Technovation 1993 - Abstracts

Technovation 1993
A new look at the US pattern of federal R and D spending: preliminary lessons for newly industrializing economies.High technology industryCorrea, R.T.S., Pimenta-Bueno, J.A.
A novel approach to product design and development in a concurrent engineering environment.High technology industryDowlatshahi, Shad
Basic points for a strategic production organization requiring simultaneous strategies.High technology industryCorsten, Hans, Will, Thomas
Business information and regional economic development: some conceptual observations.High technology industryOakey, R.P., White, T.
Eurotech capital. (capital investment for small and medium-sized enterprises)High technology industry 
Mismanaging innovation: the Yugo car enterprise (1962-1992).High technology industryPalairet, Michael
Strategy making and environment: an organizational life cycle perspective.High technology industryGupta, Yash P., Chin, David C.W.
Tax policies affecting R and D: an international comparison.High technology industryLink, Albert N., Leyden, Dennis Patrick
Technological development in Brazilian business: four behavioral types.High technology industryPaulinyi, Erno I.
Technological growth in the Italian economy: some indicators compared.High technology industryRaggi, Andrea
Technology transfer and intellectual property: an analysis of the NASA approach. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)High technology industryWessel, V. William
The changing nature of the innovation process. (Editorial)High technology industryRothwell, Roy
The development and application of interactive models of industrial technology transfer.High technology industryCordey-Hayes, M., Seaton, R.A.F.
The information content of technology transfers: a transactions cost analysis of the machine tool industry.High technology industryDavies, Howard
University students as entrepreneurs: a special case of technology transfer and high-tech venturing.High technology industrySamson, Karel J., Gurdon, Michael A.
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