Defense Today 2004 Nathan Hodge - Abstracts

Defense Today 2004 Nathan Hodge
Administration seeks 'blank check' for war costs: Senators.BusinessNathan Hodge
After surrogate test success, MGS airdrop still far off.(Mobile Gun System)BusinessNathan Hodge
Air Force needs 'clear picture' of tanker needs: GAO.(General Accounting Office)BusinessNathan Hodge
Airlifters 'routinely' take ground fire, general says.BusinessNathan Hodge
A 'low-key' task force battles roadside bombs.BusinessNathan Hodge
Amidst criticism, Army sticks to armor buying plan.(armored vehicle procurement)BusinessNathan Hodge
Armored guns for 82nd Airborne in Limbo.BusinessNathan Hodge
Arms control official calls for U.N. action on Iran.BusinessNathan Hodge
Army advances cruise-missile defense program.(Space and Missile Defense Command)BusinessNathan Hodge
Army considering Strykers, other enhancements in Korea.BusinessNathan Hodge
Army leaders urge 'Exponentially Better' tank armor.BusinessNathan Hodge
Army: Logistics tracking technology urgently needed.BusinessNathan Hodge
Army manpower increase could take decades, General says.BusinessNathan Hodge
Army recasting cav unit as 'infantry-based' brigade.(Armored Cavalry Regiment)BusinessNathan Hodge
Army report details combat injuries in Iraq.BusinessNathan Hodge
Army seeks more Textron armored cars for Iraq.(Textron Marine and Land Systems)BusinessNathan Hodge
Army studying transparent shields for vehicle gunners.BusinessNathan Hodge
Body armour upgrades to up protection against IEDs.(improvised explosive devices)BusinessNathan Hodge
Boeing chief: Tanker deal 'not dead'.(supply of aerial refueling tankers )BusinessNathan Hodge
Canadians aim to develop advanced combat ID.(combat identification system)BusinessNathan Hodge
China aims to improve amphibious capabilities, DOD says.(department of defense)BusinessNathan Hodge
Company delivering quick fix for vulnerable Humvees.(Armor Works)BusinessNathan Hodge
Company demos prototype gun on Army robot.BusinessNathan Hodge
Company plans to ramp up armored ramp Humvee production.BusinessNathan Hodge
Company ramps up capacity for mine-resistant vehicles.(Force Protection Inc.)BusinessNathan Hodge
Company touts hardened vehicle for Iraq service.BusinessNathan Hodge
Contractors urge critical enhancements to blue-force tracking.(Northrop Grumman Corp.)BusinessNathan Hodge
Defense budget pressures don't trouble Northrop, exec says.(Northrop Grumman Corp.'s Charles Noski)BusinessNathan Hodge
Despite decision, GD says Israeli Stryker deal not dead.BusinessNathan Hodge
DSCA announces new foreign military sales.(Defense Security Cooperation Agency)BusinessNathan Hodge
EADS touts C- 295 for army transport aircraft.(Military transport aircraft)BusinessNathan Hodge
Eurocopter seeks U.S. partner for Air Force contracts.BusinessNathan Hodge
Eurofighter plans to launch Tranche 2 production.(European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co.)BusinessNathan Hodge
Exercise aims for 'friendly fire' prevention.BusinessNathan Hodge
Experts see emarginal' effort by Pakistan in terror fight.(infiltration )BusinessNathan Hodge
FCS cost to soar by $25 billion under hastened acquisition.(Future Combat Systems)BusinessNathan Hodge
Following U.S lead, Canadian seek mobile gun system.BusinessNathan Hodge
GAO cites 'Challenges' facing Navy DD(X) program.(Government Accountability Office)BusinessNathan Hodge
GAO sees 'gaps' in homeland security research strategy.(General Accounting Office )BusinessNathan Hodge
GAO sees 'Risks' in Iraq contract awards.BusinessNathan Hodge
GD snares award for oleap-ahead' infantry weapon.(general dynamics)BusinessNathan Hodge
General: Personnel recovery must serve contractors, support forces.BusinessNathan Hodge
General sees 'long, hard slog' ahead in building Iraq security force.BusinessNathan Hodge
Generals see 'Gaps' in personnel recovery architecture.BusinessNathan Hodge
