Space Policy 1995 - Abstracts

Space Policy 1995
Basic space science and developing countries.BusinessJasentuliyana, Nandasiri
Civilian satellite remote sensing: a strategic approach.Business 
Competitive pricing for multi-payload launches revisited. (response to Perry C. Beider's article in this issue)(Editorial)BusinessLightfoot, Jay M.
Cospas-Sarsat: a quiet success story.(international space program)BusinessClapp, Jennifer, Barnes, Richard J.H.
Could civil satellites monitor nuclear tests?BusinessJasani, Bhupendra
Development and imperialism in space.BusinessMarshall, Alan
Documentation.(Recommendation of the Franco-German Discussion on European Space Policy.)(Letter to the Editor)Business 
Documentation: US national space transportation policy.Business 
European cooperation in military space.BusinessKries, Wulf von
Hermes: learning from our mistakes.BusinessBayer, Martin
Integrating European security through space.BusinessMcLean, Alasdair
Intellectual property rights and space activities.(Reports)BusinessBalsano, Anna Maria
International cooperation in remote sensing for global change research: political and economic considerations.BusinessThomas, Gerald B., Lester, James P., Sadeh, Willy Z.
Japan's new long-term vision: creating a space age in the new century.BusinessNormura, Tamiya
Lifting the veil on CORONA.(US military satellite system)BusinessWheelon, Albert D.
Making the most of cooperation with Russia.(reports)( US Office Of Technology Assessment)Business 
NASA's Earth Observations Commercialization Applications Program: a model for government promotion of commercial space opportunities.BusinessMacauley, Molly K.
Paradigm lost.(Viewpoint)BusinessDay, Dwayne A.
Pricing competitively - a response to Jay Lightfoot. (response to Jay M. Lightfoot, Space Policy, p. 121, May 1994)BusinessBeider, Perry C.
Project Space Vision.(individual input to space policy makers)Business 
Regulation of space activities and trans-science: public perceptions and policy considerations.BusinessSterns, Patricia M., Tennen, Leslie I.
Remotely-sensed data: technology, management and markets.Business 
Satellite vulnerability: a post-Cold War issue? (need to enhance reconnaissance satellites)BusinessThomson, Allen
Space: a challenge for Europe.Business 
'Space Benefits' - towards a useful framework for international cooperation.BusinessBenko, Marietta, Schrogl, Kai-Uwe
Spacecast 2020 - assessing US military needs in space.(Reports)(US Air University)Business 
Space development: social and political implications.(Editorial)BusinessCrawford, I.A.
Space exploration policy: towards an operational vision.BusinessMeyerson, Harvey
Space in Europe: new stakes, new structures?BusinessJourdain, Laurence
Space technology as a factor of international stabilization and destabilization.BusinessBecher, Klaus
Technology assessment in space activities: status and outlook.BusinessGrunwald, Armin, Sax, Hartmut
The Brazilian space program: a selective strategy for space development and business.(Reports)BusinessCastilho Ceballos, Decio
The Moon Treaty: prospects for the future. (Moon Treaty of 1979)BusinessReynolds, Glenn Harlan
The new Brazilian space agency: a political and legal analysis.BusinessFilho, Jose Monserrat
The US National Space Transportation Policy: issues for Congress.Business 
Ukrainian space policy - contributing to national economic development.BusinessKrawec, Roman
Will fiber optics threaten satellite communications?BusinessMacLean, Gordon R.W.
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