The French Review 2003 - Abstracts

The French Review 2003
55e Festival International du Film de Cannes 2002, ou la Dispersion (premier partie).Regional focus/area studiesDecock, Jean
Considering students' needs and interests in curriculum construction.(high school French studies)Regional focus/area studiesHoyt-Oukada, Kristin
Entretien avec Pierre-Jakez Helias.(Interview)Regional focus/area studiesYoung, Yvette A.
Ideas for using an electronic classroom in intermediate French.Regional focus/area studiesDeimling, Katherine
If the computer did my homework, how come I didn't get an "A"?Regional focus/area studiesLuton, Lisette
Images, myths, and realities across cultures.Regional focus/area studiesJohnson, Sharon P., English, Kathryn
Jean Genet's anti-Semitism: fact or fiction?Regional focus/area studiesPlunka, Gene A.
La Mondovision.(analysis of novel, La Television by Jean-Philippe Toussaint )Regional focus/area studiesDurand, Alain-Philippe
La vie des mots par Colette Dio.(popular words in French with repeating syllables)Regional focus/area studiesDio, Colette
Pascal Quignard et la pensee mythique.Regional focus/area studiesPautrot, Jean-Louis
Putting Voltaire's 'Henriade' in the hands of the young.Regional focus/area studiesIverson, John R.
Ritual and roles for women in Werewere Liking's 'L'Amour-cent-vies.'Regional focus/area studiesWilley, Ann Elizabeth
Sound pedagogical practice on the Web.Regional focus/area studiesBinkley, Susan Carpenter, Hall, Jennifer E.
Teaching French cultural analysis: a dialogic approach.Regional focus/area studiesReeser, Todd W.
The Bilingual Corrector, version 2.0 & Le Correcteur 101 pro, version 5.5.(Product/Service Evaluation)Regional focus/area studiesDay, James T.
The poetics of transgression in Valentine Penrose's 'La Comtesse sanglante.'Regional focus/area studiesHumphreys, Karen
Using the arts to teach Assia Djabar's 'Femmes d'Alger dans leur appartement.'Regional focus/area studiesVogl, Mary B.
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