Sociology of Health & Illness 2000 - Abstracts

Sociology of Health & Illness 2000
Alert assistants in managing chronic illness: the case of mothers and teenage sons.Sociology and social workWilliams, Clare
A phenomenology of fear: Merleau-Ponty and agoraphobic life-worlds.(Maurice Merleau-Ponty)(This Paper is Dedicated to Jim Davidson, 1965-2000)(Critical Essay)Sociology and social work 
Apostasy to orthodoxy: debates before a Commission of Inquiry into chiropractic.(New Zealand)Sociology and social workDew, Kevin
Beliefs and accounts of illness: views from two Cantonese-speaking communities in England.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workPrior, Lindsay, Pang Lai Chun, See Beng Huat
Chronic illness as biographical disruption or biographical disruption as chronic illness? Reflections on a core concept.(United Kingdom)Sociology and social workWilliams, Simon J.
Civil commitment due to mental illness and dangerousness: the union of law and psychiatry within a treatment-control system.Sociology and social workCohen, David, Dallaire, Bernadette, McCubbin, Michael, Morin, Paul
Conceptualisation of the body for people living with HIV: issues of touch and contamination.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workChapman, Elizabeth
Crack cocaine and prostitution in London in the 1990s.(United Kingdom)(Review)Sociology and social workGreen, Anna, Day, Sophie, Ward, Helen
Daily and lifecourse contexts of smoking.Sociology and social workLaurier, Eric, McKie, Linda, Goodwin, Norma
Delivering the 'new' Canadian midwifery: the impact on midwifery of integration into the Ontario health care system.Sociology and social workBourgeault, Ivy Lynn
Disability, impairment or illness? The relevance of the social model of disability to the study of mental disorder.Sociology and social workMulvany, Julie
Doing business in the NHS: exploring dentists' decisions to practise in the public and private sectors.(National Health Service, United Kingdom)(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workCalnan, M., Silvester, S., Manley, G., Taylor-Gooby, P.
Epistemology, evidence and experience: evidence based health care in the work of Accident Alliances.Sociology and social workRodriguez, Judith Green
'Everybody's got a dad...' issues for lesbian families in the management of donor insemination.Sociology and social workHaimes, Erica, Weiner, Kate
Guidelines, professionals and the production of objectivity: standardisation and the professionalism of insurance medicine.Sociology and social workBerg, Marc, Horstman, Klasien, Plass, Saskia, Heusden, Michelle van
Health professionals' attitudes to the deregulation of emergency contraception (or the problem of female sexuality).Sociology and social workBarrett, Geraldine, Harper, Rosalyn
Identifying delusional discourse: issues of rationality, reality and power.Sociology and social workPalmer, Derrol
Income, inequality and mortality in 14 developed countries.Sociology and social workLobmayer, Peter, Wilkinson, Richard
Introduction: rethinking the sociology of mental health.Sociology and social workBusfield, Joan
'It's a small world': mental health policy under welfare capitalism since 1945.Sociology and social workCarpenter, Mick
Love and intimacy in relationship risk management: HIV positive people and their sexual partners.Sociology and social workRhodes, Tim, Cusick, Linda
Negotatiating the role of expert carers on an adult hospital ward.Sociology and social workAllen, Davina
Psychiatric diagnosis under conditions of uncertainty: personality disorder, science and professional legitimacy.Sociology and social workManning, Nick
Pumping iron: compliance with chelation therapy among young people who have thalassemia major.Sociology and social workAtkin, Karl, Ahmad, Waqar I.U.
Quality of life with asthma: the existential and the aesthetic.Sociology and social workDrummond, Neil
Reason, emotion and embodiment: is 'mental' health a contradiction in terms?Sociology and social workWilliams, Simon J.
Rethinking professional prerogative: managed mental health care providers.Sociology and social workScheid, Teresa L.
Science friction: cervical cancer and the contesting of medical beliefs.Sociology and social workHyde, Pamela
Self-help groups in Belgium: their place in the care network.Sociology and social workDamen, Sofie, Mortelmans, Dimitri, Van Hove, Erik
Socioeconomic measures in early old age as indicators of previous lifetime exposure to environmental health hazards.Sociology and social workBerney, Lee, Blane, David, Smith, George Davey, Gunnell, David J., Holland, Paula, Montgomery, Scott M.
The division of labour in vision care: professional competence in a system of professions.Sociology and social workStevens, Fred, van der Horst, Frans, Nijhuis, Frans, Bours, Silvia
The heart of the meal: food preferences and habits among rural Australian couples.(Australia)(United Kingdom)(Review)Sociology and social workLupton, Deborah
The missing voice of the critically ill: a medical sociologist's first-person account.(United Kingdom)Sociology and social workRier, David A.
The moral dangers of home birth: parents' perceptions of risks in home birth in Finland.Sociology and social workViisainen, Kirsi
The social organisation of chemotherapy treatment consultations.Sociology and social workDiaz, Felix
The technological mediation of the nursing-medical boundary.Sociology and social workTjora, Aksel Hn
'They'll still get the bodily care'. Discourses of care and relationships between nurses and health care assistants in the NHS.(National Health Service)(United Kingdom)Sociology and social workDaykin, Norma, Clarke, Brenda
Tuberculosis and ethnicity in England and Wales, 1950-70.Sociology and social workWelshman, John
Widening or narrowing inequalities in health? Comparing Britain and Finland from the 1980s to the 1990s.(Review)Sociology and social workLahelma, Eero, Arber, Sara, Rahkonen, Ossi, Silventoinen, Karri
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