Defense Today 2004 Richard Mullen - Abstracts

Defense Today 2004 Richard Mullen
Administartion faces awkward position on Iran nukes, expert says.BusinessRichard Mullen
Aegis would ease China-Taiwan picture, Lockheed Martin says.(Aegis Weapon System)BusinessRichard Mullen
Aerial tanker deal frozen until May 1.BusinessRichard Mullen
Aero industry would change targets, not amount, of R&D funds.BusinessRichard Mullen
Afghani election looks good to go - experts.BusinessRichard Mullen
AIA Chief hits anti-offset measure.(Aerospace Industries Association )BusinessRichard Mullen
AIA Chief hits anti-offset measure.(Aerospace Industries Association)BusinessRichard Mullen
Air Force Battlelabs cut costs with commercial systems.BusinessRichard Mullen
Air force began probing Druyun contracts before Lockheed protest.(Darleen Druyun)BusinessRichard Mullen
Air force, Northrop Grumman Test secure 'chat room'.BusinessRichard Mullen
Airline industry security issue: Cost benefit.BusinessRichard Mullen
Airlines slow to pay $21 million owed to DOD.(Department of Defense)BusinessRichard Mullen
Airlines slow to pay $21 million owed to DOD.(Department of Defense)BusinessRichard Mullen
Airport anti-explosives tech stalls on funding controversy.BusinessRichard Mullen
Al Qaeda 'version 2.0' no less a challenge-think tanker.BusinessRichard Mullen
Army lifts FCS funds ceiling by $6.4 billion.(Future Combat Systems)BusinessRichard Mullen
Army likes wearing company's computers.BusinessRichard Mullen
Army touts copter monitor system.(Goodrich Corp.:Aircraft maintenance)BusinessRichard Mullen
As Afghani election nears, drug issue remains.BusinessRichard Mullen
Assembly begins on EA-18G, Prowler's successor.(Boeing Co.)BusinessRichard Mullen
B-2 gets new coat, speeding maintenance.BusinessRichard Mullen
B-2 Spirit bomber gets smart upgrades for new war.BusinessRichard Mullen
BAE Systems offers radio translator for first responders.BusinessRichard Mullen
BAE targets U.S. anti-mine market, including LCS gear.(BAE SYSTEMS PLC)BusinessRichard Mullen
Base closing: Do it later, subcommittee tells DOD.(department of defense)BusinessRichard Mullen
Bell claims V-22 Osprey edge in PRV bid.(personnel recovery vehicle )BusinessRichard Mullen
Biden hits Bush on Iraq, urges recruiting nations.BusinessRichard Mullen
Big DOD audit push starts with $90 million Contract Purse.BusinessRichard Mullen
Biggest North Korean threat is nukes sale to terrorists: Author.BusinessRichard Mullen
Biodefense: birth of an industry.(Biodefense industry )BusinessRichard Mullen
Biodefense hampered by government-industry conflict.(Department of Homeland Security)BusinessRichard Mullen
Boeing marks milestone on SBSS satellite project.BusinessRichard Mullen
Boeing sets '04 milestones for Future Combat Systems.BusinessRichard Mullen
Boeing starts production on EA-18G test craft.BusinessRichard Mullen
Bomb range product adapts to homeland security use.(Spectrum Sciences & Software)BusinessRichard Mullen
Boxer urges speeding commercial airliner defenses.(Barbara Boxer)BusinessRichard Mullen
Bunker buster study survives close House vote.BusinessRichard Mullen
Bush anti-terror budget request gets mostly favorable nod in House.(George W. Bush)BusinessRichard Mullen
C-17 proves under fire, officials say.(cargo aircraft)BusinessRichard Mullen
Cebrowski: more complexity essential to Defense.BusinessRichard Mullen
Comanche a justifiable sacrifice, Senate told.BusinessRichard Mullen
Company claims big gains in ship anti-friction tech.(drag-reducing system developed by the Cortina Corp)BusinessRichard Mullen
DARPA due to name key player for J-UCAS.(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)BusinessRichard Mullen
Defense CBRN Program would aid coast guard, officer says.(chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weapons program)BusinessRichard Mullen
Defense Intel Agencies may lose turf to new leader.BusinessRichard Mullen
Defense nanotech spending shoots past projection.BusinessRichard Mullen
Defense work helps Rockwell Collins have 'most successful year'.BusinessRichard Mullen
DHS leader Loy speaks at port security summit.BusinessRichard Mullen
DHS needs better integration plan: GAO.(Department of Homeland Security )BusinessRichard Mullen
Digital tech may aid troops' hearing.BusinessRichard Mullen
'Distributed operations' shape Pentagon purchasing priorities.BusinessRichard Mullen
DOD helps shape supercomputing field.(Department of Defense)BusinessRichard Mullen
DOD makes multi-front attack on IEDs.(improvised explosive devices)BusinessRichard Mullen
DOD spending bills show wide senate-house agreement on R&D.(Department of Defense)BusinessRichard Mullen
EADS, Northrop Grumman call themselves good fit on PRV.(European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co.: personal recovery vehicle )BusinessRichard Mullen