General warns of 'hollow' Iraq force without equipment, training.BusinessNathan Hodge
Hunter: Senate should focus on war, not scandal.(Duncan Hunter of House Armed Services Committee )BusinessNathan Hodge
Inspector general sees 'Incomplete Information' on prowler upgrade.BusinessNathan Hodge
Israel buying Textron armored cars for urban ops.BusinessNathan Hodge
Israel buying Textron armored cars for urban ops.BusinessNathan Hodge
Leaning toward tracks, army weighs FCS vehicle design.(Future Combat Systems)BusinessNathan Hodge
LOSAT completes Limited User Test, but funding in doubt.(Line-of-sight antitank )BusinessNathan Hodge
Manpower issues, war costs cast cloud on FCS funds.(Future Combat System)BusinessNathan Hodge
Military experimenting with 'spray on' armor for Humvees.BusinessNathan Hodge
More training facilities for urban combat on order.BusinessNathan Hodge
NATO Afghanistan force to receive blue-force tracking.BusinessNathan Hodge
NATO aid urged in Iraq, Feith says.(Douglas Feith, North Atlantic Treaty Organization)BusinessNathan Hodge
NATO 'slow' to deliver in Iraq, Afghanistan, top NDU Prof says.(North Atlantic Treaty Organization and National Defense University)BusinessNathan Hodge
Navy admiral sees 'National challenge' for shipbuilding industry.BusinessNathan Hodge
Navy selects Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics for LCS contracts.(Littoral Combat Ship)BusinessDave Ahearn, Nathan Hodge
New carbine could be fielded by next summer.BusinessNathan Hodge
Northrop, EADS pair on Air Force personnel recovery vehicle.(European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co.)BusinessNathan Hodge
Northrop snares $408 million training contract for Army commanders.BusinessNathan Hodge
On Capitol Hill, Army procurement vision under scrutiny.(Douglas Macgregor )BusinessNathan Hodge
Problems behind, army logistics chief touts 'powerful' new capabilities.(Claude Christianson)BusinessNathan Hodge
Rand's deepwater report not realistic, commandant says.BusinessNathan Hodge
Report questions DOD commitment to countering cruise.BusinessNathan Hodge
Restructured FCS has higher probability of success: Army chief.(Future Combat System program)BusinessNathan Hodge
Retired General slams Army for failure to release armored gun system.BusinessNathan Hodge
Seeking 'options,' Army plans Stryker Gun airdrop.BusinessNathan Hodge
Soldier blog shutdown? Stryker diarist stops posting.BusinessNathan Hodge
Stryker brigade to get advanced helmet-mounted displays.BusinessNathan Hodge
Stryker gun completes static airdrop test.(General Dynamics Land Systems Inc.)BusinessNathan Hodge
Stryker Gun 'on glide path' to production decision: Army.BusinessNathan Hodge
Stryker MGS airdrop 'pushing the envelope'.(Stryker Mobile Gun System)BusinessNathan Hodge
Stryker MGS airdrop 'pushing the envelope'.(Stryker Mobile Gun System)BusinessNathan Hodge
Stryker Mobile Gun System airdrop schedule for August.BusinessNathan Hodge
Stryker mobile gun system awaits DAB review.(Defense Acquisition Board)BusinessNathan Hodge
Textron wins armored vehicle orders for Iraq force.BusinessNathan Hodge
Thales unit touts advantages of combat ID technology.(Battlefield Target Identification Device)BusinessNathan Hodge
Thales unit touts advantages of combat ID technology.(combat identification technology)BusinessNathan Hodge
Under new plan, Strykers replace heavy divisions in Germany.BusinessNathan Hodge
United Defense marketing truck-mounted Howitzer to Army.BusinessNathan Hodge
United Defense touts new, lightweight cannon design.(Variable Volume Chamber Cannon)BusinessNathan Hodge
West ignores a dangerous Afghanistan 'at its peril': General.(Major General Andrew Leslie)BusinessNathan Hodge
Work starts in earnest on coast guard cutter.BusinessNathan Hodge
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