Laura A.
Color space of normally sighted and color-deficient observers reconstructed from color naming.Psychology and mental healthParamei, Galina V.
Contrasts and interactions redux: five easy pieces.(response to article by Richard E. Petty, Leandre R. Fabrigar, Duane T. Wegener and Joseph R. Priester in this issue)Psychology and mental healthRosenthal, Robert, Rosnow, Ralph L.
Differences between objects and nonobjects in visual extinction: a competition for attention.Psychology and mental healthWard, Robert, Goodrich, Susan
Dissociation of spatial and temporal coupling in the bimanual movements of callosotomy patients.Psychology and mental healthGazzaniga, Michael S., Ivry, Richard B., Franz, Elizabeth A., Eliassen, James C.
Dissociation of storage and rehearsal in verbal working memory: evidence from positron emission tomography.Psychology and mental healthSchumacher, Eric H., Jonides, John, Smith, Edward E., Koeppe, Robert A., Awh, Edward, Katz, Stewart
Effects of evidence on attitudes: is polarization the norm?Psychology and mental healthKuhn, Deanna, Lao, Joseph
Electrocortical differentiation of evaluative and nonevaluative categorizations.Psychology and mental healthCacioppo, John T., Crites, Stephen L., Jr.
Evolutionary origins of sex differences in jealousy?: questioning the 'fitness' of the model.(Sex and Jealousy, Evolution and Reason)Psychology and mental healthSalovey, Peter, DeSteno, David A.
Functional magnetic resonance imaging of semantic memory processes in the frontal lobes.Psychology and mental healthGabrieli, John D.E., Desmond, John E., Demb, Jonathan B., Wagner, Anthony D., Stone, Maria V., Vaidya, Chandan J., Glover, Gary H.
Gender, jealousy, and reason.(Sex and Jealousy, Evolution and Reason)Psychology and mental healthChristenfeld, Nicholas, Harris, Christine R.
Genes, jealousy, and the replication of misspecified models.(Sex and Jealousy, Evolution and Reason)Psychology and mental healthSalovey, Peter, DeSteno, David A.
Gesture, speech, and lexical access: the role of lexical movements in speech production.Psychology and mental healthKrauss, Robert M., Chen, Yihsiu, Rauscher, Frances H.
Illusion of control: detecting response-outcome independence in analytic but not in naturalistic conditions.Psychology and mental healthMatute, Helena
Implicit memory in the tactile modality: evidence from Braille stem completion in the blind.Psychology and mental healthHamann, Stephan B.
Infant attachment security and affective-cognitive information processing at age 3.Psychology and mental healthBelsky, Jay, Crnic, Keith, Spritz, Becky
Infants' construction of actions in context: Piaget's contribution to research on early development.(symposium on the birth centennial of Jean Piaget)Psychology and mental healthFischer, Kurt W., Hencke, Rebecca W.
Infants' individuation and enumeration of actions.Psychology and mental healthWynn, Karen
Inhelder and Piaget on adolescence and adulthood: a postmodern appraisal.(Barbel Inhelder, symposium on the birth centennial of Jean Piaget)Psychology and mental healthElkind, David
In sight, out of mind: when object representations fail.Psychology and mental healthSimons, Daniel J.
Is the self-concept a habitual referent in judgments of similarity?Psychology and mental healthCatrambone, Richard, Beike, Denise, Niedenthal, Paula
Jealousy and rational responses to infidelity across gender and culture.(Sex and Jealousy, Evolution and Reason)Psychology and mental healthChristenfeld, Nicholas, Harris, Christine R.
Mechanisms of placebo pain reduction: an empirical investigation.Psychology and mental healthKirsch, Irving, Montgomery, Guy
Most people are happy.(subjective well-being)Psychology and mental healthDiener, Ed, Diener, Carol
Much ado about nothing? Revisionists and traditionalists choose an introductory English syllabus.Psychology and mental healthRobinson, Robert J., Keltner, Dacher
Natural musical intervals: evidence from infant listeners.Psychology and mental healthSchellenberg, E. Glenn, Trehub, Sandra E.
Participation rates and maximal performance: a log-linear explanation for group differences, such as Russian and male dominance in chess.Psychology and mental healthGerchak, Yigal, Charness, Neil
Perceptions of behavioral consistency: are people aware of the actor-observer effect?Psychology and mental healthKrueger, Joachim, Ham, Jacob J., Linford, Kirsten M.
Piaget: a centennial celebration.(symposium on the birth centennial of Jean Piaget)Psychology and mental healthBrainerd, C.J.
