Solar Energy - Abstracts

Solar Energy
A comparison between one year of daily global irradiation from ground-based measurements versus Meteosat images from seven locations in Tunisia.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesDjemaa, A. Ben, Delorme, C.
A critical look at recent interpretations of the Angstrom approach and its future in global solar radiation prediction.(Letter to the Editor)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesGueymard, C., Jindra, P., Estrada-Cajigal, V.
A multipyranometer instrument for obtaining the solar beam and diffuse components, and the irradiance on inclined planes.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesFaiman, D., Feuermann, D., Ibbetson, P., Zemel, A.
A new simplified method for evaluating the thermal behaviour of direct gain passive solar buildings.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesOliviera, A.C., Oliviera Fernandes, E. De
Calculation of direct solar radiation on tilted surfaces.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesBadescu, V.
Calculation procedure for collectors with a honeycomb cover of rectangular cross section. (solar collectors)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesPlatzer, W.J.
Comments on "A new look at the maximum conversion efficiency of black-body radiation." (includes related article on the formula for continuous conversion of black-body radiation energy into mechanical energy)(Letter to the Editor)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesGudkov, N.D.
Comments on "available solar energy in an absorption cooling process." (response to M. Izquierdo Millan, et al., Solar Energy, vol. 56, p. 505, 1996)(includes reply)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesBadescu, Viorel
Comments on Measurements and Models for Total Solar Irradiance on Inclined Surface in Athens, Greece. (response to H.D. Kambezidis et al., Solar Energy, vol. 53, p. 177)(Letter to the Editor)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesMartinez-Lozano, J.A., Utrillas, M.P.
Comments on Transparently Insulated Integrated Collector Storage Hot Water Systems. (response to A. Goetzberger and M. Rommel, Solar Energy, vol. 39, p. 211)(Letter to the Editor)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesKaushika, N.D., Arulanantham, M., Avanti, P.
Comparison of analytical and numerical modeling approaches for sizing of seasonal storage solar heating systems.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesLund, P.D., Peltola, S.S.
Conditional probabilities of daily relative sunshine data and the dependence on the weather of the previous day. (Brief Article)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesZabara, K., Yianoulis, P.
Convection suppression in horizontal solar collectors using density stratification.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesSrinivasan, J.
Dependence on solar elevation and the daily sunshine fraction of the correlation between monthly-average-hourly diffuse and global radiation.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesSoler, Alfonso
Development of aluminum first surface mirrors for solar energy applications.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesAlmanza, R., Munoz, F., Mazari, M.
Direct heating of a vertical reactor in an insulated receiver. Experiments andcomputer simulations. (Chemical Reactions in a Solar Furnace, Part 2)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesLevy, M., Levitan, R., Meirovitch, E., Segal, A., Rosin, H., Rubin, R.
Estimation of the error caused by the circumsolar radiation when measuring global radiation as a sum of direct and diffuse radiation.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesMajor, G.
Experimental characterization of the heat transfer in a free-falling-particle receiver.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesRightley, M.J., Matthews, L.K., Mulholland, G.P.
Guest editorial: solar energy for planet Earth.(Special Issue: Wireless Power Transmission)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesGlaser, Peter E.
Kinetics of temperature-dependent photoinduced redox reactions in a photoelectrochemical cell.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesRoy, S., Jana, A.K., Bhowmik, B.B.
Mathematical modeling of passive dry cooling for power plants in arid land.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesOlwi, I.A., Sabbagh, J.A., Khalifa, A.M.A.
Mathematical modelling of solar stills in Iran. (response to D. Mowla and G. Karimi, Solar Energy, vol. 55, issue 5, p. 389, 1995)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesPorta, M.A., Fernandez, J.L.
Modeling the thermal process in a shallow solar pond water heater.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesGonzalez, J., Perez, L.R., Benitez, J.
Modelling of the dynamics of a low-speed gas-liquid heat engine.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesCunha, C.M.P., Parise, J.A.R.
Optimization of gas-turbine combined cycles for solar energy and alternative-fuel power generation.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesFraidenraich, N., Gordon, J.M., Tiba, C.
Optimizing the operating parameters of a solar desalination plant.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesEl-Nashar, A.M.
Performance of a solar-powered air conditioning system in Hongkong.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesYeung, M.R., Yuen, P.K., Dunn, A., Cornish, L.S.
Performance simulation of solar collectors made of concrete with embedded conduit lattice.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesSokolov, M., Reshef, M.
Photocatalytic destruction of organic dyes in aqueous TiO2 suspensions using concentrated simulated and natural solar energy.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesCasewit, Curtis W., Reeves, P., Ohlhausen, R., Sloan, D., Pamplin, K., Scoggins, T., Clark, C., Hutchinson, B.
Radiation limitation of stagnation temperature in high temperature selective absorbers.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesMills, D.R., Monger, A.G.
Single-stage dual priority regulator for photovoltaic systems. (voltage regulator)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesSalameh, Z.M., Lynch, W.A.
Solar detoxification.(Editorial)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesBolton, James R.
SOLCHIPS-a fast predesign and optimization tool for solar heating with seasonal storage.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesLund, P.D., Peltola, S.S.
Synergies in solar energy.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesGoetzberger, A.
The entropy of terrestrial solar radiation.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesKabelac, S., Drake, F.-D.
The performance of bifacial solar cells in prism-coupled compound parabolic concentrators.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesEdmonds, I.R.
The use of pressure-retarded osmosis for increasing the solar pond efficiency.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesBemporad, G.A.
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