EADS positions for bigger U.S. defense market share.(European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co. )BusinessRichard Mullen
eAsk more Iraq moneyE, Army told.BusinessRichard Mullen
Economic hope may curb N. Korean nukes appetite.BusinessRichard Mullen
EU officials: Biometric passports coming-eventually.(european union)BusinessRichard Mullen
Experts: 'Civil War' brewing in Iraq.BusinessRichard Mullen
Expert: Tougher inspections may test IranEs nuke resolve.BusinessRichard Mullen
F-35 JSF draws lessons from auto industry.(Joint Strike Fighter)BusinessRichard Mullen
FCS needs C41SR gains more than new platforms: Analyst.(Future combat systems)BusinessRichard Mullen
Finnish software makes DoD buy list.BusinessRichard Mullen
Firm offers DOD-standard IT asset recycling.(RetroBox Co.)BusinessRichard Mullen
Firm's software twist impresses intelligence agencies in search.(Attensity Corp.)BusinessRichard Mullen
For Navy, AUV 'Sees' the sea.(autonomous underwater vehicle)(Seaglider)BusinessRichard Mullen
Fuel cells will give fighters an edge: Researcher.BusinessRichard Mullen
GAO says defense personnel funding books in disarray.(Government Accountability Office)BusinessRichard Mullen
Hardened nuke concept remains a target.(Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator )BusinessRichard Mullen
HASC member questions cost of war in Iraq.(House Armed Services Committee)BusinessRichard Mullen
Homeland Security starts work on classified data net.(homeland secure data network)BusinessRichard Mullen
House committee passes $146b defense bill.(House Appropriations Committee )BusinessRichard Mullen
Information systems, not fire power, needed for port security: Expert.BusinessRichard Mullen
In Iraq, robots get tour of duty.(peacekeeping efforts)BusinessRichard Mullen
Iran apt to pursue nuclear options: Expert.BusinessRichard Mullen
Iranian nuke program raises war prospect: Expert.BusinessRichard Mullen
Iran wants nuke ambiguity, MIT expert says.(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)BusinessRichard Mullen
Iraqi Freedom commanders describe Front.BusinessRichard Mullen
Iraqi IEDs limiting movements of U.S. forces: Analyst.(Improvised explosive devices )BusinessRichard Mullen
JASSM, assailed by house, defended by Air Force.(Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile)BusinessRichard Mullen
JSF makers prepare for 'One-A-Day' production pace.BusinessRichard Mullen
JSF marks digital breakthrough, Lockheed Martin says.(Joint Strike Fighter )BusinessRichard Mullen
JSF production on track.(joint strike fighter)BusinessRichard Mullen
JSF spurs production improvements at BAE Systems.(Joint Strike Fighter)BusinessRichard Mullen
J-UCAS unmanned craft passes line-of-sight test.(Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems)BusinessRichard Mullen
Keep filling DoD's S&T pipeline, Congress told.BusinessRichard Mullen
Lockheed Martin claims US101 'proven' for PRV role.(personnel recovery vehicle)BusinessRichard Mullen
Lockheed Martin picks EADS radar for LCS, WMSL.(European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company)(Littoral Combat Ship)BusinessRichard Mullen
Lockheed Martin System nails Scud-type target.(Patriot Advanced Capability-3 anti-ballistic missile)BusinessRichard Mullen
Look beyond Iraq, experts advise Bush.BusinessRichard Mullen
Lugar impatient with Iraqi reconstruction spending.(Richard Lugar)BusinessRichard Mullen
Marine expert: Pentagon still unready for 'small wars'.BusinessRichard Mullen
Maritime rules in unclear water: Experts.BusinessRichard Mullen
MDA to try knock-out punch in early 2005 BMD test.(Missile Defense Agency )(ballistic missile defense system )BusinessRichard Mullen
Micro UAV offers worthy sacrifice.(unmanned aerial vehicle)BusinessRichard Mullen
Missile defense system addresses 'rogue' threat, experts say.BusinessRichard Mullen
Money, not military might, may be key in Afghanistan.BusinessRichard Mullen
More North Korean Nukes don't change picture: Expert.BusinessRichard Mullen
Multi-billion MUOS award stalls as navy delays award.(Mobile User Objective System)BusinessRichard Mullen
MUOS competition pits incumbent against newcomer.(Mobile User Objective System)BusinessRichard Mullen
Myers: Military alone can't win in Iraq.BusinessRichard Mullen
Nanotech promises multiple gains to defense sensors: researcher.BusinessRichard Mullen
New aerial tanker decision edges closer.BusinessRichard Mullen
New port protection bill needed - Senate Counsel.BusinessRichard Mullen
New technology saves military corrosion-fix money.BusinessRichard Mullen
Next missile test in December, MDA's obering says.(Missile defense agency)BusinessRichard Mullen
North Korean nukes? 'Don't know' means 'likely' - Senator.BusinessRichard Mullen