Piaget on childhood.(symposium on the birth centennial of Jean Piaget)Psychology and mental healthSiegler, Robert S., Ellis, Shari
Piaget's legacy.(symposium on the birth centennial of Jean Piaget)Psychology and mental healthFlavell, John H.
Processing speed, working memory, and fluid intelligence: evidence for a developmental cascade.Psychology and mental healthHale, Sandra, Fry, Astrid F.
Relations between language and memory: the case of repetition deafness.Psychology and mental healthMacKay, Donald G., Miller, Michelle D.
Repeated exposure to suggestion and the creation of false memories.Psychology and mental healthMitchell, Karen J., Zaragoza, Maria S.
Repetition blindness interacts with syntactic grouping in rapidly presented sentences.Psychology and mental healthMacKay, Donald G., Abrams, Lise, Dyer, Jennifer R.
Sex differences in jealousy in evolutionary and cultural perspective: tests from the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States.(Sex and Jealousy, Evolution and Reason)Psychology and mental healthBuunk, Bram P., Buss, David M., Angleitener, Alois, Oubaid, Viktor
Sex differences in jealousy: not gone, not forgotten, and not explained by alternative hypothesis.(Sex and Jealousy, Evolution and Reason)Psychology and mental healthLarsen, Randy J., Buss, David M., Westen, Drew
Stroop interference and color-word similarity.(color perception)Psychology and mental healthKlopfer, Dale S.
Superordinate identification, subgroup identification, and justice concerns: is separatism the problem; is assimilation the answer?Psychology and mental healthLind, E. Allan, Tyler, Tom R., Huo, Yuen J., Smith, Heather J.
Testing a hierarchical model of self-knowledge.Psychology and mental healthKlein, Stanley B., Schell, Terry L., Babey, Susan H.
The anatomy of impact: what makes an article influential?Psychology and mental healthSternberg, Robert J., Gordeeva, Tamara
The Comprehensive System for the Rorschach: a critical examination.Psychology and mental healthWood, James M., Stejskal, William J., Nezworski, M. Teresa
The difficulty of measuring musical quality (and quantity): commentary on Weisberg.(response to article by Robert W. Weisberg)Psychology and mental healthRepp, Bruno H.
The influence of functional relations on spatial term selection.Psychology and mental healthRadvansky, Gabriel A., Carlson-Radvansky, Laura A.
The post-Piaget era.Psychology and mental healthGopnik, Alison
The role of task and context in preference measurement.Psychology and mental healthMellers, Barbara A., Cooke, Alan D.J.
The roles of recognition processes and look-ahead search in time-constrained expert problem solving: evidence from grand-master-level chess.Psychology and mental healthSimon, Herbert A., Gobet, Fernand
The social psychology of false confessions: compliance, internalization, and confabulation.Psychology and mental healthKassin, Saul M., Kiechel, Katherine L.
The susceptibility of overt and covert integrity tests to coaching and faking.Psychology and mental healthLilienfeld, Scott O., Alliger, George M., Mitchell, Krystin E.
The visual system's measurement of invariants need not itself be invariant.Psychology and mental healthWagemans, Johan, Van Gool, Luc, Lamote, Christian
Thinking critically about the Comprehensive System for the Rorschach: a reply to Exner.(response to article by John E. Exner, Jr. in this issue, p. 11)Psychology and mental healthWood, James M., Stejskal, William J., Nezworski, M. Teresa
True imitative learning in pigeons.Psychology and mental healthZentall, Thomas R., Sherburne, Lou M., Sutton, Jennifer E.
Two issues in auditory cognition: self-organization of octave categories and pitch-invariant pattern recognition.Psychology and mental healthBharucha, Jamshed J., Mencl, W. Einar
Understanding data when interactions are present or hypothesized.(response to Ralph L. Rosnow and Robert Rosenthal, Psychological Science, 1995)Psychology and mental healthWegener, Duane T., Petty, Richard E., Priester, Joseph R., Fabrigar, Leandre R.
Vulnerability of contrast tests to simpler interpretations: an addendum to Rosnow and Rosenthal.(response to Ralph L. Rosnow and Robert Rosenthal, Psychological Science, 1995)Psychology and mental healthAbelson, Robert P.
Whistling in the dark: exaggerated consensus estimates in response to incidental reminders of mortality.Psychology and mental healthGreenberg, Jeff, Pyszczynski, Tom, Solomon, Sheldon, Wicklund, Robert A., Floresku, Stefan, Koch, Holgar, Gauch, Gerardine
Word frequency and word difficulty: a comparison of counts in four corpora.Psychology and mental healthBreland, Hunter M.
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