The German Quarterly 1997 - Abstracts

The German Quarterly 1997
Being a Jewish American Germanist after Goldhagen: a response to Herbert Lehnert, "Was wir von Goldhagen lernen konnen."(response to Herbert Lehnert, German Quarterly vol. 70, p. 57-64, Winter 1997)Regional focus/area studiesPeck, Jeffrey M.
Culture studies un die Turken: Sten Nadolnys 'Selim Die Gabe der Rede' im Lichte einer Methodendiskussion.Regional focus/area studiesGokberk, Ulker
DuBois and Wagner: race, nation, and culture between the United States and Germany.(W.E.B. DuBois and Richard Wagner)Regional focus/area studiesBerman, Russell A.
Exhibiting Ottilie: collecting as a disciplinary regime in Goethe's 'Wahlverwandtschaften.'Regional focus/area studiesMcIsaac, Peter M.
Gazing at India: representations of alterity in travelogues by Ingeborg Drewitz, Gunter Grass, and Hubert Fichte.Regional focus/area studiesShafi, Monika
"German" literature contested: the 1991 Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize debate, "cultural diversity," and Emine Sevgi Ozdamar.Regional focus/area studiesJankowsky, Karen
Hybrids and mischlinge: translating Anglo-American cultural theory into German.Regional focus/area studiesHerzog, Todd
Inventing history: toward a gay Holocaust literature.Regional focus/area studiesHammermeister, Kai
"Islands in an archipelago": the German dramatized novel.Regional focus/area studiesWeintraut, Edward J.
Komodie und obszonitat: der sexuelle witz bei Jelinek und Freud. (Elfriede Jelinek)Regional focus/area studiesFinney, Gail
Leverkuhn as witness: the Holocaust in Thomas Mann's 'Doktor Faustus.'Regional focus/area studiesEisenstein, Paul
Reply.(response to article by Jeffrey M. Peck in this issue, p.168)Regional focus/area studiesLehnert, Herbert
Response to Ulker Gokberk, "Culture Studies und die Turken." (response to Ulker Gokberk, German Quarterly, vol. 70.2, p. 122, Spring 1997)Regional focus/area studiesAdelson, Leslie A.
Siegfried Kracauer and the folds of friendship.Regional focus/area studiesRichter, Gerhard
The crime of punishment: the psychology of child abuse and the Meretlein incident in Gottfried Keller's "Der Grune Heinrich."Regional focus/area studiesMahlendorf, Ursula
The curtain never rises: femininity and theater censorship in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Germany.Regional focus/area studiesKord, Susanne
The scholar, the intellectual, and the essay: Weber, Lukacs, Adorno and postwar Germany. (Max Weber, Theodor Adorno, Georg Lukacs)Regional focus/area studiesHohendahl, Peter Uwe
The theatrical destruction of subjectivity and history: Brecht's 'Trommeln in der Nacht.'(playwright Bertolt Brecht)Regional focus/area studiesOesmann, Astrid
Unity and imagined community: F.C. Delius's 'Die Birnen von Ribbeck' and 'Der Sonntag, an dem ich Weltmeister wurde.'(German author Friedrich Christian Delius)Regional focus/area studiesRossbacher, Brigitte
Was wir von Goldhagen lernen konnen.Regional focus/area studiesLehnert, Herbert
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