North Korea tops proliferation threats: Sen. Lugar.(Richard Lugar)BusinessRichard Mullen
Northrop Grumman command center provided to Bulgaria.BusinessRichard Mullen
Northrop Grumman ready to move on B-2 Radar Antenna.BusinessRichard Mullen
Northrop Grumman taps Danish firm for F-35.BusinessRichard Mullen
Northrop Grumman tests Prowler Comm system.BusinessRichard Mullen
OIF vets: Most Iraqis support us.(Operation Iraqi Freedom )BusinessRichard Mullen
ONR high-tech systems find their missions.(US Office of Naval Research)BusinessRichard Mullen
Optics-based products show diverse military uses.BusinessRichard Mullen
Pentagon leaders urge fast prep of Iraqi security for June 30.BusinessRichard Mullen
Pentagon needs better contract oversight: Thinktanker.BusinessRichard Mullen
Pentagon would tighten purse strings on basic research.(defense research and development funding )BusinessRichard Mullen
Port security still not understood, Hill Staffers say.BusinessRichard Mullen
Prepare for the post-attack port recovery, researchers advise.BusinessRichard Mullen
Proposed Northrop Army UAV: More capability, ease of use.BusinessRichard Mullen
PRV candidate NH90 passes test for Finns.(personnel recovery vehicle )BusinessRichard Mullen
Public-Private program boosts port security.BusinessRichard Mullen
Raytheon gets satellite part of Boeing AF study.BusinessRichard Mullen
Raytheon/Lockheed team snares $180 million U.K. Javelin order.(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessRichard Mullen
Raytheon sees another U.K. Javelin buy impending.(Raytheon Co. Missile Systems Div.)BusinessRichard Mullen
Raytheon to double night-vision unit production rate.BusinessRichard Mullen
Raytheon touts potential $12 billion savings on MUOS network.(Mobile User Objective System )BusinessRichard Mullen
'Red Storm' supercomputer going commercial.BusinessRichard Mullen
'REMUS': ONR saw underwater winner.BusinessRichard Mullen
Report: U.S. biodefense effort falls short.BusinessRichard Mullen
Rep. Weldon, care provider urges DHS to aid trauma centers.(Department of Health and Human Services)BusinessRichard Mullen
Rep. Weldon proposes fund to save U.S. defense jobs.(Curt Weldon )BusinessRichard Mullen
Researchers gain insight into possible Pentagon bio-attack.BusinessRichard Mullen
Researcher warns al Qaeda uses Web as weapon.(use of Internet in terrorism)BusinessRichard Mullen
'Result Fury' successful, DOD says.(department of defence)BusinessRichard Mullen
RFP nearing, tough PRV contest takes shape.(request for proposals)(personnel recovery vehicle)BusinessRichard Mullen
RIP for RNEP? Nuke program has bipartisan opposition.(Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator)BusinessRichard Mullen
Rudman: First responders need more money.(Warren Rudman)BusinessRichard Mullen
Rumsfeld says Navy can operate with fewer carrier groups.(Donald Rumsfeld)BusinessRichard Mullen
Russia, despite mistrust of China, sells it a potent arsenal.BusinessRichard Mullen
Russia likely to be stable oil source, Exec says.BusinessRichard Mullen
Seabasing yields big military advantages: Officers.BusinessRichard Mullen
Sears pleads guilty in Druyun case.BusinessRichard Mullen
Senate rejects bid to kill bunker-buster.BusinessRichard Mullen
Sikorsky S-92 wins new European safety rating.BusinessRichard Mullen
Sikorsky S-92 wins new European safety rating.BusinessRichard Mullen
Sirorsky claims safety edge in PRV bid.(Personnel Recovery Vehicle)(Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.)BusinessRichard Mullen
Small UAV fills Iraq niche: ONR.(US Office of Naval Research)(unmannes aerial vehicle)BusinessRichard Mullen
'Smart dust' sensor networks could transform battlefields: Expert.(Wireless sensor network technology)BusinessRichard Mullen
Software 'agents' help defense intelligence.BusinessRichard Mullen
Software product helps Intel manage verbal flood.BusinessRichard Mullen
Special ops retention a problem, witnesses say.BusinessRichard Mullen
Success in Iraq will take time: Rumsfeld.(Donald Rumfeld on Iraq)BusinessRichard Mullen
Swift passage of intelligence reform bill seen in Senate, House.BusinessRichard Mullen
Trains on track for explosives screening.(Department of Homeland Security)BusinessRichard Mullen
Truth detector offered to defense, security buyers.BusinessRichard Mullen
U.S. ports still vulnerable, experts say.BusinessRichard Mullen
V-22 Osprey pilots conduct refueling tests.BusinessRichard Mullen
With new codes, Maritime safety may edge forward.(International Maritime Organization and International Ship and Port Facility Code )BusinessRichard Mullen
With new plant, EADS plants another foot in U.S. market .(European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company)BusinessRichard Mullen
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