World Development - Abstracts

World Development
A Conceptual Framework for Analysis of Primary Commodity markets.International relationsMaizels, A.
Alternatives to coca production in Bolivia: a computable general equilibrium approach.International relationsGodoy, Ricardo, Gibson, Bill
A Model of an Indian Village: A Study of Alternative Sources of Energy for Irrigation.International relationsHurst, C.
An introduction to a primer for reform-minded presidents or prime ministers.(Editorial)International relationsStreeten, Paul
A Note on Stabilization and the World Bank.International relationsDell, S.
A Poverty Profile for Rural Botswana.International relationsWatanabe, B., Mueller, E.
A reply to Bennell. (response to article by Paul Bennell in this issue, p. 183)International relationsPsacharopoulos, George
A reply to De Maio, Stewart and van der Hoeven.(response to article by De Maio et al. in this issue, p. 453)International relationsSahn, David E., Younger, Stephen D., Dorosh, Paul A.
A reply to Maley. (response to article by William Maley in this issue, p. 203)International relationsMoghadam, Valentine M.
A reply to Willmore. (response to article by Larry Willmore in this issue, p. 529)International relationsKaplinsky, Ralph
Backward Vertical Linkages of Foreign Manufacturing Affiliates: Evidence from Japanese Multinationals.International relationsBELDERBOS, RENE, CAPANNELLI, GIOVANNI, FUKAO, KYOJI
Barriers to Agricultural Exports from Developing Countries: The Role of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Requirements.International relationsHENSON, SPENCER, LOADER, RUPERT
Building on Poor People's Capacities: The Case of Common Property Resources in India and West Africa.International relationsBECK, TONY, NESMITH, CATHY
Bureaucrats in Business, Chinese-Style: The Lessons of Market Reform and State Entrepreneurialism in the People's Republic of China.International relationsDUCKETT, JANE
Carbon intensity and economic development 1961-91: a comment on Robert and Grimes.(includes reply)(response to article by J. Timmons Roberts and Peter E. Grimes, World Development, 1997, vol 25, no 2, p. 191)International relationsMcNaughton, Daniel J., Lee, Tsoung-Chao
Combining export processing zones and regional free trade agreements: lessons from the Mexican experience.(Brief Article)International relationsSargent, John, Matthews, Linda
Common property institutions and sustainable governance of resources.(Brief Article)International relationsAgrawal, Arun
Conflicts Over Credit: Re-Evaluating the Empowerment Potential of Loans to Women in Rural Bangladesh.International relationsKABEER, NAILA
Development history and its implications for development theory.(Editorial)International relationsAdelman, Irma, Morris, Cynthia Taft
Economic crisis, structural adjustment and social crisis in Nigeria.International relationsIhonvbere, Julius O.
Editorial: bringing production back in - understanding government's economic role in late industrialization.(Editorial)International relationsAmsden, Alice H.
Editorial: capacity for economic research and the changing policy environment in Africa.(Editorial)International relationsNdulu, Benno J.
Editorial: development, knowledge and the Baconian age.International relationsSagasti, Francisco
Editorial: poverty - are there holes in the consensus?(Editorial)International relationsLipton, Michael
Editorial: the golden age of the Keynesian consensus - the pendulum swings back.(Editorial)International relationsSinger, H.W.
Empirical evidence on recycling and trade of paper and lead in developed and developing countries.(Brief Article)International relationsvan Beukering, Pieter J. H., Bouman, Mathijs N.
Farmer Education and Farm Efficiency in Nepal: The Role of Schooling, Extension Services, and Cognitive Skills.International relationsJamison, D.T., Moock, P.R.
Gender segregation and gender bias in manufacturing trade expansion: revisiting the "Wood asymmetry".(Statistical Data Included)International relationsKucera, David, Milberg, William
How important is improved water infrastructure to microenterprises? Evidence from Uganda.(Brief Article)International relationsDavis, Jennifer, Kang, Alice, Vincent, Jeffrey, Whittington, Dale
Human capital and human capability. (Editorial)International relationsSen, Amartya
Human development and financial conservatism.International relationsSen, Amartya
Introduction: markets in sub-Saharan Africa.International relationsFafchamps, Marcel
Japanese colonialism and Korean development: a reply. (response to article by Haggard et al. in this issue, p. 867)International relationsKohli, Atul
Literacy and Intrahousehold Externalities.International relationsGIBSON, JOHN
Measuring Third World Security Expenditure: A Research Note.International relationsBall, N.
Michael Roemer: an appreciation. (development economics expert)(Obituary)International relationsGugerty, Mary Kay, Rodgers, Yana van der Meulen, Zveglich, Joseph E., Jr., Pickering, Natalie, Lewis, Jeffrey D.
Microfinance with Chinese Characteristics.International relationsPARK, ALBERT, REN, CHANGQING
Monetarism, Employment and Social Stratification.International relationsLagos, R., Tokman, V.E.
Obituary.(Mahbub ul Haq)(Obituary)International relationsStreeten, Paul P.
Paradox of Empowerment: Reflections on a Case Study from Northern Ghana.International relationsBOTCHWAY, KARL
Participatory exclusions, community forestry, and gender: an analysis for South Asia and a conceptual framework.(Brief Article)International relationsAgarwal, Bina
Primary education quality in francophone sub-Saharan Africa: determinants of learning achievement and efficiency considerations.(Brief Article)International relationsMichaelowa, Katharina
Re-sounding the alert - gender, resources and community action.(Editorial)International relationsAgarwal, Bina
Rural Industrialization Objectives: The Income- Employment Conflict.International relationsBar-El, R.
Social policy and mortality decline in East Asia and Latin America.(Brief Article)International relationsMcGuire, James W.
Sources of Stagnation in Sub-Saharan Africa.International relationsWheeler, D.
Squatters or Tenants: The Commercialization of Unauthorized Housing in Nairobi.International relationsAmis, P.
Targeting the poor in Mexico: an evaluation of the selection of households into PROGRESA.(Brief Article)International relationsDavis, Benjamin, Skoufias, Emmanuel, De La Vega, Sergio
The effects of structural adjustment on deforestation and forest degradation in lowland Bolivia.International relationsKaimowitz, David, Thiele, Graham, Pacheco, Pablo
The pendelum swings - an apt analogy? 1997 northeastern universities development consortium conference keynote talk.International relationsWestphal, Larry E.
The Private Delivery of Public Crop Varieties: Rice in Andhra Pradesh.International relationsTRIPP, ROBERT, PAL, SURESH
The Puzzle of Sharecropping: A Survey of Theories.International relationsQuibria, M.G., Rashid, S.
What Do We Know About Economic Growth? Or, Why Don't We Know Very Much?International relationsKENNY, CHARLES, WILLIAMS, DAVID
Youth Education and Work in Mexico.International relationsLEVISON, DEBORAH, MOE, KARINE S., KNAUL, FELICIA MARIE
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