Space Policy 1997 - Abstracts

Space Policy 1997
A management approach for allocating instrument development resources.BusinessPorter, David, Wessen, Randii R.
Brazilian-Chinese space cooperation: an analysis.BusinessFilho, Jose Monserrat
China's space policy: review and prospects.BusinessGilks, Anne
CNES - the way forward. (French space centre's new strategic plan)BusinessLe Gall, Jean-Yves
Commercializing the International Space Station.BusinessBlesma, John
Corporate mergers - lifeline for the space industry.BusinessWilliamson, Mark
Earth observations: The view from the ground.BusinessGabrynowicz, Joanne Irene
Federal tax incentives and financing for the reusable launch vehicle.BusinessCordes, Joseph, Hertzfeld, Henry
Frontier days in space: are they over?BusinessBillings, Linda
Funding for space - private finance for public space missions?BusinessElliott, Chris
History and impact of the 1996 UN declaration on 'space benefits'.BusinessBenko, Marietta, Schrogl, Kai-Uwe
International market for a reusable launch vehicle.BusinessFerrandon, Olivier
Laser satellite communications: current status and directions.BusinessHyde, Geoffrey, Edelson, Burton I.
Learning 'smaller, faster, cheaper' from the Applied Physics Laboratory. (Johns Hopkins University's facility)BusinessQualkinbush, Robert L.
Learning via satellite. (International Space University's Project Learn program to address global educational needs via satellite)BusinessPelton, Joseph N.
Managing foreign participation in government-funded applied space research and product development.BusinessMacauley, Molly, Simpson, David, Toman, Michael, Austin, David
Ra: future policy directions and a strategic framework for solar research and applications.BusinessRoy, Stephanie, Roy, Robie Samanta, Sponberg, Brant L.
Reports: ISU design projects summarized. (International Space Agency students involved in team design projects)Business 
Risk management in commercial launches.BusinessHermida, Julian
RLV economics: fiscal evaluation of NASA's reusable launch vehicle effort. (reusable launch vehicle)BusinessTaylor, David T., Shaw, Eric J., Hamaker, Joseph W.
Russian launch vehicles on the world market: a case study of international joint ventures.BusinessBzhilianskaya, Liudmila
Second European conference on space debris.BusinessSchrogl, Kai-Uwe
Space and human security.BusinessPal, Yash
Space policy-making in the Americas.BusinessGaggero, Eduardo
Space tourism - a promising future?BusinessApel, Uwe
Spae futures and human security.BusinessJasentuliyana, N., Karnik, Kiran
Status and prospects of China's space programme.BusinessYilin, Zhu, Fuxiang, Xu
The changing face of the European space sector: the policies of Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.Businessde Montluc, Bertrand
The return of the American military to crewed spaceflight: hypersonic and other visions.BusinessJohnson-Freese, Joan, Handberg, Roger
The reusable launch vehicle program.BusinessLogsdon, John M., Williamson, Ray A.
The telemedicine frontier: going the extra mile.BusinessGarshnek, V., Logan, J.S., Hassell, L.H.
The United States, the only space superpower. (space program)BusinessLogsdon, John M.
Viewpoint: Operational trends in Russian navigation satellite systems.BusinessPerry, Geoffrey E.
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